Urashima Nori - Japanese Plum Ume Chazuke 4 Sachets

Urashima Nori - Japanese Plum Ume Chazuke 4 Sachets


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Simple and relaxing, Japanese plum ume chazuke


Assorted 4 bags of the classic "Japanese Plum Ume Chazuke".

Chazuke or Ochazuke is a Japanese dish where you add tea, dashi, or hot water over rice. This dish is light, warming, and delicious.

To make it, sprinkle dried Chazuke over warm rice and pour plenty of hot water. For best result, add 180ml of boiling water. But feel free to adjust according to your preference. You can also enjoy it as a soup by itself.

Recommended Use

Add umeboshi to make it even more luxurious


Put salmon on top and make salmon chazuke


Product Details

Product Name Urashima Nori - Japanese Plum Ume Chazuke
Ingredients Domestically produced seasoning powder (salt, lactose, sugar, etc), ume flakes (ume, lactose, shiso liquid, salt, ume vinegar, squeezed shiso), arare, seasoning (amino acids, etc). Ingredients partially include lactose, wheat, and soybeans.
Quantity 19g
Storing Guide Keep at room temperature

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