Easy Oil of Anzakaya Farm Sesame oil of Anzakaya plantation is made using 'Egama' containing abundant nutrients made from safe lands. Crops are made using the natural natural power, so...

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Easy Oil of Anzakaya Farm

Sesame oil of Anzakaya plantation is made using 'Egama' containing abundant nutrients made from safe lands. Crops are made using the natural natural power, so we do not use pesticides, fertilizers, but also herbicides. Sesame oil of Anzakaya plantation is made under a strong philosophy of wanting to deliver safe and safe crops to people all over Japan.

Ethylene oil a Linolenic acid

A linolenic acid, which accounts for about 60% of the ingredients of Ethylene Oil, is an essential fatty acid characterized by strong antioxidant power. a It is said that linolenic acid has an action of lowering neutral fat in blood, an action of preventing thrombus formation, and an action of preventing high blood pressure. Because it is a component that can not be made in the human body, it is regarded as a component that must be taken from food.

What is the quality of Egg oil

The quality of Egg oil is determined by the quality of the raw seeds.Since the seeds seed connects life to the next generation, it seems that we store what we need for growth in seeds and eliminate harmful ones. However, for harmful substances (such as artificial radioactive substances, heavy metals, chemical substances, etc.) that do not exist in nature, the function to eliminate often tends to collect in seeds. In the production of eggplant, it is said that it will be done in good quality land that is not pollutedMaking high quality sesame oil is an important factor.

Sasakaya plantation soil

Crops of Anzakaya plantation are made in Chikuhi village in the mountainous region of nature rich Nagano Prefecture Higashikuima gun. Mr. Kitasato, a producer who moved to this place as a result of the nuclear accident, has a strong belief that he wants to make soil that can be confidently handed over to the generation of children.We stick to organic fertilizers and fertilizers and create rich soil while coexisting with nature. We continue to make particular crops on safe lands without worry of soil contamination and radioactive contamination.

Electric squeezed oil

The high quality seasoned seeds thus produced are squeezed by a method of squeezing them with a cylinder without heating (low temperature squeezing). The oil is tasteless and odorless, has no irritation to the tongue and throat, it is a completely habitless liquid, it has a clear pale (close to lemon color) amber color.

How to use Egg oil

Alpha linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid, can not be made in the body of an animal, so it must be ingested as food. According to a specialized agency, it is said to be 2 g about the daily required intake in the case of humans. Since the α-linolenic acid content of soybean oil is about 60%, this product contains about 60 g of linolenic acid. If you consume it continuously every day you need a method that does not get tired.※ Because it is not suitable for heating, please do not use for fried food and fried foods. ● DressingWhen considering soybean oil as edible oil, its characteristics are rich and emulsified.Emulsification is caused by cloudiness of water and water-soluble substances and oil, so a smooth texture like dressing and mayonnaise is added to the taste.● Miso soupIt is also effective to drip a little in miso soup which is indispensable for daily table.Since it can be ingested at the same time as other ingredients, it is also easy to be absorbed.● NattoIt is also possible to ingest with natto sauce etc.Rich in soybeans, you can enjoy the taste.

Product Details

type Egg oil
material Egoma (from Chikuhi-mura, Nagano Prefecture)
Sell ​​by ... 12 months from date of manufacture
Preservation method Avoid direct sunlight, please save in cold dark place after opening.
Country of origin Japan
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