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KINTO KAKOMI IH Ceramic clay pot black 1.2 L pot litter with one point


KINTO KAKOMI IH What is Tamba pot? Ichi pot with pleasant surrounding food all year long. It is a pot which can be used comfortably throughout the year regardless of...

KINTO KAKOMI IH What is Tamba pot?

Ichi pot with pleasant surrounding food all year long. It is a pot which can be used comfortably throughout the year regardless of the season. High heat resistant material which cleared 500 ℃ heat resistance temperature difference, Of course it cooks directly in the gas range, IH cooker, oven range, halogen heater, microwave It is multi-compatible pot.

Set a grin and let's steamed dishes

If you set the supplied grated water and put the water in the main body, Steamed dishes can be easily done. In the form of deep water so that plenty of ingredients are contained, The hole which removes extra moisture and oil is a design with a slit in a barrel type. In order to make it easier to remove the grilled rice straw, the holes are arranged with fingers on the rim. KAKOMI seems to enjoy hot-pot dishes, which is a comfort food, in spring, summer, fall, and winter, Suitable for diverse diet, leaving the shallow shape of Konomi pot as it is It was born in pursuit of simple appearance and comfort.

Features of KINTO KAKOMI IH cooker


Multi-compatible pot

Of course, IH cooker, halogen heater, radiant heater, Microwave oven, can be used in the oven, multi-compatible pot no heat source choice.

Comfortable even in summer at IH

Even if you are surrounded by cooking at the table, if you use an IH cooker whose surroundings do not get hot, It can be enjoyed in a comfortable space regardless of the season.

Healthy steamed dish can be made

For steamed dishes, put the water in the pot body and set the supplied spinach, and it's easy to put on fire. I firmly confine umami and nutrients, and it will be healthy as it will remove oil.

KINTO KAKOMI IH The pot is made with the latest technology


Material with extremely low absorptivity

Water absorption rate indicates the rate of moisture penetration into a pot.
Because KAKOMI has an extremely low water absorption rate, the smell of cooking is difficult to transfer to a pot,
It can be cleanly used forever without needing worry such as mold.
On the day after the stewed dishes cooked with spices such as curry,
I also enjoy pleasant seasoned tofu without hesitation.

High heat technology mobilizes high technology

The heating element burned on the bottom of the pot is a testimony for IH cooker.
The common sense that has been said that heat is transmitted by the bottom of the pan touching the IH cooker exactly,
It is made to reverse by the improvement of the quality of the heating element and to react sufficiently even if there is a small gap.
Damage to the cooker due to friction can be reduced by decreasing the surface where the IH cooker contacts the bottom of the pot.

Reliable multilayer structure

A heating element indispensable for using the IH cooker has a multilayer structure.
Glaze glaze was evenly sprayed on a high heat resistant pottery that had cleared 500 degrees of heat resistant temperature difference by a spray,
Overlay three layers of silver film, furthermore a glass coat is applied.
By protecting the heating element, it reduces uneven heating and prevents abnormal overheating.
 KINTO KAKOMI IH土鍋は最新のテクノロージで作られています 

KINTO KAKOMI IH recipe for the pot


Always Night Pot Recipe ● Material 1 liter of water / 2 pieces of kelp (length about 15 cm) / 8 spinach / pork belly (for shabu-shabu) 400 g / piece of ginger / 1 lemon / soy sauce 140 ml 1.) Spinach is cut into length easy to eat, the ginger Slice and lemon to comb. 2.) Heat with water and kombu in a pot and heat. Take off the kelp just before boiling and add the ginger. 3.) Put spinach and pork and prepare when the color of meat changes.


Recipe of watercress and salmon pot ● Material Water 1 L / 蛤 (sanded out) 600 g / 4 watercress / 1 lemon / 4 tbsp of sake / salt, pepper quit 1.) Cut the watercress into a length easy to eat, and cut the lemon for a half moon. 2.) Pour water, sake, and soup into the pan and coat it with a lid. 3.) When the shellfish opens, take access, add watercress and lemon and make it boil. 4.) Finish with salt and pepper to taste.


Salmon herb steamed recipe ● Material Water 600 ml / 4 pieces of salmon / onion 1 / mushroom 120 g / lemon 1/2 piece / suitable amount / salt, pepper quit 1.) Salmon is wrapped in salt and pepper. Slice onion and mushrooms, slices of lemons. 2.) Put water in a pot and put the mushrooms. Put onion and mushrooms and salt and pepper. 3.) Lay the salmon, lemon, and time in turn, cover and heat for 10-15 minutes. Completion if salmon passes fire.


Recipe of beef and shredded radish pot ● Material Water 1.2 L / beef (for shabu-shabu) 300 g / 3 pieces of garlic / 3 tbsp of soy sauce / 1 radish rootpiece / pepper 2 teaspoons / suitable amount / salt, sesame oil q.s. 1.) Daikon cut into 10 cm and grated beef Garlic, put on soy sauce for about 20 minutes. Chopsticks are chopped. 2.) Heat in a pot and heat. Put the radish in boiling and pickle the beef as it is transparent and put it in juice. 3.) Take off and taste with salt. Scatter paste and pepper and finish it. Include soy sauce and sesame oil as you like, please enjoy.


KINTO KAKOMI's product story

KINTO KAKOMIプロダクトストーリー
Fumi Shibata, a designer who handles a wide range of everyday items, from stationery and home appliances to capsule hotels. In the KAKOMI Tamba series we worked on, I asked what I was trying to do and the thought for the user. In contemporary Japanese dining table, food culture around the world is mixed, I thought that it would be nice to have a pot with any ingredients and any menu. I thought of it as a "pot made from soil" that is easy to use for everyday life rather than a traditional earthen pot that imagines the hearth edge. The rice cooker is made soft by not making the lid of the round pan flat, and it has become a modern impression. Tamibo adopted the motif of a trapezoid and made it into a shape considering function and ease of handling. As it is often taken directly on the table, the glaze on the surface will be texture and color that is easy to match both western and Japanese, I adjusted it for prototyping repeatedly and adjusted. It is easy to grasp rice in the pot and it is often caught by the thing, I hope I can help you to enjoy the pot dish menu more easily. It is a strong pot in winter, but it is amazingly cool with the IH stove, and you can enjoy the pot-pot menu even in the summer table. Everyone wears the seasonal ingredients, surrounding the pot. I do not want to use limited seasons, I'd like to enjoy more freely and freely with the daily table.


"Usability" and "appearance". The creator of KINTO values ​​this two harmony very much. A tool that is comfortable to use will be familiar to the five senses and create attachment to the time to get it. A beautiful dishware of fine appearance will blend naturally into your living space and will color your days of use. What we want to make is a lifestyle tool cuddling closely on a daily basis. That is why I am engaged in making manufacturing that is filled with the heart every time I touch my everyday life, stories, and the lifestyle that the user values.
【Product Specifications of KAKOMI】 Size: Maximum width 260 x Height 120 Capacity: 1.2 L Number of people: 1 to 2 people Weight: 1.9 kg Material: High heat resistant ceramics, pottery IH, direct fire, halogen heater, radiant heater, oven OK (pot body only), microwave oven OK, dishwasher / dryer OK (lid, only in soil)