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Rapeseed oil of Hirate Oil shop [ball tightening squeezing method] Duty use 1800 ml PET bottle (1650 g)


What is rapeseed oil from Hirate Oil shop The rapeseed oil of the Hirate Oil shop was created based on the belief that "as much as possible naturally as well...

What is rapeseed oil from Hirate Oil shop

The rapeseed oil of the Hirate Oil shop was created based on the belief that "as much as possible naturally as well as fragrant and delicious oil" It is fine rapeseed oil. Using domestic rapeseed (Natane) of the highest quality as raw material, by traditional manufacturing method (ball tightening squeezing method) It is made by thoroughly squeezing with just the weight of the stone mill without applying heat. The high quality is appreciated by many people, it is currently the most popular item of Kawashimaya's oil.
 Generally rapeseed oil has a unique habit, so it is thought that it is not suitable for life There is no habit of rapeseed oil of Hirate Oil shop, even dressing is OK. It is very suitable for tempura and stir-fried vegetables because its thermal stability is very good compared to other oils. Rapeseed oil contains a lot of oleic acid, one of the fatty acids which is the main component of vegetable oil. For oleic acid, do not reduce good cholesterol, cause bad cholesterol causing arteriosclerosis It is said to have an effect to reduce.
 The smell and pigment are stronger than other oils because it is being crushed by the ball tightening method Natural tocopherol (antioxidant action) and natural chlorophyll and carotene are dissolved in oil. I use rapeseed that was cultivated without pesticide in Hokkaido. The right is the state of the ball tightening squeezing method. Very clean golden oil can be squeezed. Squeezed oil is slowly filtered with the most extravagant handmade Japanese paper, It becomes rapeseed oil which is packed in containers manually and remains rich in flavor. Natural and highly safe oil. It is valuable as it is hand-made.

 Easy to use PET bottle type is original specification of Kawashimaya.
平出なたね ペットボトル

About rapeseed of raw material

Used rice seeds from Hokkaido or Aomori. No radioactive material was detected in either material.

 Rapeseed oil from Hirate Oil shop features rapeseed rich taste and rich taste brewed plenty of sun blessings. It is not rude and it makes a great difference to the taste of every dish. If you use it for stir-fried or tempura etc., the goodness of the material stands out It will be finished in one dish.
As a substitute for butter when making sweets, the same amount of rapeseed oil It is popular that you get a moist and delicious texture when you use it.
You can also use it for making bread, cake, cookie.


Customer Opinion We have received many compliments of words


It is completely different from other oils! It is completely different from other oils! I mainly use it for making sweets, but the taste and flavor are completely different.

Tama (30s · female)


Useless greasyness is missing and tasty Compared with the rapeseed oil I usually used, the color was darker and I felt like I was feeling natural. When it is used as a stir-fry, it is crisp and finished deliciously without wasteful greasiness.

M like (40s · female)


We can no longer use commercially available salad oil After all this oil is good. I have not done it at all and it seems to be good for the stomach. We can no longer use commercially available salad oil.

Michelin-sama (30s · female)


It is finished deliciously. Although it smells sweetly when heated, there is nothing like a habit in the finished dish. Rip it up, it finishes deliciously much better. The difficulty is that you no longer want to eat ready prepared dishes ... Tohoho. Now we use this rapeseed oil as deep-fried food, stir-fried food, pottery, for self-catering only for anything, we are very delicious.

Mr. Chichi (40s · female)


At child's atopy, oil knew that rapeseed oil was good. Children were atopic, they started to review their meals with it, and the oils knew that rapeseed oil was good. I use it for cooking and making sweets. The fried food is fresh and fried very delicious. I think that this price is profitable also from the amount.

Mr. Mr. (30's · female)



Introducing until rapeseed oil is made, with animation



一回で炒る事の出来るなたねの量はおよそ50kg。 そこから15L-18Lほどのなたね油が絞れます。 菜種は炒り足りないと十分に油が絞れません。 反対に炒りすぎると、なたね油の食感に苦味が出てしまいます。 焙煎の間、何度も菜種を指で潰して色合いを見ながら、煎り加減を確認をします。






皮を砕いた菜種を木の桶にいれて、特性の蒸し器の上に載せます。 燃やした薪を熱にして、蒸し器から蒸気が出ています。
その上に木桶を載せます。木桶の底には小さな穴が空いており、下から蒸気を当てると、木桶の底から上まで蒸気が通り抜ける仕組みになっています。 蒸気を調節しながら菜種を蒸していきます。 蒸気を当てることで菜種の油が膨張し、油が絞りやすい状態になるのです。 五分ほど蒸して、湯気が全体からまんべんなく出てきたら、良い蒸具合です。


