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KINTO KAKOMI IH support ceramic pot black 2.5 L Pot Stand 1 point with


KINTO KAKOMI IH earthenware pot and is Surround the dish year-round enjoyment for IH earthenware pot. Regardless of the Season 1 Mid comfortable use earthenware pot is. Heat-resistant temperature 500...

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KINTO KAKOMI IH earthenware pot and is

Surround the dish year-round enjoyment for IH earthenware pot. Regardless of the Season 1 Mid comfortable use earthenware pot is. Heat-resistant temperature 500 degree clear high heat resistant material, Gas range open fire cooking, of course IH cooker, microwave oven,halogen heaters, microwave oven in use Multi type of earthenware pot in.

This set steamed dishes

Included with this set as water to the body to Zhang if Steamed dishes are also easy. This is food getting so deep in, Excess moisture or oil and the hole is a Bale type slip-on to good design. This removal can be done as,edge of the finger from the hole to presidential suites. KAKOMI comfort food is hot pot to the four seasons charm for This is only pan of shallow shape, and varied diet suitable for Simple appearance and comfortable to use in pursuit of birth.

KINTO KAKOMI IH earthenware pot cooker features


Multi hot pot

Gas range open fire cooking, of course, IH cooking heater, halogen heater,line heater, Microwave, oven use,heat source do not choose multi type of earthenware pot in.

IH summer in comfort

At the table cooked to eat while surround the dish, even if the area is hot from the IH cooker, it Regardless of the season comfortable space in the Enjoy can.

Healthy steamed dishes that can be

Steamed food, 鍋本 body to water comes with this set on the fire, just easy. The flavor and nutrients from the confinement,oil dropped to a healthy finish.

KINTO KAKOMI IH earthenware pot is the latest technology made

The absorption rate is extremely low material

Water absorption rate and is in a pot, the moisture soaks the percentage shown.
KAKOMI, the water absorption rate is extremely low, the smell of cooking pot and moved on
Of care from one clean and can be used.
Curry of spices, such as a good stew the day after,
Your taste of dishes without worrying about the mouses for you.

The heating element is a high technology

Pot the bottom of the baked or heating elements,INDUCTION cooktops, response testimony of the.
Pot when the bottom surface of the IH cooker snugly into contact with the heat is transmitted and made common sense,
The heating elements of the quality improvement by the cover, and a small gap even if there is enough response to be made.
IH cooker and pot and the bottom of the contact surface decreases, due to friction cooking damage is mitigated.

Peace of mind of a multilayer structure

INDUCTION cooktops use the essential for the heating element is a multilayer structure.
Heat-resistant temperature 500 degree clear high heat resistant ceramic glass glaze spray evenly sprayed,
Silver membrane of 3 layers, and further the glass coating as possible.
The heating element is secured to the heating system to reduce overheating to prevent.
KINTO KAKOMI IH土鍋は最新のテクノロージで作られています

KINTO KAKOMI IH earthenware pot recipes


常夜鍋 recipes●Material Water 1L / kombu 2 pieces (length 15cm) / spinach 8 share / pork meat (shabu) for 400g / just 1 piece / 1 lemon / soy sauce 140ml 1.) Spinach is easy to eat, cut it to length and sliced, lemon is cut into slices. 2.) In a pot of water and kelp to put the heating. Just before boiling kelp take out,just put that. 3.) Spinach and pork, put the meat changes color also.


Watercress and clam Pot recipes●Material Water 1L / clam(砂出 of)600g / watercress 4 bundles / 1 lemon / sake 4 tablespoons / salt, pepper amount 1.) Watercress is easy to eat, cut it to length, and the lemon half-moon cut into slices. 2.) Water in a pot and liquor,clams and put the lid heating. 3.) Shell's mouth opens up, and watercress and lemon to it and boil that. 4.) Salt, take out the Turkey as you can.


Salmon with herbs steamed recipes●Material Water 600ml / salmon 4 slices / onions 1 piece / mushrooms 120g / 1 lemon/2 pieces / time dosage / salt, pepper amount 1.) Salmon is salt and pepper, come and go. Onions and mushrooms with thinly sliced,lemon cut into rings to. 2.) Put water in a pot and all of this does not. Onion and mushroom spread salt and pepper shake. 3.) Salmon, lemon and thyme to the order of,the lid, 10 to 15 minutes. Salmon cooked also.


Beef and shredded radish Pot recipes●Material Water 1.2 L / beef (shabu) for 300g / Lot 3 pieces / soy sauce 3 tablespoons / radishes 1/2 book / teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 2 / no dosage / salt, sesame oil dosage 1.) Radishes, 10 cm of shredded, the beef is grated, and the sauce and the sauce for 20 minutes longer. As it is chop. 2.) Put water in a pot and heating. Bring to the boil radish, put crystal clear from the beef marinated in the juice and put. 3.) Up, and season with salt to. Not quite as scattered as you can. Like soy sauce and sesame oil put all of your heart.

KINTO KAKOMI product list

KINTO KAKOMIプロダクトストーリー
Stationery and consumer electronics, from a capsule hotel,a wide range of daily necessities, the design's designer Fumie Shibata is..... This was KAKOMI pot series, the heart of this,it's good to ask in...... Modern Japanese cuisine around the world food culture is a mix of Any ingredients, any menu that comes in a clay pot if you have not considered. Fireside image like the traditional clay pot in daily life and"from the soil in the pot"and think about it. Cooking rice in a clay pot, a pot lid of the flat can,and not too modern impression to have a...... A clay pot, and trapezoidal motifs, the function and handling, and thought about it. The dining table will remind you of many,the surface of the glaze is Western from here, it is easy to match texture and color, so that Many times a prototype and have them adjusted. Earthenware pot rice cooking can 大層 This capture from which it So just a clay pot on the menu to enjoy the best help available. In the winter use a strong image in a clay pot in, INDUCTION hob use and surprisingly cool in the summer, dining table in a clay pot on the menu for everyone to enjoy. Seasonal ingredients,a pot surrounding everyone in the US. Seasonal limited use, not every day at the dinner table and feel free to is here

KINTO about

"Usability"and"appearance". KINTO's make this one the harmony of life. Pleasant to use the tools,the five senses, and to hand it on time to attachment together. The appearance of beautiful tableware, the living spaces blend naturally with use, the hands of days to color it. We want to make of each day, and snuggle up with the life tools. So your hand is important to the lives and stories every day, Why don't you, to touch and use, and this Met manufacturing company.
【KAKOMI product specifications] Size: maximum width 315mm x height 145mm Capacity: 2.5 L Number of people: 3 ~ 4 people for Weight: 3.0 kg Material: high heat resistant ceramics, pottery IH, direct fire, halogen heater, glass ceramic hob, oven OK (鍋本 body only), microwave OK, dishwasher washing・dryer OK (lid, all of this only)