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Mizuho delicious oil (Sanwa oil) 800 g × 2 pieces


 Mizuho delicious oil (Sanwa fat and oil) 800 g Royal salad oil is a health-oriented vegetable oil squeezed from the epidermis and embryo of brown rice that received a lot of...

Mizuho delicious oil (Sanwa fat and oil) 800 g

 Royal salad oil is a health-oriented vegetable oil squeezed from the epidermis and embryo of brown rice that received a lot of natural blessings. It is safe and safe because it uses bran and germ of brown rice of domestic raw material without worry of gene recombination. Because it is excellent in heating stability, it is also suitable for fried food and stir-fry. Mizuho's classic product, "rice oil" and the contents are the same. The package became new, and it became the size which is more easy to purchase.
みづほ 美味しい油


Features of Mizuho delicious oil (Sanwa Oil & Fat)

 It contains oleic acid and linoleic acid that are said to lower the cholesterol level in good balance. Oil is composed of many fatty acids such as linoleic acid, oleic acid, linolenic acid and so on. Linoleic acid is abundant in soybean oil, corn oil, safflower oil (high linol) On the other hand, rapeseed oil and olive oil contain a lot of oleic acid. In contrast, the rice oil is highly balanced with about 42% oleic acid and about 37% linoleic acid.It includes Vitamin E which works to prevent oxidation of oil and Oryzanol which is said to be useful for prevention of lifestyle diseases. [Vitamin E (tocopherol)] It is a nutrient that helps to maintain the health of the cell by protecting lipids in the body from oxidation by antioxidant action. Approximately 30% of vitamin E ingested by the Japanese people are ingested from vegetable oil. Please take good quality vitamin E from rice oil. 【Γ - Oryzanol (Gamma - Orizanol)】 It is said that it is effective in improving menopausal disorder, gastrointestinal neurosis etc. with rice oil specific nutrients. It is an indispensable nutrient for complex modern society people.It is light in taste, and less stomach leaning after eating. The amount of substances that cause the phenomenon of "oil sickness" in which appetite declines due to the smell of deep - fried foods, Raw oil is less than other oils, and the heating odor is also very mild. Ideal for dressing and mayonnaise.Deep fried food is fished. Please also be fried. If you are deep-fried, moisture will evaporate from seeds and clothes, foam will be formed, causing fried unevenness and greasiness. Because rice oil is hard to foam, fried food can be fried frozen.
みづほ 美味しい油
 Because oxidation stability is excellent, it will be delicious forever. As a result of measuring the time until the putrefaction odor occurred after storing the fried food at 40 ° C., I found that rye oil keeps the quality of fried food well overwhelmingly long. Maintain the taste of home cooking as it is.Since domestic rice bran is used as raw material, there is no worry about genetic modification. Raw oil is the only edible oil using domestic raw materials born from rice bran and fresh buds of fresh brown rice, Since there is no worry about genetic modification, it is safe and secure.
みづほ 美味しい油


Mizuho Delicious oil (Sanwa oil) 800 g Customer's voice

Haruru Ruru-sama (30s · female) I use it for deep-fried food at home. There is no habit and it is very easy to use.

Mizuho Delicious oil (Sanwa oil) 800 g Voice of staff

 It is also easy to use because it is easy to use and easy to find prices, reusable to stir-fried oil because it is also hard to deteriorate after taste and smell without habit. Fried foods are also crispy and finished with aftertaste. Also, oleic acid and linoleic acid, which are said to lower cholesterol level, are included in good balance, It is also recommended for those with high cholesterol levels, those with weight concerns, those in diet. After using it, it is easy to throw away as it can be separated into boxes and vinyls.


Mizuho delicious oil (Sanwa oil) 800 g Recommended usage

 Tempura and fried food, fried foods are of course recommended, Because the rice does not have a habit, it makes you more appreciated the flavor of the ingredients so you can use it for other dishes. 【Cooking rice with rice oil】 When cooking rice, add 1/3 teaspoonful of "rice oil" to 3 rice in the kettle and cook the rice after mixing, It has a sweet taste and it is very tasty. It is said that rich oils originally made from rice bran are supplemented with a rich mixture with rice and a moist taste. It seems that mochi moist is moist even if it cools thanks to the ingredients of rice oil. 【Apply to a bread roll】 It is recommended to put on baked bread instead of margarine. It is a unique way of using unique honey without oil.
みづほ 美味しい油
 [How to eat rice oil effectively] Raw oil is effective for prevention of arteriosclerosis of course even if you eat alone, Take vitamin C togetherThat effect will be further improved by that. Vitamin C, which is often contained in vegetables and the like, has antioxidant action (action to prevent oxidation) It is known that vitamin E and vitamin C can be effectively absorbed when taken together. However, since vitamin C is sensitive to heat, It seems that it is recommended to eat like eating like using a little bit of rice oil as a dressing is effective.
みづほ 美味しい油


Mizuho delicious oil (Sanwa oil) 800 g Message from producer

 ◎ era of the present age From the time pursuit of delicacy and affluence only, the manner of food is changing from genuinely oriented to healthy oriented. Thanks to you, we have obtained a great deal of credit from our customers, we are producing and selling nail oil in the center of business. ◎ Future Challenge We are hoping that many people can use rice oil and contribute to your health. We also challenged innovation using rice bran and rice bran, From now on, in order to make Mizuho's village even more exciting, all employees will unite and respond to your expectations. Representative Director and President Yamaguchi Yuemon

Mizuho Delicious oil (Sanwa oil) Notes on use · Preservation method · Others

みづほ 美味しい油
 【Precautions for use】 * Do not put it near a fire such as a stove as it is a paper container. * If you heat the oil too much, smoke and ignite. Please do not leave the place while heating. * Heating oil with water or oil entering overheated oil may cause oil to jump and cause burns. * Fresh edible oils hate sunlight and air. After opening, please keep a cap and place it in a cool place as possible, so take as soon as possible. 【Preservation method】 Avoid direct sunlight, please save at room temperature. 【Nutritional components】 Per 100g Energy 900 kcal Protein 0 g Lipid 100 g Carbohydrate 0 g Sodium 0 mg Oleic acid 40 g Linoleic acid 34 g Vitamin E 36 mg Oryzanol 179 mg
みづほ 美味しい油