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Organic red bean "Erimo Azuki" 30 kg Orikasa Farm Special - Heisei 2017 winter production -


What is Organic Red Bean "Erimo Azuki"? Azuki bean of natural cultivation farming method cultivated without giving chemical fertilizer without using pesticide at Makedetsu-cho in Tokachi-gun, Hokkaido is "Erimo Azuki"....

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What is Organic Red Bean "Erimo Azuki"?

Azuki bean of natural cultivation farming method cultivated without giving chemical fertilizer without using pesticide at Makedetsu-cho in Tokachi-gun, Hokkaido is "Erimo Azuki".
Featuring rich flavor and rich flavor of azuki beans, it is characterized by aroma of solid azuki beans, cooked red rice cooked in addition to rice Ideal for making sweets · boiled bean · Japanese sweets. You can also cook with brown rice and enjoy healthy brown rice red bean rice. It is a highly-valued variety even at well-known stores nationwide and bean specialty shops.


What is Orikasa farm?

The most agricultural zone in Hokkaido, Makubetsu in Tokachi (Makubetsu) in town It is a plantation that puts emphasis on naturally cultivated farming methods of unique fertilizer-free pesticide using green manure. In the era when mechanization advanced and we began to increase productivity using chemical fertilizer and chemical pesticide Because of my desire to "regain the rich land of the Hokkaido pioneering era" We introduced green manure that does not use chemical fertilizer to the farm and turned it into a farm producing potatoes. Ten years since natural cultivation began to aim for "safe, secure, self-sustaining agriculture" Ken Orikasa passed down his thoughts and was able to realize the production of natural vegetables that can be pesticide free.

Making farm with green manure

Green manure is not harvested plant cultivated raised in the field, but by plowing along with plowed soil in the field as it is It is to utilize it as natural fertilizer. As a merit of using green manure · By improving the structure of the soil, drainage, water retention capacity etc. are enhanced. · Increase of organic matter promotes the propagation of microorganisms in the soil. · It improves the balance among microorganisms in the soil and prevents the occurrence of pests. We can keep the field healthy. It is a fertilizer that agrees with the feeling that Orikasa Ken's "want to regain rich land".

Commitment of Ken Orikasa Organic Azuki Producer

Organic red beans bred in Orikasa farm have been carefully nurtured by sticking to organic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Natural cultivation is still a new field, cultivation with fertilizer-free pesticide is also very difficult, Orikasa also received advice from experts in soil science, microbiology and agricultural research at Obihiro University of Agriculture, Hokkaido, We are constantly conducting research and building the field. In addition to challenging difficult areas such as natural cultivation of agricultural crops, we are certainly stuck with the taste of crops. If consumers feel that taste is not delicious just by cultivating in nature, there is no real spread. Mr. Orikasa thought so, experimentally planted crops of 30 to 35 varieties only potatoes each year, I am studying which one of taste and quality is most suitable for natural cultivation. Mr. Orikasa who thinks "having yourself firmly with reason for deliciousness" is important, I am convinced that the reason will be clearly seen by further research.

Encounter with Akinori Kimura

Succeeded in producing apple-free and natural cultivated apple that was said to be absolutely impossible 8 years ago I met Aomori Kimura, an Aomori apple farmer who gathered a big topic as a "miracle apple". "I can not spontaneously cultivate unless I can understand the cycle of nature" The challenge to natural cultivation without using chemical fertilizer has begun. I taught Kimura's clay making from the beginning, repeatedly met with the pioneers of natural cultivation Currently, 28ha of the total area of ​​75ha, about 30% of the total has become a field of natural cultivation. In the future aiming for natural cultivation that can continue on a larger scale, I am constantly striving to contribute to the development of agriculture in Hokkaido that is also a wish of Mr. Kimura.

Nutrients of Organic Red Bean "Erimo Azuki"

Azuki is a small grain nutrition treasure house, it is a health food containing rich nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. The amount of rich dietary fiber possessed by azuki beans is three times that of burdock It can also be expected to eliminate constipation and lower cholesterol levels. Because it includes globulin which helps function of immune system protecting body from illness and energy source, In China, it was eaten as medicine several centuries ago. And polyphenols more than red wine prevent cell aging, Because it is said that there is also an effect to improve spots and wrinkles You can expect a beauty effect glad for women. It is full of elements to keep the body healthy as well as delicious It is a very popular ingredient as a comprehensive health food.


How to eat tasty organic red beans Organic Red Bean "Erimo Azuki"

How to make enzyme brown rice (bedding brown rice) (Material of Enzyme Brown Rice Making) · Brown rice 600 g (4 consecutive) · Red bean 50g Salt 3 g · Water proper amount (See the rice cooker memory) ① Wash brown rice and red bean First of all, put brown rice and red bean (dried azuki beans) in the ball and wash it lightly. Let's shed garbage and dust on brown rice and red beans. Since brown rice absorbs the first water well as white rice I throw away the first water quickly. Wash and throw away the water, wash and throw away the water, repeat the act 3 to 4 times. ② Add salt and water and mix Add brown rice and red bean, water, salt and mix. Please adjust the amount of water according to the memory of the rice cooker. ③ Inundation and rice cooking If you use a regular rice cooker, leave the brown rice in water for about 1 hour before cooking. After that, we cook rice. If the rice cooker has brown rice cooking mode, please use its function. ④ heat insulation ripening When brown rice is cooked, it keeps warming for 2 to 4 days as it is with a rice cooker. Let's stir brown rice once a day while keeping warm. When stirring, I use a paddle once a day to return the whole as a whole so that the surface does not dry out. If you are concerned about drying, you can prevent by wrapping or wetting the cloth against the surface. It is about 2 to 4 days after eating cooking.
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Organic red bean "Erimo Azuki" 30 kg Special Orikasa farm

· Product name: Organic red bean "Erimo Azuki" · Place of Origin: Tokachi Makubetsu-cho Hokkaido · Contents: 30 kg