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Pulling dry natto 100 g (domestic soybean 100%)


   About pulling dry natto  Freeze-dried (vacuum lyophilized) directly on natto using 100% domestic soybean. In Kumamoto Prefecture, dried natto is called "Kumumomame" "dried bean paste" etc. It is a food ingredient familiar...

About pulling dry natto


Freeze-dried (vacuum lyophilized) directly on natto using 100% domestic soybean.
 In Kumamoto Prefecture, dried natto is called "Kumumomame" "dried bean paste" etc. It is a food ingredient familiar from long ago.
 The taste and flavor of natto are kept intact, and the umami taste and nutrients are further improved by drying.
 In 1 g, 4.3 billion Bacillus subtilis natto live in the spore state (spore). (Japan Analytical Center analysis value)
 Because food additives, salt, sugar, oil, genetically modified soybeans are also unused, you can relish with confidence.
 Commercial dry natto has a lot of salt, but here is salt free.
 I feel that the feeling I have in my hand is not sticky like normal natto and it is fluttering.
 The texture is crispy, it is moderate as Polypoly.
 Easy to use, even those who are not good at natto's stickiness can easily take natto's nutrition.
 It can be used for dishes and it is effective even if you eat it everyday for the purpose of taking nutrition like a supplement as it is.


How to eat dried natto


As it is to snacks and snacks


Since there is no usual nativity like natto, you can eat polypori as it is for your hands.
 By the sense of snacks, also for children's snacks and alcoholic snacks.
 You can also eat dogs and cats.


For miso soup and soup


If you put it in miso soup, the completion of instant Natto juice.
 As dried natto returns with moisture, it becomes soft and easier to eat.


To baby's baby food


Because it does not use food additives and salt, it is perfect for making baby food.
 It can be used as a sprinkle as a sprinkle, so you can use it conveniently for a busy mother.


Mix it with seasoning


Mix in seasoning such as soy sauce, miso soup, bean soup and soak it.
 Even if you eat as it is pickled it is delicious, even if you cook as a seasoning.


To a salad topping


Even if you sprinkle it on a salad like a nut or crouton.
 It especially suits Japanese style salad.


Sprinkle it on your dish


Cooking using natto is also easy if dried natto.
 Pasta of natto, natto soba, fried rice, curry, fried noodles.
 Of course you can eat delicious even if sprinkled on cooked rice as it is.


To Ochazuke


Although it is good to put it on rice as it is, we recommend mixing nato in soy sauce on rice and hot water or tea.


Usage is various. Please try looking for your favorite original menu.


As disaster food and preserved food


In the event of a natural disaster, if you are to live in a shelter, colds, influenza, tetanus and food poisoning tend to become prevalent, and there are also uncertain aspects of food hygiene.
 Since Bacillus natto contained in natto and digestive enzymes have the strength to attack against bacteria that cause such symptoms, it is also good to put dried natto in disaster bags and so on.
 It can also be used as a preserved diet because it also keeps it for days.


Nutrients and effects of dried natto


Dried natto is a food containing natto kinase, soy isoflavone, soy polyamines, vitamins.
 Dried natto, dietary fiber increases, potassium 1.5 times, iron content also 1.8 times, zinc increases to 2 times.


Excellent effect of nattokinase


Nattokinase is the enzyme that is produced when making natto.
 It occurs at the stage of fermentation by adding Bacillus natto after cooking soybeans.
 Nattokinase has the function of dissolving thrombus and smoothing blood, and it is now attracting much attention as an enzyme useful for health promotion.
 Especially it is said to have an excellent effect on thrombolysis.
 In addition to acting directly on "fibrin" which is the main component of thrombus, it acts to activate other thrombolytic enzymes in the body and increase its amount.
 In addition, recent studies have found that there are effects such as degrading substances that inhibit the dissolution of thrombus, and shortening the degradation time.
 It can be said that it is a powerful enzyme that really enhances thrombolysis from various angles.
 Besides this, Nattokinase also has actions such as lowering blood pressure, smoothing blood and improving blood flow.
 Soybean products are originally foods containing various enzymes, among which nattokinase enzymes
 It is said that only natto produces it.


Excellent point of Bacillus natto


The secret of the usefulness of Bacillus natto is its "strength".
 Most intestinal bacteria in the body have short lifetime and weak nature.
 Therefore, if you do not refill at all times, you can not expect long-term success in the intestines.
 In exchange, the lifetime of Bacillus subtilis natto is long, and it is said that when it is taken once, it survives for 4 or 5 days in the body and exerts its effect.
 It enters the body from the mouth, passes through the stomach acid in the stomach, reaches the intestine alive, has the strength to be discharged to the feces without death.
 In this way, only bacillus natto can pass through the body alive!
 This is the biggest reason why Bacillus natto exerts excellent effects.


Dried natto freeze dried commodity variation


Product Details

Internal capacity100 g
raw materialsDomestic soybean (not genetically modified), Bacillus subtilis natto
 Soybean origin mainly Hokkaido, Tohoku region
 Production area may change depending on the year.
Preservation methodAvoid direct sunlight, heat and humidity.