What is Odorless Garlic Spring Fountain It is a healthy food of fine powder of garlic, which was born by the commitment manufacturing method "Vacuum low temperature dry distillation method".By vacuum...

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What is Odorless Garlic Spring Fountain

 It is a healthy food of fine powder of garlic, which was born by the commitment manufacturing method "Vacuum low temperature dry distillation method".By vacuum low-temperature dry distillation method which is proprietary manufacturing patent, without scratching the outer skin,I grind garlic in a vacuum and at low temperature. This will suppress the peculiar smell of garlic,At the same time, we succeeded in preserving allicin, which is the active ingredient of garlic and has bactericidal and oxidative action, without destroying the ingredients. It can be expected to recover from fatigue, health promotion, physical strength and energies, which is the main indication of garlic.Antimicrobial activity on Shigella, Salmonella typhima, Vibrio cholerae, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, etc, as well, because it has antimicrobial activity as the main ingredient.It also has the effect of combining with nerve cells to quench the excitement of the cell, it is also recommended for people with insomnia. Its unique technology has been evaluated, and we have obtained manufacturing patent even in Germany, the U.S., the UK, France and elsewhere.
Garlic mainly has four basic efficacies. 1, "Antimicrobial, sterilization and detoxification (action to adjust intestinal environment)"2, "Promoting absorption of vitamin B1 (action to restore fatigue)"3, "To make thrombus difficult to make (to make the blood smooth)"4, "Removing active oxygen (action to prevent cancer)" Furthermore, it is said that garlic is highly effective against cancer, and its main effects are as follows: 1, Harmfully carcinogenic substances are discharged outside the body2, to kill cancer cells and prevent proliferation3, it has more effect than promoting the elimination of cancer cells by enhancing immune function. Garlic that garlic can be prepared every day by preparing intestinal environment and having high cancer prevention effect. General Medical Village Chairperson Premier Clinic DirectorProfessor Yasuzo Hoshino(Extracted from the November issue of the individual)
無臭にんにく 命泉


Odorless garlic manufacturing method of commitment

 Odorless garlic fountains are carefully made up by "old black fashioned" "black smoke". First, peel off the outer skin without hurting garlic.Next, in order to prevent oxidation due to contact with air and component breakdown due to high temperature, it is subjected to steam-grilling by "vacuum low temperature dry distillation method".By adding pearl oyster powder (calcium) to it there is further power up. Black burning refers to steaming cereals and flora and fauna in an oxygen-free state.By doing so, materials with utility beyond the original properties of the substance are made.For example, it is said that black grill of unpolished rice is cancer, black plating of plums is effective for stopping diarrhea. Carbonize it while keeping the air blocked and burn it too much to make it ash so it's a difficult process.It seems that it was supposed to have spread in the Edo era when Western medicine had not penetrated, it was a health law of common secret secret. Looking back on the ancient literature, in the past, over 500 kinds of black stone were made.In the Taisho era, specialized books such as "Kuroyaki's study" written by Eisujiro Koizumi, and housewife friend's edition "Bakuyaki therapy 500 species" are also published. Based on these information, black sparkling the garlic, odorless garlic that gave birth to trial and error.
無臭にんにく 命泉


Odorless garlic voice of the fountain staff

Because it is odorless, it is recommended for those who do not like the smell of garlic or those who are concerned about halitosis in front of work. In addition, raw garlic has a strong stimulation, many people suffer inflammation of the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract and are getting sick. Odorless garlic can be chosen from "grain type" and "powder type" which are easy to drink gently and gently in the stomach. In addition to the efficacy of garlic, calcium is also included, so please stay healthy for the whole family.


Odorless garlic fountain recommended usage

 For odorless garlic, please enjoy with 10 to 12 grains per day with water or white water. It is said that the absorption rate is better if you take it before meals than after meals, so you can expect high efficacy. Because it is odorless and there is no worry even when you go out, it is advisable to take 3 tablets each before meals.
無臭にんにく 命泉

Odorless garlic spirit notice

無臭にんにく 命泉
 Raw material name: garlic, pearl shell powder, starchCapacity: 85 g (240 grains)Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, please save at room temperature.

 Regarding natural remedies using garlicIt is introduced in detail in Yuriko Togashi Yuriko Togetherness Health Company. Yuriko Doujo You and health companyThe page of here is here.
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