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Home coffee roaster machine Union sample roaster


 What is union sample roaster It is a household coffee roaster machine that can be used directly by installing it in the Gotoku of the gas stove. Just by putting...

What is union sample roaster

It is a household coffee roaster machine that can be used directly by installing it in the Gotoku of the gas stove. Just by putting coffee raw beans in the drum, turning the steering wheel with a fire, You can enjoy freshly brewed coffee at home. It is hard to burnt due to indirect heating surrounded by stainless steel. The point that chaff (thin coffee beans) is difficult to spill is also a secret of popularity. You can easily challenge authentic roasting.

About roasting of coffee

Most of those who enjoy coffee at home are roasted in advance, In addition, I think that most people buy coffee beans in a ground state. However, as there are people saying "Coffee is fresh food", the freshness of coffee is life. Although the state of green beans can be stored for a long time, the taste and flavor will fall immediately after being roasted. If you want to enjoy really delicious coffee, it is recommended to use freshly roasted beans. Actually, those who are not good at coffee, we were able to drink the freshly brewed coffee! I will listen to the story. However, listening to the roasting of coffee, it seems to be difficult ... it will take time ... It seems that some people think that it is. Actually, I do need some tricks for my own roasting, Very easy, anyone can try. Union's sample roaster is for beginners, Why do not you try it by all means. The merit of home roasting, the type and actual usage of coffee roaster, handling of beans, etc. A reading page of "Kawashimaya's plenty of useful information" "Self-roasting Recommendation"HereFrom.


Benefits of coffee home roasting

■ 1. Roasted freshly delicious

As mentioned earlier, freshness is the life of coffee. Commercially available coffee roasts at a roasting factory. And enter the store until it is sold in the display case of the shop .... When you actually buy it you do not know when it was roasted because it is not displayed. If you are roasting yourself, you can enjoy fresh coffee any time.

■ 2. Low Cost

The roasted coffee beans are sold at a store at around 100 g approximately 400 to 700 yen You can buy raw beans less than half of them. Also, since the raw bean is the same grain as soybean and rice, it can be stored for a long time in a dry cool dark place. If the preservation state is good, it is OK for several years to 10 years. If you stockpile even raw beans even in rural areas away from the city You can drink coffee fresh and delicious freshly baked anytime.

■ 3. You can roast to your liking

Another point of delicious coffee is in my "favorite degree of roasting". It is the degree of roasting (the depth of roasting), the shallow roasted coffee beans are less bitter There is a sour taste with refreshing refreshing feeling. As you digest deeply, the acidity disappears and bitterness and richness become deeper. To buy coffee beans of your favorite degree of roasting I have to find a roasting shop of my favorite degree of roasting, but that is not easy. Why do not you try exploring your own degree of roasting with your own roasting?

■ 4. Fun like experiments

The green coffee beans are yellowish green. The fragrance does not smell good coffee nor smells a little beans. As it roasts it gradually colors, changes occur, and at the end It turns into a scented coffee bean that is black and shiny. Although it seems to be difficult at first glance, since beginners are attached, beginners can also try. Indeed, many of those who initiated home roasting of coffee began with this sample roaster.


Union sample roaster feature

Durable stainless steel Because the drum is made of stainless steel, it is strong and lasts long. It keeps a sense of cleanliness without rusting forever.Roastable with gas stove Chaff (thin skin) never falls, you can use any gas stove at home. Of course, cassette stove is also compatible, so those who are concerned about dirt and smell can be used outdoors.I do not take space It is made compact, so I will not take up space. Feel free to use. As it is a simple design, it is also an interior.Stable making Since we have a stand with a sense of weight, it will not slip even during handwheeling. The height from the gas table is securely secured, and consideration is given to the fire to hit moderately moderately.The inside of the drum has feathers Feathers are attached to the drums, and the beans are agitated by the feathers, so roasting can be done uniformly evenly. It is possible to roast raw beans of 400 grams to 500 grams at a time.Test spoon with funnel As the test spoon is attached, you can check the beans in the drum at any time during roasting. We stainless steel fun as accessory so as not to spill raw beans. ※ In addition, coffee primer letter (books on coffee 11 page booklet) is included.


