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Toya's Omuta pot gallery


What is Higashiya

Founded in 1997, Higashiya has been making dishes that are closely related to people's lives.Designs and shapes considered to be patronized foreverTo simple things that never get tired forever. Somewhere simple and warm dishes are made by each craftsmanYou can feel the feeling you cherish carefully. A little bit more colorful than usual everyday tablePlease enjoy the dishes of Higashiya.

Toya's Fukutabe 七 じ

Higashiya's Fukutaga NanagisaTraditional craftsman Iga-yaki "Kosi Shibamoto" is doing it. Ms. Shibamoto also is a craftsman designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and IndustryHigh technology and delicate, sometimes bold touchI keep making pots. A pot with a stately appearanceWarm material slowly with far infrared effectIt brings out the cooking taste to the maximum. If there is a lucky pot of HigashiyaThere is nothing troubling with hot pot dishes.

"Black candy glaze" Candy glaze is a type of iron glazeIt is a glaze that turns brown by oxidizing firing. From calling this brown color "candy color"The name of candy glaze has settled. As the amount of iron oxide contained in the glaze increasesBecome black glazeIt becomes a beautiful and tasty shade like this way.


"handle" Ear, which is also a feature of Iga-yaki (hands on the left and right hands), is securely attached. Ear decoration that craftsmen's personality also tends to come out. The lucky pot is designed to be simple and has the easiest shape.


"Rattan pot covered pan" I will put up a pot with a wicker made of rattan.Rattan of strong and durable material for bending. You can use it in various applications such as iron bottle, pot, frying pan. 【size】Diameter 180 mmThickness 5 mm


Higashiya 's cloth bag hot pot and Okubo pot Other sizes

Higashiya 's cloth bag hot pot and Okutoku pot stock various sizes.【Clothespot Pot】  【Okutoba】  

Higashiya is developing a wide range of products

Apart from the items we introduced here, we have a number of Toya related products.Come, please have a look.

Toya's product list is →Here 
[Size] Diameter 21 × height 10 cm / 1 for 2 people※ It is size not including handles.* Since it is a handmade item, there are some errors in size one by one. 【Precautions for use】 · Please be sure to wear a glue to use for a long time.→ Here is how to fix it · After use, please wash well with a bundle (scrub)※ Please do not use detergent because it tends to remain on the bamboo skin.→ Click here for bamboo of Toya · If you get burned, please use sasara, wooden doors, rigid sponge etc, soaked in water overnight.→ Here's how to clean the pot · After washing please let me dry thoroughly.※ If drying is insufficient it will cause mold.→ How to store the earthen pot is here 

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