蒸しあがった菜種を広げ、湯気をしっかり飛ばします。 湯気を飛ばしたら、特性の木桶に油濾しマットを敷き、そこに菜種を詰め込んでいきます。
油濾しマットは、伝統的な油絞りに欠かせない道具の一つで、人毛で出来ているのが特徴です。 人毛のマットには、適度な強度と柔らかさがあって、菜種油以外の余分な油がしみ出さないので、油を絞るのに最適なのです。 かつらメーカーによる特注品で、現在は全国で製造できるところも限られています。 木桶に詰めた菜種を素足で踏み固めていきます。 ここで適度な圧力を掛けながら菜種を詰めていくことで、玉絞めをした際に油が絞りやすくなるのです。


木桶に入れた菜種を玉締め圧搾機に置きます。 この圧搾機は昭和の初めから現在まで70年以上も使われています。
圧搾機には丸い玉がついており、玉に重みをかけて菜種をゆっくりと絞っていくのです。 微調整を加えながら、おおよそ1-2トンほどの重さをかけていきます。 しばらくすると玉の重みで、じんわりと黄金色の油が木桶から溢れでてきます。 玉の重さで油を絞りだす方法は「玉締め」と呼ばれています。 現在では玉絞めで菜種油をしぼっている所は、国内でも数件しかありません。 搾りたての油はどろりとした、濃厚な色をしています。 強いなたねの香りもします。


格子状の箱に筒状にした手漉き和紙を入れて、そこに菜種油を流し込んでいきます。 ゆっくりと時間をかけて自然に濾されていくのを待ちます。 手漉き和紙で油の濾過をするのは、日本だけの伝統です。 濾過を終えるとようやく菜種油の出来上がりです。


濾過を終えた菜種油は、小さなステンレスタンクに集められます。 そして、すべて手作業で瓶詰めされていきます。
最後にラベルを貼り、商品としての菜種油が完成します。 基本的に作り置きをする事はなく、その日に出荷する分を瓶詰めし、ラベルを貼っています。
この様にして平出さんの菜種油はできあがります。 "絞ってそのままっていうのが一番いい商品になるんじゃないかな" 後のインタビューで平出さんが語ってくれました。 >>インタビュー記事はこちら 効率を追求すると、どうしても油の品質が損なわれてしまうため、あえて昔ながらの製法で油をつくり続けているそうです。


平出油屋は、"出来るだけ自然に、そして香りが良く美味しい油を" という信念のもと、昭和初期から変わらない方法で油を絞っています。
"一度ひらいでの菜種油を使うと、他の油は使えなくなる" そんなお声を多くいただきます。 現在スーパーやデパートに置かれている食用油の殆どは、化学処理による効率的な抽出法で、搾油が行われています。 高い温度と圧力をかけて、脱酸素、脱ガム、脱臭などの化学処理を踏むことで、無駄なく効率的に均一品質で安価な菜種油を抽出できています。 しかしこのやり方では、油が変質してしまいます。 また、菜種油のまろやかさや黄金色の美しい色合いが大きく損なわれてしまいます。

平出油屋のなたね油は、原料のほぼ全てに北海道産の菜種が使われています。 粒の大きく揃った、水分量が8%程度の菜種だけを選別しています。 搾油場には3機の玉締め機があり、二人から三人の職人が毎日菜種を絞っています。

昔ながらの油搾り法 "玉締め"とは?

玉締め機という専用の機械を使用して低圧力、常温で時間をかけてゆっくりと油を搾り取る製法です。 低圧力、常温で搾り取るため、菜種の芳醇な香りやビタミンなどの栄養素がそのまま残り、鮮やかな琥珀色の上質な食用油に仕上がります。
玉締めしぼりの歴史は古く、江戸時代中期にはすでに製法が確立されていたようです。 以前は多くのメーカーが玉締めしぼりを採用していましたが、現在では数社の中小企業が伝統を守ってくれているのみとなってしまいました。 全体のシェアから見ても1%未満という、非常に貴重な製法の油です。 一般的に流通している菜種油は、石油溶剤を使用したり、脱臭や脱色などで化学物質を使用したりしており、とても使えたものではありません。 一方玉締めしぼりは、常温で低圧力で時間をかけて搾るため摩擦熱が発生しないので、無駄な加工をする必要もなく、搾った油を単純に濾過しただけのエキストラバージンな油に仕上がります。 普通のスーパーでは手に入りにくい商品です。


レシピの詳細はこちらのページにご案内しています。平出油屋紹介ページ 野菜のてんぷら 特に山菜のてんぷらには菜種油の黄色が山菜の色あざやかさを一層引き立たせてくれます。 お菓子作り 特にシフォンケーキやクッキーには菜種油の黄色がおいしさをいっそう醸し出してくれます。 >>菜種油を使ったシフォンケーキの作り方はこちら 自家用マヨネーズ 余計な添加物の入っていない新鮮で健康的なおいしいマヨネーズが簡単につくれます。



Message from producer Yuichi Hiraide

The daily amount of oil intake required for Japanese adults is roughly between 1 tablespoon and 2 tablespoons. This little intake will affect the body for a long time. (Trans fatty acid by coconut oil which is currently a problem) I think that we want you to eat genuine oil for daily health improvement.
 The foundation of the oil maker was opened in 1842. Originally we sell silk fabrics and millets, and began to extract rapeseeds from the Meiji Period. Mr. Yuichi Hiraide, the current president, will become the sixth generation head.

