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Home coffee roaster machine Live roaster hand roasting machine BGV 1601


 Coffee roaster machine About live roaster "As anyone can enjoy the roasting of coffee beans easily ..." Based on that feeling President of Live Coffee based on years of roasting...

Coffee roaster machine About live roaster

"As anyone can enjoy the roasting of coffee beans easily ..." Based on that feeling President of Live Coffee based on years of roasting experience, It is a hand-roasted roaster that was developed jointly with a long-established store "Endo Corporation" of kitchen appliance manufacturing. By attaching the top cover, heat is transferred to the whole raw beans, and the fire passes through firmly to the core of the beans. Also, in order to prevent burning unevenness, protrusions that help rotate the beans are installed inside, Smooth bean agitation was realized. The merit of home roasting, the type and actual usage of coffee roaster, handling of beans, etc. A reading page of "Kawashimaya's plenty of useful information" "Self-roasting Recommendation"HereFrom.


Coffee roaster machine Live roaster Features



Coffee roaster machine Live roaster How to use


 ① 50g - 70g (5 ~ 8 people) raw beans Choose your favorite brand and place the raw beans in the roaster.


② Turn on the gas cooking stove. (About medium heat for domestic use) Keep the fire as constant as possible with slightly weak fire. With a height of about 15 cm from the fire, swing the roofing instrument back and forth and to the left and right. At this time stopping your hands makes it uneven and you can not make delicious coffee beans.


③ Please a roaster aim to roast about 5 minutes as an indication (like roasting in the air) with an image like cooking rice with a pot. When the whole green bean turns from green to yellow, remove it from the fire and take the lid off, Please blow the thin skin (chaff) and remove it.


④ When the raw bean turns yellowish brown, release it from the fire to around 20 cm and shake it horizontally and vertically. (The beans will bulge from this point.)


⑤ When the sound of crackling beans and fresh beans begins, it will become like scent of coffee. 1 When the goby (about 3 to 4 minutes) is over, it becomes cinnamon roast position.


⑥ After that, goby (2 gobies) begins again, when roaring sounds become flourishing please cook and beat it Please uneven from here Delicious coffee will not be finished. (It takes 5 to 8 minutes for this process.)


⑦ Since it will be roasted deeply from here, please change it to your favorite roasting. From the midam roasted position, oil is quickly discharged from the coffee and the beans Please be careful as it may carbonize and fire may come on. If the coffee beans cool down, it is finished except for defective beans and roasting unevenness.

 *Notes 1, Please keep the fire of the stove certainly. 2, please adjust the shaker by swinging the roofing machine up and down, right and left. 3, If the fire is too strong it will burnt just around and the fire will not pass through and cause failure. 4, It is a point to finish a delicious coffee thoroughly roasting slowly with the strength of fire. 5, Please wear gloves while roasting and be careful about burns. This is about better roasting. 6, During roasting, concentrate and keep an eye on. 7, The roasting time varies depending on the brand of green beans and the blueness of beans. (5 minutes to 6 minutes) 8, In the roaster, the skin of coffee beans collects. (Chaff) Please be careful as the skin is burned and there are some sparks. (Please take off the lid and blow the thin skin halfway.) 9, Please save the coffee beans by removing the chaff from the roast on the roast. (Avoid high temperature and high humidity.)


About roasting of coffee

 Most of those who enjoy coffee at home are roasted in advance, In addition, I think that most people buy coffee beans in a ground state. However, as there are people saying "Coffee is fresh food", the freshness of coffee is life. Although the state of green beans can be stored for a long time, the taste and flavor will fall immediately after being roasted. If you want to enjoy really delicious coffee, it is recommended to use freshly roasted beans. Actually, those who are not good at coffee, we were able to drink the freshly brewed coffee! I will listen to the story. However, listening to the roasting of coffee, it seems to be difficult ... it will take time ... It seems that some people think that it is. Actually, I do need some tricks for my own roasting, Very easy, anyone can try.


Benefits of coffee home roasting

 1. Freshly roasted tasty As mentioned earlier, freshness is the life of coffee. Commercially available coffee roasts at a roasting factory. And enter the store until it is sold in the display case of the shop .... When you actually buy it you do not know when it was roasted because it is not displayed. If you are roasting yourself, you can enjoy fresh coffee any time. 2. Low cost The roasted coffee beans are sold at a store at around 100 g approximately 400 to 700 yen You can buy raw beans less than half of them. Also, since the raw bean is the same grain as soybean and rice, it can be stored for a long time in a dry cool dark place. If the preservation state is good, it is OK for several years to 10 years. If you stockpile even raw beans even in rural areas away from the city You can drink coffee fresh and delicious freshly baked anytime. 3. You can roast to your liking Another point of delicious coffee is in my "favorite degree of roasting". It is the degree of roasting (the depth of roasting), the shallow roasted coffee beans are less bitter There is a sour taste with refreshing refreshing feeling. As you digest deeply, the acidity disappears and bitterness and richness become deeper. To buy coffee beans of your favorite degree of roasting I have to find a roasting shop of my favorite degree of roasting, but that is not easy. Why do not you try exploring your own degree of roasting with your own roasting? 4. It is fun as experiments. The green coffee beans are yellowish green. The fragrance does not smell good coffee nor smells a little beans. As it roasts it gradually colors, changes occur, and at the end It turns into a scented coffee bean that is black and shiny. Although it seems to be difficult at first glance, since beginners are attached, beginners can also try. Indeed, many of those who initiated home roasting of coffee began with this sample roaster.

Live roster dealer Live coffee message

 Live coffee is a roasting company in the established business over the past half a century. We introduce a German made roaster, and deliver fresh beans at our own factory. On the other hand, from the thought that "anyone can enjoy the roasting of coffee beans easily ..." Based on many years of roasting experience, we co-developed with a long-established company of kitchen appliance manufacturing and it is hand roasting roaster "live roaster". The live roaster is designed so that heat is transferred to the whole raw bean by attaching a top lid, and the fire passes firmly to the core of the beans, Also, in order to prevent burning unevenness, we installed smooth protrusions to help rotate the beans, realizing smooth bean agitation. Please try to challenge the roasting of raw beans by all means.