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Natural oil squeezer WR - 5000 - Fresh freshly squeezed oil can be enjoyed at home


What is natural oil squeezer WR-5000 An oil squeezer that can enjoy freshly squeezed oil at home You can easily squeeze oil from ingredients purchased at supermarkets. It is safe...

What is natural oil squeezer WR-5000

An oil squeezer that can enjoy freshly squeezed oil at home You can easily squeeze oil from ingredients purchased at supermarkets. It is safe because it is not added. You can use it for homemade dressing or cooking oil. In addition, squeezed mussels are mixed as sprinkling foods, health foods and cookies as ingredients rich in dietary fiber You can enjoy the ingredients without leaving. Peanut, sesame, walnut, soybean, sunflower, Almond, rapeseed, perilla, Camellia can extract from oil and so on.
【Limited Time】 20 bags of domestic garlic (50 g) of Kahoku equivalent to 8,100 yen giftI will do. With 20 bags (1000 g), about 300 ml of fresh, fragrant sesame oil is squeezed. Approximately 1 tablespoonful of oil (15 ml) is squeezed with one bag.◆ Eco-friendly excellent health power Allergies such as hay fever and atopy are said to reduce the risk of cancer and arteriosclerosis [Α-linolenic acid] is abundantly contained. α (alpha) -linolenic acid is one of the fatty acids which is the main component of vegetable oil. It is said to have an action to lower triglyceride in blood, to prevent blood clot formation, and to prevent high blood pressure. ● DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) or EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) is made in the body using α-linolenic acid as a raw material. ● α-linolenic acid is an ingredient of oil that you can not make in the body though it is absolutely necessary, and you must take it from food. ■ Understood in 1 minute! How to use natural oil squeezer


Natural oil squeezer set contents


Preparation for squeezing fresh oil (assembling of main body) ~ until squeezing oil

 First of all, setting for squeezing oil. Open the lid of the main unit and set the filtration net. There are two kinds of spiral rods. For small seeds such as sesame and for large seeds such as soybeans, peanuts and walnuts. The spiral rod is divided into a spiral part and a cylinder part. Since there is a part to attach the spiral bar to the main body, set it according to the groove and lock it tightly. Place the bottom dish and the oil receiving cup in place on the main body and set the cassette receiving cup in the lower part of the cass exit in front. Preparation is complete. I will decide to actually experience an oil squeezing experience.
 After preheating is completed, when operation starts, material is gradually charged. After introduction, lightly mixing raw materials with a spoon or the like, squeezing proceeds. In the case of 200 g soybeans, squeezing is completed in about 10 to 15 minutes.

Promotion of hand squeeze oil

Commercially available oils (salad oil, edible processing oil, etc.) are "refined oil". Use chemical substances such as solvents in the manufacturing process, expose it to high temperature, extract deodorant and extract oil. The price is cheap, but its nutritional value is low, it is said to contain trans fatty acids and harmful substances. Since the oil squeezed with the natural oil squeezer does not use any additives or chemicals at all A genuine, fresh, fragrant oil is squeezed. About Oxidizing Oil becomes old as it gets older, oxygen becomes yellow, it becomes yellowish, it gets harder, and it gives an unpleasant smell. Oxygenated oil is the active oxygen itself. When entering the cells oxidize and destroy the fatty acids that make up the cell wall one after another, It is said to destroy the functions by destroying the structure of internal proteins and enzymes and scratching the genes. Since oxygen first sticks to the unsaturated part, it hardly oxidizes if it is saturated. Therefore, saturated fatty acids are more difficult to oxidize, and unsaturated fatty acids are easier to oxidize. Every oil oxidizes with time. Be sure to observe the expiration date. After opening, let's expire as soon as you keep the number of days written in the bottle. (Past the expiration date in unopened, and deterioration) even small amounts of fresh oil Shiboreru, if you use a natural oil milking device, you can intake of fresh oil at any time.

How to use millet

◆ In case of ambush From the greenhouse, oil of about 30% of the raw material weight is squeezed and the remaining 70% is squeezed. In addition to using it as a fertilizer to pour it, make it into a powder form with a mortar etc. You can sprinkle on food as it is, or use it for cosmetics. Even if it is mixed with dressing etc, without rich nutritional ingredients of the enamel without leaving Can be ingested.

Notes on natural oil squeezer set

 ■ Voltage: 100 to 120V ■ Power supply: 50 / 60Hz ■ Power consumption: 300 W Heating: 100 W ■ Motor milking: 200W ■ Body size: Approx W325 × D185 × H275 mm ■ Body Weight: Approx. 7.5 kg ■ Contents of the set: bottom plate, filter, spiral bar (large / small), T type tensioning stick, spoon, cleaning brush, mittens (one hand), cassette receiving cup