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Nanbu Ironworks Iwate Prefecture frying pan Ichirodo oven pan 22 size gas · IH correspondence wooden pot spreading 1 point present


 Southern Ironware Oven Bread born from Ichirodo The southern ironware oven pan has thick iron Thoroughly fire through the material, bake deliciously delicious to the core. Besides, it is difficult...

Southern Ironware Oven Bread born from Ichirodo

The southern ironware oven pan has thick iron Thoroughly fire through the material, bake deliciously delicious to the core. Besides, it is difficult for scorching on the iron surface, There is a feature that it can wash off quickly even if it is attached.

What is Southern Ironware

The southern steelworker, which has received the designation of "country traditional crafts" No. 1, In the mid 17th century, the southern lord invited Kashima from Kyoto to Morioka, It was the beginning of making a tea ceremony kettle. Since then, Morioka has been blessed with good quality raw materials, We have made progress as a clan tried to nurture protection and have chastisers / kami masters from all over the country. Rock casting was founded in 1898. Over 110 years as a leading manufacturer of southern steel in Morioka, From tea ceremony to everyday items to a wide range, to domestic as well as to the world including Europe, America and Asia, We continue to deliver the appeal of Southern Ironworks.

What is Ichinodo?

The brand Ichi-do built by Nanbu Ironworks. It is designed to make it easier to incorporate the southern Ironworks which are also traditional craft items into modern life. Mr. Yoshitaka Nakamura, oven bread designer We are designing daily necessities such as teapot. It is adopted at the cafe of the New York Museum of Modern Art etc. I have many achievements in the cast iron craft industry. A frying pan produced by the fusion of the history of traditional craft and modern art Have no other originality It can be said that it is a frying pan of the very last lifetime.

Getting started with and how to use the southern ironware oven pan


Getting started (when using for the first time)

Please wash with hot or cold water, then spray it off with fire. And please pull the oil and do the oil leveling. It is also effective to fry waste vegetables and the like.

How to use

● In case of gas Put a frying pan on the fire and if the frying pan gently warms up, grind the oil. And heat the frying pan well. (It is a standard that sounds are heard when water droplets are put in.) After that, please put the ingredients and adjust the temperature. Please stop heating which gives off blue smoke.● In case of IH Make the thermal power below "medium" and slowly spread the heat to the whole pan. Since IH loads locally, raising the temperature suddenly will result in a strong thermal shock, causing distortion.● After use · care · Wash with hot water or water. We recommend a child tortoise karate (metal-based bundle is impossible). · In principle, please do not use detergent (Especially when dirty, smell is bad, please use it.) At that time please refill the surface with oil. · After washing, fire on the fire and skim the water (be sure to go this work). · It is not necessary to apply oil to the surface every time, but please refill the surface with oil after washing cooking without using oil, when not using for a while. · In particular, please use baking soda when dirty, smells are bad. · Baking soda is a natural abrasive that is friendly to people. Please refill the surface after polishing. · When you are stuck, rinse with hot water, boil it and then wash it, you often fall.

Iron refilling in the oven pan

Cook cooked in an iron frying pan is easily absorbed in the body It contains iron named heme iron. Iron iron has heme iron and nonheme iron, heme iron can absorb iron more efficiently. Also, stewed dishes - acidic dishes using vinegar and ketchup Heme iron is recommended as a cooking method which is more easily melted.

