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Kahoku Golden Oil 16.5 kg (for business drinking can)


 What is Kahoku Golden Oil? It is rapeseed oil carefully made from non-genetically modified rapeseeded domestic (non-agricultural) cultivation. Rapeseed contains only Kagoshima · Miyazaki · Fukuoka · Hokkaido products. We do not...

What is Kahoku Golden Oil?

 It is rapeseed oil carefully made from non-genetically modified rapeseeded domestic (non-agricultural) cultivation. Rapeseed contains only Kagoshima · Miyazaki · Fukuoka · Hokkaido products. We do not use additives or chemicals (such as caustic soda or oxalic acid) at all for refining rapeseed oil. Rape the rapeseed oil thoroughly with Japanese paper, carefully filtered. It is not vacuum high pressure deodorization like rapeseed oil lining up in supermarkets and department stores. The fragrance of rapeseed lives as it is in the scent. Please enjoy the aroma of traditional rapeseed.The golden oil is a rapeseed that has been squeezed by hand made Japanese paper and filtered, It is an oil using a place with supernatant. It is suitable for fried food. Kahoku It is used for golden oil, Non-genetically modified domestically produced rapeseed cultivated by environmental preservation agriculture. We use only rapeseed that was grown energetically in non-pesticide-free chemical fertilizer cultivation in Kagoshima, Miyazaki, Fukuoka and Hokkaido. Only 300 liters of oil can be taken from one ton of rapeseed. We are filtering the most restricted rapeseed rare seed.


Kahoku Golden Oil Customer's Voice

Hiraoka Susumu (40s · male) I was able to fried delicious tempura.
Ms. Tsushima (40s · female) Because it is not deceivable at all, fried shrimp, fried chicken, Tempura etc, all can be delicious.
Ms. Haruka Mihara (30s · female) It is a thick golden oil. Although the fragrance is strong, it is not odoriferous, I feel like fried food was better than usual.


Difference of golden hot spring · Rapeseed field · Rapeseed oil · Rapeseed salad oil

 [Gold Oil] It is the oil that used something supernatant, filtered squashed rapeseed with hand made Japanese paper. It is suitable for fried food. 【Rapeseed flower rapeseed oil】 It is oil which washed golden oil twice and kept a little scent and color. You can use it for general cuisine. 【Rape seasonal oil】 It is oil which wash golden oil 3 rinse, use bamboo charcoal to suppress odor and color considerably. There is no habit, so you can use it as raw.

Production of Kabuki Refinery commitment

 Three points of Kabuki refining oil 【Spirit of Fuji Fuji】 You can sort the season that you got on the land where you live, Fuji Mitsuru (Mizuho Fuji) says "I will have as much energy as possible for a single item." In accordance with the spirit of this "Kazuta Fuji", we do not impair the original nutrients and flavor as much as possible, We are striving to manufacture products with the aim of providing more delicious and reliable products. [Sticking to safe and safe "domestic raw materials"] High quality raw materials are indispensable for producing high quality oil. Since our establishment, we have stuck to "domestic raw materials". In our own farms, natural agriculture methods based on organic and chemical fertilizers are regarded as "ideal agriculture" At the same time we are working on raw material cultivation that ensures stable production volume and high quality, We are also working to promote guidance to farmers and contract cultivation. This effort has been fruited in September 2007 "Japan's first organic JAS domestic rapeseed oil production". 【Commitment to "oil extraction"】 In Kabuku Oil Refining Co., Ltd., "Mill closest ball method (ball milking)" and We adopt crushed oil stuck to the crushing method called "Beller type crushing method". Kahoku golden oil also sticks to the recipe. Rape seeds are cooked and cooked in a pot. After that, ball squeezing (squeezed out carefully with just the weight of the ball) was done with a small squeezing machine, Finally it is filtered by handmade Japanese paper. Compared with the "extraction method" which extracts oil by applying a solvent, which is an ordinary manufacturing method It can take several times longer, but you can make it without using any chemicals or additives. Since it does not add any extra additives, it is attractive that you can fully extract the original taste of rapeseed.
鹿北製油 黄金油

鹿北製油 黄金油

Kahoku Golden Oil Points Remarks

鹿北製油 黄金油
 Capacity: 650 g ■ Expiration date: two years from the date of manufacture ■ Ingredients: domestic rapeseed (natural farming method) ■ Manufacturer: Shinku Oil Refinery (Kagoshima Prefecture Aira County) ■ Delivery method: normal temperature (enclosed with refrigerated products)