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Mayumi kiln Transparent glaze Both hands Tamba pot small size of Kumamoto (size for one person)


Eye pot of Mayumi kiln Small size gallery × × × × × × × ×  What is Mayumi Kiln? Ceramics brand by Mr. Ryoji Mayumi who practiced at the...

Eye pot of Mayumi kiln Small size gallery


What is Mayumi Kiln?

Ceramics brand by Mr. Ryoji Mayumi who practiced at the Kumamoto Koyo Fir Fukumoto kiln for over 20 years. Various ceramics and pots such as pots are produced mainly around vessels. Many instruments using glaze Among them, the vessel using transparent glaze, Wu Sue glaze, bran white glaze It is highly appreciated in the country. The distinctive deep shades baked with beautiful shapes and glaze make us feel the depth which is not available in commercial instruments. Especially in the Mayumi kiln series the popularity of dumpling is high It is a rare item handling only a few shops in the country. Its extraordinary appearance as a dining table interior It exerts its presence.

Glazes used in Mayumi kilns

There are various kinds of glaze used for Mayumi kiln It is used properly according to the purpose and design.

Transparent glaze

Transparent glaze is a transparent glaze as its name suggests. With glaze to make full use of original color and texture of vessel When you bake it with this transparent glaze, it gently glossy on the surface It further enhances the tasteful atmosphere of the earth.

Wu Suu Glaze

With slightly bluish glaze It is calm and can be a solid baked. Because it is a faint tint than black, the texture that is not too heavy is a glaze popular among women.

Branch white glaze

It is a glaze baked in cloudy color with glaze mixed rice husk ash with feldspar and ash. It is sophisticated and characterized by a beautiful atmosphere It is often seen in high-class restaurants and others. It is said to be compatible with vivid color dishes.

Eye pot of Mayumi kiln

The clay pot of Mayumi kiln is a popular soba which is heavy and heavy design. This product is made with transparent glaze, You can enjoy the original deep texture of the soil. Because it can be used for cooked food as well as pot dishes and steamed dishes The high versatility that can be used for all seasons is also attractive. Because the pot of Mayumi kiln is handmade one by one It is also known as one of the relatively rare pots with a low production volume.

"Transparent glazed pot" Made with transparent glaze The texture of the foundation is beautiful You can also enjoy delicious hot pot dishes from the appearance. You have been using forever, you can taste aging It is finished in an attractive pot.


"Holding hand of the pot" A deeply designed handle is an important element for steadily carrying a pot. It is also firmly thought about the user. Because the width is also designed to be wider It is made to be hard to slip even when lifting with the pot knob.


"Rattan pot covered pan" I will put up a pot with a wicker made of rattan. Rattan of strong and durable material for bending. You can use it in various applications such as iron bottle, pot, frying pan. 【size】 Diameter 180 mm Thickness 5 mm


Eye pot of Mayumi kiln Other sizes

Eye pots of Mayumi kiln stock various sizes. 
【size】 Width (with handle): 19.5 cm Width (without handle): 17.0 cm Height (with lid): 12.0 cm Height (without lid): 7.5 cm 【Precautions for use】 · Please be sure to wear a glue to use for a long time. → Here is how to fix it · If you get burned, please use sasara, wooden doors, rigid sponge etc, soaked in water overnight. → Here's how to clean the pot · After washing please let me dry thoroughly. ※ If drying is insufficient it will cause mold. → How to store the earthen pot is here