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Okachika Tool Store "Rice pot" 2 (black)


Design and function are also good quality. Bancho grilled rice cooker Mie Prefecture Yono pottery pottery brand building a studio in Konomoto town It is a popular item of "Okamaki...

Design and function are also good quality. Bancho grilled rice cooker

Mie Prefecture Yono pottery pottery brand building a studio in Konomoto town It is a popular item of "Okamaki Tool Store", "Rice noodle". I cooked rice many times in a prototype pot and tried it, Three types of sizes created. You can choose according to the lifestyle of the person using it. Because the refrigerator and the microwave oven are OK, It is a cooking pot that is perfect for modern life. ※ IH can not be used.
 Cook carefully with a pot of pot made for rice. It takes a little more time to cook rice in a pot than a rice cooker, You can eat delicious rice accordingly. Why do not you try enjoying the delicious taste that you can not taste with a rice cooker. Million Yakiniku, which accounts for 7 to 80% of domestic soybean pot share, is a handicraft of Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture. In some cases, the tool store further develops the traditional techniques inherited from long ago, We are producing many products of modern and simple design that was in contemporary times.

Rice pot size and color development


About handling

Microwave oven ... ○ Oven ... ○ Direct flame Dishwasher ... ○ IH ... x

please note

· If the bottom is wet with fire, it will cause trouble, so please wipe the water well and apply it to the fire. · Do not cool the product rapidly in a hot condition or place it directly on a cold place such as a tile or a stainless steel table. · It is dangerous because it is hot during heating and after heating. be careful. Be sure to use a toothpick or a pot claw etc. · Please avoid firing in the sky. · Please do not touch the steam or water that comes out during cooking because it is very hot. · Because it is made of pottery, please be careful as it may be damaged if dropping it or giving a shock. · It can not be used with IH equipment. · Please do not use for fried food. · If you place the heated product directly on a table or the like, you may get hurt or deform, so please be sure to use the pot laying. · Please note that you may scratch the surface if you use metal scourer or polished detergent. · Due to the characteristics of soil and glaze of raw materials, slight differences in size, shape, color, texture and weight of each product occur. · Strong odor may have a smell on the pottery.

How to Care

Please use detergent for dishwasher carefully, please thoroughly rinse. Please wash with a soft sponge. After use, wash it tightly, please dry after storing.
Before purchasing and using for the first time, We recommend that you wear a seal. Rice juice of rice washed out about 2 rice (or melted potato starch or wheat etc.) Please put in the pan until the eighth minute and boil. After boiling, please cool down, throw away the water, wash it thoroughly and let it dry. ※ Prevention of eclipses / unused state pot and prevention of cracks, less odor transfer, Cleaning to keep it long and strong.→ How to close, see here

Things to understand about products

Since it is a handmade product one by one, there are slight variations in shape, color, texture and so on. Also, although the lid may rattle, there is no problem on use. As you use, small cracks enter the surface. This is a characteristic unique to pottery called penetration. Since the color of the earth appears from the crack, white is particularly conspicuous. By burning it on the outside the bottom is burned, dark discolored, The image when buying and after use changes. This is also characteristic of pottery.

About the canvas tool shop

Mino Prefecture Konno-machi is a hot spring resort with Suzuka mountains. It is also a mountaineering spot called "Suzuka Seven Mountain" More than anything, Japanese Macaroni (natural monument) is famous for its inhabitants. The biggest mountain of that Seven Mountain, at the foot of Mt. There is Yamaguchi pottery limited company that develops "Oshima tool shop". "Omega tool shop" transmits "a taste, a firm life culture" It is a brand that delivers happiness through the dining table.

Product Details

size About W 190 (including handle) × H 110, diameter 170 mm
weight Approximately 1.5 kg
Estimated amount 400 cc of water against 360 cc of rice (Cooking time: about 13 ~ 14 minutes)
capacity Approximately 1.15 liters (full water)
Country of origin Japan (Konno-machi, Mie prefecture)