Features of Nanbu Ironware Oven Pan

 南部鉄器オーブンパンの特徴 1. Thick lid
 It has a thick lid. The body of the pan and the lid bite a lot of heat, and from the bottom, the heat is released from the top. Uneven heat is delivered to the ingredients thoroughly, and the taste is drawn out. Also, the lid is heavy, cooking pressure on the ingredients. Make the ingredients soft finish.
 南部鉄器オーブンパンの特徴 2. The beauty of the form
 From the top, I feel the beauty of the calculated form. It matches well with beautiful iron skin. The knob of the lid and the handle of the main body are integrally molded. It is making it very durable.
 南部鉄器オーブンパンの特徴 3. Capacity with sense of volume
 The main body of the frying pan draws a clean slope. The main body has capacity, furthermore it has become the size considering the heat source at home.
 南部鉄器オーブンパンの特徴 4. Outstanding oil compatibility
 It spreads soft and stable heat up to the core of food ingredients. And oil compatibility is very good. It is an excellent feature of the southern ironware that provides taste. A solid lid will extend the range of cooking. Simmer, bake, fried · · · can also cook rice
 南部鉄器オーブンパンの特徴 5. The handle of the lid is beautiful
 In the hand of the lid, I cooked new preferences that I have never had before, and fused beauty and functionality. Nakamura The charm of design is demonstrated to the full. While holding a lid of a lid with fine workmanship, the handle of the lid is integrated with the lid body. It is delicate but sturdy, and looseness does not occur. And I draw out the beauty of the southern ironware more than enough. Traditional craft techniques and advanced technology are being demonstrated.
 南部鉄器オーブンパンの特徴 6. The handle and the body are united
 Handle and body are integrated type. It is robust and does not loosen. It can be used in the oven. The design is paired with the handle of the lid. Beautifully harmonized.
 南部鉄器オーブンパンの特徴 7. Compatible with all kinds of cooking equipment
 Oven pan corresponds to every cooking equipment according to modern lifestyle.
 · IH cooker 100V / 200v
 ·Gas stove
 · Sheath heater
 · Halogen heater
 · Lagent heater
 · Oven

Nanbu Ironware Oven Bread is active in various dishes

Oven bread not only burns ingredients but also boils and boils rice. Because it has good compatibility with oil, it is very popular from customers as there is little scorching.
 南部鉄器オーブンパンのレシピ Sukiyaki
 南部鉄器オーブンパンのレシピ Chestnut rice
 南部鉄器オーブンパンのレシピ Paella
 南部鉄器オーブンパンのレシピ Gyoza
 南部鉄器オーブンパンのレシピ Chicken steak

Oven pan cooking situation


Nanbu ironware oven pan Q&A

[Q1] Rust came out in a frying pan.
If rust comes out, rinse thoroughly with a turtle kid, fire on fire, Apply a thin oil and spend a few minutes on low heat. I will soon be black. Repeat several times it is more effective. (It is called seasoning.It is how to care for cast iron) Daily care is important. After washing, it is most important to skip water on fire. Also, it is best to use as much as possible. Let's not scare rust more than necessary. (Rust is harmless to the human body)
 【Q2】 The black paint on the surface has come off, is it okay?
Even if the coating is peeled off, there is no problem with use. Do not worry too much about deterioration of the coating film. I think that it is better to leave it to the change of nature and use it. The coating is silicone resin, safe according to the national food hygiene law. Even if it enters the body it will be discharged naturally.
 【Q3】 When I leave the dish in the frying pan, the color of the dish has changed.
If you keep the dishes cool, the iron will overflow, changing the color and taste of the dish. When cooking is over, please transfer it to containers etc. as soon as possible. In addition, the ingredients that changed the color are iron, so there is no harm to the body.
 【Q4】 The southern Ironware pan is heavy.
The southern ironworks are made of iron, casting cast iron into casting molds, making it thicker and inevitably heavier. However, this combination of iron material and wall thickness becomes power to store heat and creates deliciousness. In addition, there are many fine holes on the surface of the cast iron, and they hold the oil and baked fragrantly. It is a property not found in other metals.
 【Q5】 Please tell me more about cleaning the lid.
Usually, wash the lid only. Please do not use neutral detergent. (Wash only when the surface is dirty.) After washing, carefully wipe off moisture with a dry cloth etc etc. And occasionally refill the surface with oil. Also, please refill the surface when cooking without oil. The back of the lid also bathes in cooking time. Washing with a mild detergent from not related to direct cooking is not good on rust prevention. Please only when it is dirty, smells terrible.
 【Q6】 Does the oven pan 25 correspond to the electromagnetic cooker (IH)?
It corresponds to electromagnetic cooker 100V, 200V. Nanbu ironware is magnetic because it is iron, is robust and suitable for electromagnetic cooker.

Southern Ironware Iron Bottle Gallery

 【Ichirodo Nanbu Ironware oven pan 22 IH correspondence】 JAN Code: 4571339021449 Size: outer diameter 22.6 cm × total length 35.8 cm × H 4.7 cm (depth in front of the body) H 3.6 cm (depth behind the main body) Weight: 2310 g Producing country: Japan