Union sample roaster How to use

ユニオン サンプルロースター
ユニオン サンプルロースター

«What to prepare» · Coffee green beans (your favorite beans) ... 450g · Stain sample roaster · Dedicated stove · Funnel for entering beans (accessory) · Test spoon (accessory) · Work gloves · Cooling Amity ·Stopwatch · Things that produce cool wind (fan, fan, dryer, etc.) Please use the accessories' gotoku as necessary.

ユニオン サンプルロースター

1. Start roasting Put 450 g of raw beans into the drum. (Using funnel for putting beans) Always heat the stove to medium heat and keep it constant. ※ Because household cooking stove is different firepower by manufacturer, Ideal for thermal power (medium heat) about 1 cm from the bottom of the drum to the fire. Ideally, the rotation speed is 30 to 40 rotations per minute.

ユニオン サンプルロースター

2. Remove moisture. When the whole becomes yellow it drains OK. It takes 5 to 6 minutes to drain moisture. If raw beans become yellow as a whole, you can see that draining was possible. If it is already light brown or brown, moisture is not lost, only the outside is burned. If roasting is early, the fire may be strong. Please also take care of the speed of rotation. * When confirming the inside with a test spoon, do it quickly and try not to stop the hand of roasting as much as possible.

ユニオン サンプルロースター

3. Begin to bake as a whole after draining water Approximately 7 - 8 minutes overall it turns to light brown, and the color gradually becomes darker. ※ About this, roasting will stabilize. Be careful not to cause color unevenness.

ユニオン サンプルロースター

4.10 - 12 minutes Ideal one gaze. 1 It is ideal that gobies (※ 1) begin around 10 to 12 minutes. 1 When the goby begins, turn it somewhat slowly with the feeling of stretching wrinkles. At this stage, light ~ cinnamon roast. It still has a strong acidity, and as it burns, the sourness decreases and the bitterness increases.

ユニオン サンプルロースター

5.1 When the goby is over, it roasts carefully until 2 gobies (※ 2) start. As time goes by around this, acidity disappears and bitterness increases. It is the beginning of 2 gobies when you hear small sounds around 14 - 15 minutes. This is full city roast around here. Let's finish roasting at your favorite degree of roasting. ※ 2 There will be a lot of smoke after haze, there is a possibility of fire. We recommend roasting to 2 gobies at home.

ユニオン サンプルロースター

6. Immediately transfer to ami for cooling. Lift the drum and transfer the beans from the inlet to the cooling ami. Since the drum after roasting will be quite hot, please be careful enough for burns.

ユニオン サンプルロースター

7. Cool quickly. The roasted beans are immediately transferred to the cooled ami, the monkey, etc., and the cool air of the fan, fan, dryer etc. is used I will chill while chilling. Let's skip the remaining chaff together. After roasting, if you leave it hot, the roasting progresses steadily and bitterness will increase, so let's be careful.

ユニオン サンプルロースター

One point advice Ideal for thermal power (medium heat) about 1 cm from the bottom of the drum to the fire.

 【Precautions for roasting】 Be careful of temperature change due to air conditioning and heating machine and blurring of thermal power by wind from the surroundings. In case of ignition by any chance, prepare water nearby so that water can be applied immediately. ※ 1 1 Haze · · · It sounds like crackling and popcorn sounds (bass) ※ 2 2 Haze · · · 1 The sound is slightly louder than the goby (treble) 2 It is Italian roast when the goby ends. In roasting over French roast, since the beans themselves are at a high temperature of 200 ° C or higher, there is a danger of catching fire.


Union sample roaster product information

Dimension: W480 (including handle) × D250 × H 200 mm Roasting capacity: 450 g