About Fermented Brown Rice Koso Genmai is a food where genmai (brown rice) is cooked together with azuki beans and salt, then kept warm while fermented for about 2 to...

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About Fermented Brown Rice


Koso Genmai is a food where genmai (brown rice) is cooked together with azuki beans and salt, then kept warm while fermented for about 2 to 3 days long.

Koso Genmai also called Nekase Genmai.

By fermenting it for about 3 days, it is said that the function of the enzyme will be activated, which makes Fermented Brown Rice is a very nutritious food.


Because we are fermenting the brown rice, the enzyme inside the brown rice works to produce natural amino acids.

It contains abundant amounts of vitamins and minerals, which make it has a perfect nutritional value.

And by conducting cooking sterilization by heating, it tastes slightly sweet with fluffy texture and contains anti-aging rice with plenty of nutrients.

The manufacturer made this product and wants people to consume it for the sake of customer who cares about their family's health and their own figure.

Koso Genmai Makes an Excellent Emergency Food


Manufactured with Innovative Sterilization Method,
Can be Preserved in Room Temperature for 1 Year

Kawashima Japan Store cooperated with the manufacturer to developed special technology in packing the products.
A package that sterile yet firmly confines the fresh nutrients of the products.

Because it can be enjoyed without warming it up first, it is highly appreciated as an emergency food.
Also, because it is compact and very nutritious, it's suitable as a food for outdoor activity such as climbing.

In September 2014, JAXA (The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) certified it as a space food.


What is the difference between Koso Genmai and Nekase Genmai?


Although the name is different, both of koso genmai and nekase genmai is completely the same food.
You can use either of the name according to the occasions.

But, somehow the "nekase genmai" has more "delicious ambience", isn't it?


How to Enjoy The Low Temperature
Fermented Brown Rice


We recommend these 3 ways to enjoy this fermented brown rice:

  • ● You can eat this delicious product without warming it up. You can also eat it together with seasoned seaweed (or another toppings).
  • ● Warm it using microwave (500-600W). When using microwave, please open small holes in the inner bag and heat for about 1 minute-1,5 minutes.
  • ● Warm it with boiled water by put the inner bag in the boiled water as it is and warm it about 3 to 4 minutes.

It was published in the anan magazine “Your Anxiety Remedy BOOK” edition.


It was published in the special issue of anan magazine “Your Anxiety Remedy BOOK” and this product is certified good for our body.

Beside of its nutritious value, the taste and texture were also greatly appreciated by the judges.

Not only the magazine, it is also featured as an excellent emergency food/disaster meal at Sun TV "News Port" (broadcasted on 7th October) and Yomiuri Shimbun.

Sterilized Packing Technology Certified by JAXA


In 2006, The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), began a system that gives a certification of "Space Japanese Food" to the food that meets the standards.

To be certified, the food must be able to be stored at room temperature for more than 1,5 years.

This certificate is one of the toughest.
It seemed that the examination of the famous soy sauce brand "Kikkoman" took about four years to actually get this certification.

Here's some requirement for the certification.

● To be suitable as a space food (Cooking method (water addition, heating, eating at it is), no moisture or debris scattering.
● The storage period must be at least more than 1,5 years at room temperature.
● The amount of sodium should be 1000mg or less.
● Sensory evaluation by tasting by the members of Space Food Subcommittee (Evaluation item: colour, odour, flavour, texture, easy-to-eat, and overall evaluation).

With that kind of strict condition, this product being reviewed and was certified as Space Japanese Food in September 2014.
It seems that it was recognized as a food that doesn't impair taste and quality even in the most severe environment in the universe.

Received Silver Award in Disaster Food Grand Prize 2018


We received Silver Award in the Disaster Food Grand Prize 2018, an event sponsored by Disaster Prevention Association.

Because you can consume it without warming it up, it is possible to preserve even in situation where there is no electricity in the affected area.

In addition, the nutritional value was greatly appreciated and received a high point.

This product is recognized as a very valuable product, especially because Japan is geographically dominated by natural disaster such as earthquakes and typhoons.


Koso Genmai and its Essential Amino Acids

Essential amino acids are amino acids that must be ingested as nutrients because they can't be produced in the human body.

The lack of these essential amino acids may cause nutritional deficiencies and poor physical condition.<br/.
Almost all kinds of these essential amino acids are contained in Koso Genmai, so you can ingest these nutrients efficiently just by eating Koso Genmai.

Essential Amino Acids Content/200g Daily Intake Quantity/1kg body weight
Lysine 6mg 30mg
Histidine 2mg 10mg
Phenylalanine 2mg 25mg
Leucine 4mg 39mg
Isoleucine 2mg 20mg
Valine 4mg 26mg
Threonine 4mg 15mg


The Health Effect of Fermented Brown Rice

Since fermented brown rice usually use highlt nutritious brown rice, it contains many good ingredients such as protein, minerals, and vitamins.

It also contains abundant enzymes that are considered to be one of the most important elements for human activity.

Fermented brown rice is said to be the best dish for the efficient ingestion where enzyme components tend to be lost together with age.

Here we introduce the health effects from consuming fermented brown rice.


1. Relaxing Stress with GABA Ingredients

The GABA ingredients contained in fermented brown rice has the effect of relieving stress from daily life.

It can also help to improve concentration.

GABA ingredients have been drawing attention in recent years, such as its function to smoothen the neurotransmission process.


2. Help to Surpress The Blood Pressure.

Enzymes are important components to smoothen the digestion, metabolism, and blood circulation processes.

If you are lack of enzymes, nutrients can get stagnate in the blood, which can clog the blood flow.

Consuming fermented brown rice that contains enzyme can improve your blood flow,

it is expected to be the effective solution to prevent hypertension.


3. Good for your Diet

Fermented brown rice is also expected to lower the neutral fat cholesterol level.

The enzyme can breaks down the carbs and lipids that are likely to accumulate as subcutaneous fat in the body.

In other words, it can metabolized carbs and lipids without accumulating them in the body.

So it is expected to prevent obesity and improving your diet effect.

Consuming brown rice is also good because it contains lot of fiber.

Fiber allows to keep you fuller over a longer period of time, so maybe it could be a good reason to consume brown rice because it may help you consume lower calories overall/day.


4. Help to Solve Constipation

Like we said above, fermented brown rice contain lots of dietary fiber that is said to be effective to relieve constipation.

By activating the metabolism, it discharges waste precipitated in our body.

Not on that, fermented brown rice is also excellent in detoxification effect.

There are still so many nutrients and benefits from consuming brown rice.

According to studies, brown rice contains more nutrients compared with white rice.

So why don't we start consuming brown rice for healthier life style starting from today?


Product's Details

Name Low Temperature Fermented Brown Rice (Slow Cooked Brown Rice)
Ingredients Organic Cultivated Rice (mainly from Awaji Island),
Genmai (Brown Rice),
Azuki Bean,
Black Rice,
Seaweed Salt (from Awaji Island)
Quantity 200g
Storage Methods Avoid direct sunlight, preserve in a room with normal temperature
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