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From what I Hase garden IgA 焼土 Pots 3 combine cooked rice in a clay pot


Hase garden IgA 焼土 pot it is Hase garden IgA-Yaki earthenware pot it is Difficult to harvest without gas flame used in cooking rice in a clay pot in. Rice...

Hase garden IgA 焼土 pot it is

Hase garden IgA-Yaki earthenware pot it is Difficult to harvest without gas flame used in cooking rice in a clay pot in. Rice and brown rice are also delicious cooked this up. IgA coarse soil sink of one of our breathing,is not about you....... IgA-Yaki earthenware pot it is a high heat storage effect and Rice to and from the core are cooked plump and delicious not to finish it.

Hase garden IgA 焼土 pot and it's delicious 6 secrets


1. The glaze used

Nagatanien is our own research and developed the far-infrared effect of the high glaze is used. The rice of the core heat in the street,plump rice is cooked up.

2. The wall thickness moulded in plump rice

Direct fire portion of the thick molded fittings. High heat effect, heat the rice in slowly and tell plump and cooked up. Warmth and good features.

3. Double-lid at the core untill

Double lid, infused using a high-pressure oven's function. And rice grain grain of your core cooked as well. Blowing prevents spills features.

4. Delicious this also

Cooked up the time to 1 minute before and after the extend and savory delicious this is. And this using white rice and brown rice of course, rice also even more delicious finish.

5. IgA coarse soil

Heat power of a particularly high IgA from coarse soil to help. Pores are a lot of pot and tree and one and the same as breathing. Rice is all about features, too.

6. Brown rice is easily cooked in.

White rice and Rice of course To it that brown rice is also delicious cooked can.

Hase garden IgA 焼土 pot to

長谷園の伊賀焼はこだわりの伊賀の土を使っています 1. The IgA of the coarse soil
IgA of the soil is 400 million years ago of the old Lake Biwa layer called layer of soil to be taken from them. This soil plaster in the mould cavity.
長谷園の伊賀焼はこだわりの伊賀の土を使っています 2. Artisan's skilled craftsmanship shines machined
Plaster mold taken from the coarse clay of a clay pot carefully Canna scraping the pan bottom of the fire to the surface area increase.
長谷園の伊賀焼はこだわりの伊賀の土を使っています 3. Have to stick your hand
Water or dirt to glue on the"ears"called clay pot with a hand with you.
長谷園の伊賀焼はこだわりの伊賀の土を使っています 4. This glaze
Dry・unglazed after the earthenware pot in a hand glaze(like straight) is applied.

Hase garden it is the most frequently asked questions about

【Q1】how to wash tell.
After use with lukewarm water to quickly wash. Neutral detergent and sponge to hand wash it. Detergent inside of it for a long time soak, do not. And if lukewarm water after a while just not from the wash. Wash and dry well, wipe the pot bottom up to wipe dry. ...Clay pot how to care for from here
【Q2】delicious, making the cooked rice, all recently cooked up the rice is brown it.
This is the"what's"inside little by little into the rice for the starch and burnt is charred clogging, Cooking rice during the stain out for you. To eat, there is no problem, but once more and care for you. Pot of how to care from here
【Q3】clogging to prevent it.
Rice cooked with Your of"it's"is a long soak without the early, wash. And moisture well, wipe the pot bottom up to wipe dry.
【Q4】rice cooker on the rice and you wash it well. What can I do
And the rice is lukewarm and after a while just not from the wash. The gas fire has been switched off for the"steaming"time to 20 minutes and can and is less. "Steaming"until the end of the minutes do not stir do not. Pot of how to care from here
【Q5】I burn and what can I do
Lukewarm water and put them aside, wood toys burnt to remove the wash. This 2 to 3 times repeatedly and be clean. Terrible scorching water to 7 minute of the most put(if the baking soda a little add)and then boiled for a while, and from the wash. Pot of how to care from here

Hase garden IgA 焼土 the pot it's cooked the way you

It is hard to harvest is not for anyone easily Delicious rice you can. 【Material】 Rice: 1 match Water: 200ml

1. And rice flooded it. Rice lightly sharpened them in water for 30 minutes soak. The rice in the pan sharpening of the ball, such as sharpening please.


2. Of note placement saucepan. Flooded for the rice to saucepan. This time on the data and the data of hole position at right angles to it. ※Hole of position, the pot internal pressure as the state maintained.


3. Heat The data set from the stove at medium high heat, overheat. 12~14 minutes the overheating will continue.


4. Steam came out from the fire and for. From the hole the Steam is out of timing from 1 ~ 2 minutes after the fire stops. ※This up if you want to make a further 1 minute to heat and well you can.


5. Steamed them. Fire stop, then 20 minutes, place steaming them.


6. Complete Steam them over rice cooked in earthen pot is completed. Lightly mix cooked rice with all the moisture flying and cooking.

■Hase garden and is Hase garden Tenpo 3 years(1832), the founding,building the kiln was. Since its inception, generations life history of the Japanese house"mother or"center, Workshop・the climbing kiln and pottery manufacturing facility is poised to. "To make true use of the hand in it!" The spirit of Civilization and the evolution of lifestyle on the body feeling, The times in anticipation of craftsmanship dedicated to it.
【Hase garden from which I] Size: width 24cm x height 18cm Weight: 3.5 kg Material: pottery Country of Origin: Japan