What is rapeseed?

"Rapeseed" is seed of oilseed rape (rape flower), it is also an alias of oilseed rape. It is also said to be rapeseed, including closely related plants to harvest fruit as oil for oil extraction. Originally it was used as a pair with "rape flower" in the sense of vegetable seeds. Place of origin is around West Asia and Northern Europe, It has been cultivated as a plant to pick up oil from ancient times and as a vegetable. In Japan, it is eaten as vegetables of leaf, and in the Edo era in order to pick up lanterns and edible oil Rapeseed has been cultivated widely.

Difference between rapeseed oil and canola oil

Rapeseed oil is oil which can be obtained mainly by squeezing seed oilseed rape seeds. In the East Asian region, rapeseed oil has been used everyday, and the self-sufficiency rate of rapeseed in Japan was also 100%. Rapeseed oil contains the components "erucic acid" and "glucosinolate". In the United States where you consume a lot of oil in your daily diet, when you overdose these There was a danger of harmful effects on the body, and edible was prohibited. So in the 1970's quality improvement was done by Canadian agricultural researchers As a new rapeseed containing almost no erucic acid and glucosinolate "Canola seed" was made. Canola oil is rapeseed oil that was squeezed from this canola species.

Reason why rapeseed oil is said to be bad for your body · danger

Originally, rapeseed oil takes time and labor to collect oil, Moreover, it was impossible to take all the oil contained in rapeseed. In major oil companies and others, in order to efficiently collect oil of imported rapeseed as efficiently as possible, Extract oil of 99% of rapeseed using petroleum solvent "Hexane". Hexane is a component also contained in gasoline. It may cause irritation to human skin, respiratory organs, and may adversely affect reproductive function and fetus. In addition, there is a pungent odor which makes the nose pierce, so you have to deodorize to make it edible. In order to deodorize it, it is necessary to heat the oil to a high temperature of 200 ° C or more, At that time, "trans fatty acid" which is harmful to the human body occurs. Trans fatty acid is a by-product oil component generated when hydrogen is added to vegetable oil, It is contained in shortening which is also used for commercially available margarine, pan · cake and so on. It has already been accepted that it can be a cause of cancer and arteriosclerosis, a substance that adversely affects the human body, Although it is not regulated in Japan, some countries regulate intake. Such rapeseed oil is inexpensive and many on the market are on the market, It keeps old-fashioned manufacturing methods, squeezes, and makes safer rapeseed oil even though it takes time and effort If it is from the manufacturer, it is safe because it is not being treated with chemicals. Rapeseed oil from Hirate Oil shop is made by pressing method. It is safe and safe rapeseed oil which has not added any chemical treatment. It is an essential oil for daily diet, so I would like to select and use safe things for my health.
What is the point of selecting rapeseed oil that you can use with confidence? ● Using non-genetically modified raw material = using rapeseed cultivated in the country ● Not using petroleum-based chemical solvents in oil extraction = Rapeseed oil made from domestic rapeseed which adopts old-fashioned squeezing method as raw material, made by domestic squeezing method It will be called rapeseed that you can use with confidence.

How to distinguish safe rapeseed oil attention to domestic products and manufacturing methods

Currently, many varieties that do not contain erucic acid are developed in Japan. Since genetic recombination technology is not used for rapeseed cultivated in Japan, It can be said that domestic rapeseed oil is safe as raw material. Varieties such as "Asaka no natane", "kiza quinone rape", "Nana shikubu" were developed, Especially oil made from kiza quinone rape is rich in flavor, it is said to be the best rapeseed oil. The raw material of the domestic rapeseed oil of Hirate Oil shop uses 100% of this rustling rapeseed.


Points to note about rapeseed oil of Hiraeda Oil shop

It is easy to use PET bottle type 【Name】 Edible rapeseed oil 【Ingredients name】 Edible rapeseed oil * Kizakino rapeseed (blended pesticide / Aomori, Hokkaido, Nagano) [Contents] 1800 ml [Preservation method] Storage at normal temperature, dark place 【Pressing Station】 Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture