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Kamadesan Hasega Iga Yaki pot 3 3 cooked rice cooker Tanpo


Hasegawa garden Iga-yaki pot with Kanban Kamadesu Kagayama Igarashi Kamabas at Hase Garden It is a rice cooker that can be used with direct flame of gas that does not...

Hasegawa garden Iga-yaki pot with Kanban Kamadesu

Kagayama Igarashi Kamabas at Hase Garden It is a rice cooker that can be used with direct flame of gas that does not require difficult flames. Cooked rice and brown rice can also be cooked deliciously. The coarse earth of Iga breathes like an instrument hanger, and the rice does not stick. Ika Yaki Earth pot Kamabusu has a high heat storage effect It cooks rice carefully from the core and finishes it to delicious rice which is plump.

Hasegawa gourmet Iga-yaki pot pizza Kamado's delicacy 6 secrets


1. I am particular about glazes

We use glaze with high far infrared effect which Nagatanien independently studied and developed. Heat passes through to the core of rice, plump rice cooks up.

2. Plump rice with thick wall molding

The direct fire part is finished with thick-wall molding. Due to high heat storage effect, heat is deliberately delivered to the rice and cooked plumply. There is also a feature that is excellent also in heat retention.

3. Cook up to the core with double lid

Fulfill the function of pressure cooker by double lid. It cooks firmly up to the core of one grain of rice. There is also a function to prevent spillover.

4. Good taste too

If you extend the cook time around 1 minute, you can smell deliciously. Using rice, white rice and brown rice, as well as cooked rice etc are finished even more delicious.

5. Coarse earth of Iga

It is made of coarse soil unique to Iga with a particularly high thermal storage power. Because there are many pores, soil bread breathes in the same way as wooden doves. There is also a characteristic that rice is hard to stick.

6. You can cook brown rice easily

Not to mention white rice and cooked rice Brown rice, which is said to be difficult, can also be cooked deliciously.


Commitment to Iga cooked pot of Hasegaen

 長谷園の伊賀焼はこだわりの伊賀の土を使っています 1. Coarse earth of Iga of the commitment
The soil of Iga is taken from the soil layer called the Paleo-Biwako Formation 4 million years ago. Form this soil with a plaster mold.
 長谷園の伊賀焼はこだわりの伊賀の土を使っています 2. Skilled machining of skilled craftsmen shine
Carefully scrape off the pot of the coarse earth taken out from the plaster mold with canna, and increase the surface area that hits the fire at the pot bottom.
 長谷園の伊賀焼はこだわりの伊賀の土を使っています 3. Attaching handles
I will attach glue of soil pot called "ear" with glue of soil which was stretched with water.
 長谷園の伊賀焼はこだわりの伊賀の土を使っています 4. Sticky glaze
We apply glaze (glazed) by hand to the pot-dried potatoes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hase Garden Furnace

【Q1】 Please tell me how to wash.
Please wash quickly with warm water after use. To clean the sponge with a neutral detergent and then wash your hands. Please do not immerse it for a long time while putting detergent. If you can not get stuck, please put lukewarm water, please wash for a while. After washing, please wipe off moisture thoroughly and dry thoroughly with the bottom of the pot with the top facing up.... How to care for Tamba from here
 【Q2】 A delicious meal was cooked, but rice cooked recently becomes brownish.
This is because the starch quality and charred rice of rice gradually entered into "Kamadesan" was clogged due to carbonization, It seems that it seeps out during rice cooking. There is no problem even if you eat, but we recommend that you clean once.How to care for Tamba from here
 【Q3】 How can I prevent clogging?
After "cooked" rice "Kamado-san" please do not soak for a long time, please wash early. Wipe off moisture thoroughly and dry thoroughly with the bottom of the pot.
 【Q4】 Rice cooked sticks, it is hard to remove even if washed. Please tell me what to do.
Please put lukewarm rice in lukewarm water and wash it for a while. After 20 minutes of "steaming" time after cutting off the gas fire, there is little stickiness. Please do not stir rice until "steaming" is over.How to care for Tamba from here
 【Q5】 Please tell me how to deal with burning rice.
Put lukewarm water and leave it for a while, remove the burnt with wooden ladle and wash it. Repeat this 2 or 3 times and it will be beautiful. Boil it badly put water for about seven minutes (add a little baking soda if you have it) boil, please wash after a while.How to care for Tamba from here


How to cook Hasega Iga Yakinbare pot potatoes

Kamibusan is easy because no difficulty of fire and so on You can cook delicious rice. 【material】 Rice: 1 case Water: 200 ml

1. Shake the rice and let it flood. If you rub the rice lightly, soak it in water for about 30 minutes. Please sharpen rice with a ball etc. instead of sharpening it with a pot.


2. Pay attention to the placement of the lid and put it in the pan. Put the flooded rice into a pot. Make sure that the position of the holes of the pig and middle lid is right angle at this time. * By shifting the position of the hole, the inner pressure of the pan is kept in a good condition.


3. Heat Once you set the lid, it will overheat with the medium high heat at the stove. It will continue to overheat for 12 to 14 minutes.


4. Stop the fire if steam comes out Stop the fire in 1 to 2 minutes after the timing of steam coming out of the hole. ※ If you want to make a rice bowl, you can do it well by heating for about 1 minute.


5. Steam it. Stop the fire, leave as it is for 20 minutes and steam.


6. It is completion When steaming is finished, rice dish is completed. If you lightly mix rice and skip the moisture, you can eat more delicious.

 ■ What is Hasegaeon? Hasegaen founded in the third year of Tenpo (1832) and built a kiln. Focused mainly on the historic Japanese house "Mother" who has lived since his founding, We have facilities for pottery manufacture such as studio and climbing kiln. Under the spirit of "Maker is a true user!" While feeling the lifestyle evolving along with civilization, We are concentrating on making products that always look forward to the times.
 【Hase Garden Kamadesa】 Size: Width 24 cm × height 18 cm Weight: 3.5 kg Material: Pottery Country of Origin: Japan