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Ebaba Hakka (Candle Glaze) Yamahon Pottery 2-3 People Tomabe Iga Yakinbun


What is Yamahon Ceramic Porcelain Eight Dimensions (Candle Glaze) It is a pot made of pottery made from soil of Iga famous for ebb, Mie Prefecture. Mr. Tadamasa Yamamoto will...

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What is Yamahon Ceramic Porcelain Eight Dimensions (Candle Glaze)

It is a pot made of pottery made from soil of Iga famous for ebb, Mie Prefecture. Mr. Tadamasa Yamamoto will serve as representative and at the Masa pottery Every one carefully made by hand.
 Yu-fud boiled rice porridge and rice porridge, two-three to three people It is the perfect size sense of size pot to make a pot. Of course you can cook rice deliciously. Iga's soil has little iron, so even if you cook the pot with fire, the rice will not be baked. You can cook delicious rice with plenty. The rice which cooked in the pot also has a high insulation power, and it is also characterized that the taste is not damaged even if it is cold. It is also ideal for hot pot dishes and boiled dishes and soup making. ■ Size
やまほん陶房土鍋八寸(飴釉) のサイズ

What is Yamahon Pottery?

Speaking of Iga, many people think of Tamba? Iga is a production site of pottery with strong fire resistance and excellent quality, but Yamahon Pottery is a workshop holding a workshop in the Iga Round column. It is one of the few workshops currently making fire pots with high fire resistance without using petalite. Mr. Tadamasa Yamamoto, the representative of the studio. Although he was a family member engaged in the ancillary work for generations, the father of the previous generation founded "Yamahon Pottery" in the Showa 40 's. The workshop is roughly divided into two types: Mr. Tadamasa Yamamoto, representative, is making individuals that I am making as individuals. It is a peaceful country scenery around Yamahon studio's workshop. When walking a little from the workshop, there is the "Yamahon Gallery" where Mr. Tadamasa's brother is running. Here, not only Yamahon potter's vessel but also a lot of author's instruments are exhibited and sold, Workshops are also held. Why not try visiting us when you are nearby.

First time usage of Yamahon Ceramic Earth Pot Yaki (Candle Glaze)

The clay pot will become stronger by cracks entering the fire. Since cracks are gaps, work called "sealing" is necessary to prevent leakage from the cracks. It is best to make rice porridge or "boil down" flour, rice rice soup and so on.

What is sealing?

There is a lot of small cracks entering the pot as penetrating (kanji). The cooked rice just enters the cracks little by little. We call this that cracks gradually fill up by this. If there is color or smell in things entering the crack, it will stick to the pot Rice porridge and wheat flour · ginger juice are said to be suitable for sealing. 【Materials for sealing】 ·water · Flour or potato starch (about 10% relative to water)

【STEP 1】
I will dissolve the flour in water. Melt with a bowl beforehand.
I will crush it firmly so that wheat flour will not remain.


【STEP 2】
Put the contents of the bowl in the pot. The eighth minute of the pot is sufficient.
Please be careful as it may bubble over when it boils if it puts a full eye.


【STEP 3】
I warmly warm up the pot with a low heat. If it boils, stop the fire and let it cool.
Please ensure that the pot is quite hot with preheating so cool it well.


【STEP 4】
Please throw away the contents and rinse it as the pot cools down.
If you take water well and dry it, filling is complete.
※ If moisture remains, sun drying is the best because it will cause mold mold.



How to wash the pot

As the pot is vulnerable to sudden temperature changes Please cool down firmly after use. If you leave juice from the pot beforehand, it will cool down more quickly.
● Gently wash
Because the pot has a nature that is easily injured Let's wash with a soft sponge instead of metal scraps.
● When washing with detergent
As the pot has very nature of moisture absorption There are many people who have resistance to using detergents. When you need to use detergent such as dirt sticking to the pot There is no problem if it is easy to wash in a short time. However, soaking in dishwashing detergent, water etc Please do not do because detergent may penetrate.

When mold and smell have stuck to the pot

Since the clay pot has characteristics easy to absorb moisture Odor and mold may stick. You can use it without problems if maintenance is performed firmly even in such a case. 【Molds for odor and odor removal materials】 · Tea Leaves (Appropriate amount) · Water (about 8 minutes in pot)

【STEP 1】
Wash the pot and take mold fairly.
Wipe the area exposed to fire on the backside of the pot and remove moisture.


【STEP 2】
I put tea leaves and water and put them on fire. The amount of water will be about the eighth of the pot.
Please heat the pan slowly with a low heat. When the whole pan warms up, heat it up to medium heat and warm until it boils.


【STEP 3】
If boiled at medium heat, boil it for 10 minutes with a low heat. Please cool down as soon as you have finished boiling.


【STEP 4】
Rinse thoroughly and dry. If you dry well with the sun and dry well you can take mold fairly.


How to dry and keep the pot

Since the clay pot has characteristics easy to absorb moisture If you perform an incorrect storage method, it may cause mold growth. I will introduce the correct way to use the pot for a long time.

【STEP 1】
After use, wash the pot with water firmly and sun it in a well-ventilated place. It will dry completely when sun dried for 2-3 days. If you want to dry early, you can warm up in a microwave for about 1 minute and it is OK even for a day's heavenly sunshine.
※ Please also read the notes carefully as the microwave oven is also NG in the pot


【STEP 2】
I will wrap it with newspaper when keeping it. If you put it in a box or wrapped in a lap, moisture accumulates and mold grows. When storing the pot, it is best to wrap it in a newspaper and keep it. The newspaper absorbs moisture from outside and prevents dust in the air from invading.


【STEP 3】
Let's keep it in a well-ventilated place such as a cupboard or a bunko. It is good to avoid under humid sink etc because moisture tends to accumulate.


Frequently Asked Questions about Yamahon Ceramic Tamba Eight Dimensions (Candle Glaze)

 【Q1】 Is it okay to just put the pot on the desk after cooking rice in the pot?
Because the glaze is not painted on the bottom of Yamahon pot Ebata (candy glaze), there is a risk of hurting the desk etc. Also, because the thermal storage of the pot is also high, please use a heat resistant pot coat.
 【Q2】 Is it okay to put in a microwave oven or an oven?
It's okay. You can use it in microwave oven and oven just like ordinary dish.
 【Q3】 Does a pot deliver exactly the same as a photo?
There are some individual differences as it is a pot made by handwork. We appreciate your understanding.
 【Q4】 Can you make pot noodles?
Is possible. Not only pot noodle but also deliciously finished with water cooker · oden · pot · o · oven dish.

Usage notes

 · When using the pot, please keep the bottom of the pot wet with the fire. · Please refrain from deep-frying in the pot. · Please do not put dishes in the pot for a long time. * Odor and color may remain, molds and bacteria may breed. · When washing the pot, do not immerse it in water or detergent for a long time.
 【Specification of Yamamoto Ceramic Tamba Eight Dimensions (Candle Glaze)】 Size: height 140 mm × width 330 mm (to handle) Weight: 1930 g Capacity: 2 to 3 people hot pot Material: Pottery ※ Since pots are made by hand, sizes and colors may differ slightly.

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