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Develop innovative rice cooker(jelly glaze) Ya mA Mizuho San pottery room, cooking rice clay pot


Or just pottery rice pot for the glaze and A clay pot is the famous Mie Prefecture IgA soil made of ceramic earthenware pot is. Yamamoto, Tadamasa is a representative...

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Or just pottery rice pot for the glaze and

A clay pot is the famous Mie Prefecture IgA soil made of ceramic earthenware pot is. Yamamoto, Tadamasa is a representative and most pottery is in Carefully hand-made.
3 combine cooked and made all 5 fit in the soup can. IgA of soil iron for a small,pot on the fire, even the rice is baked information, functionnality, simplicity and attractivity for your personal weather interests. Plump and delicious rice can be. Or earthenware pot cooked rice retains heat well, even cold and the taste is not compromised at this time. Rice soup than stew and soup making days. ■Size

And most pottery is

IgA and speaking in a clay pot to all over today. IgA is fireproof, strong high-quality clay of the region, and also just pottery, it 伊賀丸 pillars to work to build a Manufactory. Studio lights without the use of fire-resistant high clay pot making,currently one of the few Studio one. The workshop representatives,Yamamoto, Tadamasa said. Generations of pottery involved families, the former father of Showa 40's"and just pottery"was founded. The workshop broadly speaking, the former lasts from daily miscellaneous equipment as pottery and, The representative of Yamamoto, Tadamasa Mr. as an individual and build equipment making. And most pottery workshops around the rural setting. From the workshop a little walk, Tadamasa younger brother of Mr. no facilities"or just a gallery"there. Here,and most pottery vessels of the not only many of the writers of the reactor is exhibited, sold Workshops are also held. Come near you when you visit spirit

Or just pottery rice pot for the first time of use

Earthenware pot on the fire from the crack by the stronger. The split is between, and from the cracks of a leak to prevent the"sealing"work is required. "Sealing"is a porridge made flour・rice boiled by, for example, is the best.

The eyes stop and

A clay pot is the penetration (penetration) and fine cracks in want. It is in the cracks of the side for just a little bit more interesting. It cracks little by little so that the eyes stop and call. Split to put the color and odor when there is a clay pot ingrained as Porridge or flour・and too much juice out that are suitable for and will. 【Sealing material】 ・Water ・Flour or potato starch (and water for 10% of the amount).

Flour dissolved in water to you. Pre-bowl and melt in place.
Of flour still on them firmly crushed you.


Bowl the contents of the pot into it. A clay pot of 8 minute or so is enough.
Describe it as a boil when blown spill to you. so be careful.


Clay pot on low heat and go for it. Bring to a rolling boil, stop the fire and cool.
Preheating in the pot from the heat to and cool.


A clay pot is cold from the inside discarding the rinse.
Water and taking dry eyes stop is complete.
※Water remains on the mold can cause in the sun to dry is the best.

Clay pot how to wash

A clay pot is a sharp temperature change in the weak After the first firmly to cool. The juice also advance from the pan and faster than cold more.
A clay pot is easy to damage nature have Metal do not use wash with a soft sponge and let.
●The detergent using the rinse if you
A clay pot is very moisture absorption and properties of Detergent use and on those who are resistant are more common there. Earthenware pot in the dirt and with such detergents have to be used if In a short time and wash it no problem. However, detergent and water, such as pickled put the wash such as clay pot to strain or Detergent permeated all that it could do.

Clay pot to mold and smell was at the time

Clay pots absorb moisture and features Smell and some can. It is not even firmly maintenance to be carried out without problems using. 【Earthen mold・the smell of the material】 ・And the tea leaves(dosage) ・Water(pot of 8 minutes)

Pot and wash the mildew and take.
Clay pot on the backside of the fire part to wipe well to remove any excess moisture is removed.


And tea leaves and water to put the fire out. The amount of water of the pot 八分目 from it.
The fire a saucepan over low heat and warm. The whole pan is warm or medium heat to a boil until warmed.


Over medium heat bring to a boil, and then turn down and cook over a low heat for about 10 minutes and cook more. In a sauce pan and boil finished and cool.


And wash dry. Dry well take the sun to dry in a dry and the mold has firmly taken.

Earthenware pot for dry and how to store

Clay pots absorb moisture and features Incorrect storage method was performed and the occurrence of the cause may. Clay pot used for a long time back,the correct way to introduce.

After use,firmly earthenware pot to wash-ventilated place in the sun to dry it. 2 to 3 days in the sun to dry and completely dry off. Early to dry in the microwave for 1 minute temperature for 1 day, dried in the sun is OK too.
※Pot is to a microwave oven NG may read the instructions


The time of storage is the newspaper in that time. It will put them in a box or wrap so the moisture will effect it. Clay pot when storing,newspaper, and probably best to keep. Newsprint is from outside absorbs moisture or air may invade to prevent.


Closet and clothes closet, such as a ventilated place immediately. Under the sink, such as moisture, or to avoid and good.

And most pottery is cooked in a clay pot about better questions

【Q1】earthenware pot to cook rice, after that the pot can be placed on the table as okay?
Or just cooking rice in a clay pot at the bottom of the glaze is painted or not at the Desk as they may damage it. The pot stores up heat too high, heat-resistant pot stand please use the.
【Q2】in the microwave or oven to be used?
Okay. Ordinary dish like microwave or in the oven can also be used.
【Q3】pot photo and all the same receive this?
Handiwork is made in a pot of some individual differences there. Understanding thank you you can be.
【Q4】nabeyaki Udon-braised Udon noodles with vegetables also be produced?
Possible. Nabeyaki Udon-braised Udon noodles with vegetables is not limited to the chicken・and・pot・oven cooking as well as delicious finish.

Precautions for use

・Clay pot to use when pan bottom is wet for the fire to make sure. ・Earthenware pot of the fried foods are not allowed. ・Clay pot inside the rice and cooking for a long time put on please. ※Odor and color remains, mildew and bacteria to breed there. ・Clay pot when washing for a long time, water and detergent during the soak for sure.
【And most pottery rice pot specifications] Size: height 160mm x Width 270mm(handle in) Weight: 2310g Capacity: 3 combination cooking(5 combined or cooked in.) Material: pottery ※earthenware pot is hand-made in size and color will vary slightly.

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