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Hokkaido non-pesticide hand-killed bean (major death) 200 g


What is Hokkaido's agricultural chemical giant lazulians Hokkaido Makedetsu town has been making beans with agrochemicals / chemical fertilizers for more than 30 years. It is a major soybean produced...

What is Hokkaido's agricultural chemical giant lazulians

Hokkaido Makedetsu town has been making beans with agrochemicals / chemical fertilizers for more than 30 years. It is a major soybean produced by Hokkaido that has grown up carefully.
 Major lagoon is the name of white beans with a color of seed coat white. Alongside large soybeans and white flower beans, it is sometimes called white kidney beans. It is mainly used as a material for white sweets for Japanese sweets. As dishes, boiled beans and bean salads, crushed to croquette, put in soup It is served. Especially, Konnyaku is recommended.
Pesticide giant major dead bean grew carefully with organic pesticide · chemical fertilizer cultivation · natural drying. If it is boiled bean, you can enjoy the sweetness of plump beans. Since we have harvested since major lagoons have fully maturated, It absorbs plenty of nutrition and it has a high-quality umami and flavor.

Nutrition of major sweet beans

Kidney beans, including major deaths, are the richest dietary fiber among beans. Moreover, part of the starch is converted into dietary fiber by boiling, The amount of dietary fiber seems to be more than 1.5 times as much as dry.


Customer's Voice

I would like to use it for white soja making Finally I was looking for pesticide white bean and I arrived at this item. I would like to use it for making white juice. Thank you.

Mr. Degawa (40s · female)


It was a good major deceased in color and grain shape. It was a pretty big deer with beautiful color and grain shape. Thank you. I think that it is very affordable price though it is organic pesticide. I would like to purchase again.

Hirano-sama (40s · male)


It was easy to cook and enjoyed the tasty texture I like boiled beans, and I cook various beans. It was my first time to cook major sweet soybeans, but I tried to put it on a pressure cooker thoroughly as to what kind of taste it would be with a beautiful white color. As with other beans it was easy to cook and enjoyed a delicious food texture.

Honomiya-sama (40s · female)


 A bean salad gives the child joy I mix various beans into a salad. If it is a bean salad, the child will be delighted to eat the vegetables and it is useful.

Matsushima-sama (30s · female)



How to eat delicious big sweet beans

 Let's make stewed dishes like South French country food using the big dead beans characterized by gentle taste. Major death features a slightly sweetness and a refreshing texture. The delicious taste of pork and the deliciousness of vegetables has changed, and the deliciousness that makes you want to make beans a couple of times. You can make it a little more, you can also arrange for curry and pasta so it is delicious even if you get it for many times. We introduce such cuisine which can enjoy deliciousness of major death. 【Materials for 4 people】 Major death (hand-bred beans) 200 g Pork belly meat (block) 600 g Celery (chopped and finely chopped) 1 1 onion (chopped) Western style soup 800 o Wheat flour appropriate amount [A] One celery leaf Stem of parsley Appropriate amount Laurie one sheet oil (Goose fat oil if available) 300 Salt and pepper each appropriate amount 【Advance preparation】 · Wash the major death and leave it in the water overnight. · Celery is chopped after taking a line. · Chop the onions with chopped as shown. · If the pork loose meat is large, cut it in two equal parts. Allow to return to room temperature one hour ago. "How to make"
 "point" Let's put the major death in water in advance. Celery and onions are fried firmly. In addition to parsley stems, it is also delicious if you add your favorite herbs. By grinding and baking pork with flour, fragrance and loading can be prevented.

Hokkaido non-pesticide "major dead beans" Producer Hirou's attention

This major lagoon has been carefully nurtured by chemical-free and chemical-free fertilizer. Because we do not use pesticide, it takes a lot of trouble to take weeds. I work with 100-150 part-time people every year. The field size is 30 hectares. We make beans at 22 hectares and rest the rest of the fields to make delicious beans.
 Also, the characteristic of this bean is sticking to "natural drying". Most of the beans that are generally distributed are those that have been heated and dried by machine. At the farm, in a period of about two to three weeks using a cold north wind blowing through the Tokachi plain, Dry the beans. Currently very few soybean farmers doing such old-fashioned naturally drying. By sticking to natural drying, we are able to protect the delicate flavor of soybeans. Left: Pile the harvested beans and dry in this way. The sweetness of the beans will be condensed. Photo right: I am using primitive tools to remove small beans and pebbles.
 In addition, it is said that it is hard work to move beans one by one. Even with hardships, white or pink little bean flowers bloom, bean pod cracked and threshed, She seems to be looking forward to see the cute beans' face. What kind of beans are among the many kinds of beans? "When you ask a question," Everyone is really cute, is not it? ... " It seems that you truly feel the beans. But, if you dare choose "quail beans" and "beans". Tora bean is soft and delicious, white of bean pattern is nothing other than white, "It's nothing wrong."


Hokkaido small agricultural chemicals leading deceased beans Points of note

· Product name: Agrochemical major garlic · Place of Origin: Hokkaido Makubetsu-cho · Contents: 200 g - Expiration date: About 8 months