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Black vinegar mash powder 30 g (produced in Kagoshima prefecture)


  What is 30 g of black vinegar marrow powder Kagoshima prefecture produced black vinegar moromi was dried and crushed, finished into a fragrant and flavorful black vinegar moromi powder.  Dry vinegar plenty...

What is 30 g of black vinegar marrow powder


Kagoshima prefecture produced black vinegar moromi was dried and crushed, finished into a fragrant and flavorful black vinegar moromi powder.
 Dry vinegar plenty of black vinegar Drying mash and condensing nutrients, you can easily use any dish to ingest nutrients.
 The flavor of black vinegar masumi is added to dishes, it is a convenient food material to make one rank up.
 It is a powder powder reputed to be able to expect fatigue recovery, beautiful skin effect, blood smoothness effect by the power of amino acids contained in black vinegar mash.
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How to use black vinegar marrow powder


You can easily add natural nutrition to cooking and confectionery.
 Mix one cup of spoon with cooking and confectionery, please be sure to heat and enjoy.
 Recommended cuisine example: soup, homemade noodles, homemade bread, mixed with drinks as a health drink, etc.


What is black vinegar mashi


Black vinegar is made by fermentation / maturation over a long period of time (1 to 3 years) with raw rice as raw material.
 During fermentation it is famous to use large pot pots.
 In the process of long aging, ingredients insoluble in water in the pot sinks to the bottom and accumulates. That precipitate is called "moromi".
 Various amino acids, rich nutrients such as vitamins and minerals are condensed in black vinegar mash.


What is Okisu Co., Ltd.


Black vinegar moromi powder is made from Kagoshima prefecture black vinegar processed in Okisu Co., Ltd. located in Kanoya city, Kagoshima prefecture.
 It is located approximately in the center of the Osumi Peninsula in Kagoshima Prefecture. In the Osumi Peninsula, utilizing the temperate climate, various agricultural products are produced through the four seasons, it is a treasure trove of just vegetables.
 Kagoya shi, Kagoshima prefecture with an Okis is located in the Kasanohara plateau, and there are many tea fields and vegetable fields.
 Good ventilation of tea, temperate climate, good shirasu drainage of drainage, fertile black soil deposited on it, fresh air blowing down from Takakumiyama, active volcano · Sakurajima.
 It is an irregularly land that the place suitable for agriculture is not so much.


In Okis, we dry a lot of vegetables in our company and commercialize it, and we are doing production → processing → bagging → shipping at the shortest.
 By making it as a dried vegetable, it eliminates the labor of cutting · No waste loss · Can be stored at ambient temperature · Long shelf life · Easy to cook and easy to eat and function to enhance nutrition is displayed.
 We are commercializing it using so-called wisdom and culture of old "hanging" well.
 We supply these products as retail shops such as supermarkets and mail order, etc. as new products as well as health food manufacturers as functional raw materials.
 As fresh vegetables including "Satsuma no Megumi" we deliver to the whole country by our logistics.


Usage Considerations


· After opening, close the chuck seal and save it, please use it promptly.
 · Depending on storage conditions, discoloration may occur, but taste and quality are not affected.
 · As we have enclosed a desiccant, please be careful not to eat accidentally.


Product Details

Internal capacity30 g
raw materialsBlack vinegar moromi (from Kagoshima prefecture)
Preservation methodAvoid direct sunlight high temperature and humidity Please save
expiration date1 year from manufacturing date