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Home electric oil restrictor oil Presso


 Home Electric Oil Squeezer and Oil Presso  Healthy, nutritious natural oil can be easily made at home. Vitamin minerals, unsaturated fatty acids Omega Plenty of plants containing plentiful rich in omega...

Home Electric Oil Squeezer and Oil Presso

  Healthy, nutritious natural oil can be easily made at home. Vitamin minerals, unsaturated fatty acids Omega Plenty of plants containing plentiful rich in omega 3.6.9 You can enjoy the best squeezing of natural oil easily at home. Of course it is not added because it is handmade. You can use it with confidence. The squeezed oil as it is to vegetables and meat · fish. Of course you can also taste delicious, even if mixed with seasonings. Also as a non-additive cosmetic oil for whole body skin care.
家庭用電動オイル絞り器 オイルプレッソ
 Pomped scum also sprinkled as food ingredients rich in dietary fiber, mixed with Japanese food and cookies You can enjoy the ingredients without leaving. You can extract from perilla, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and cashew nuts. (You can not squeeze soybeans and corn.)
家庭用電動オイル絞り器 オイルプレッソ
 Please enjoy the freshly squeezed, fragrant and fresh natural oil at home.
家庭用電動オイル絞り器 オイルプレッソ


Characteristics of household electric oil squeezer oil presso


1. With lid opening / closing safety switch

When the lid of the slot is empty, the motor will not operate.

2. Healthy pure natural oil

By squeezing at low temperature, you can make a fresh, non-oxidizing fragrant healthy oil. You can use natural oil as it is.

3. Oil that has been crushed and oil crushed are separated.

It is structured to be able to separate oil and pomace, so it is easier to clean up and more recipes.

4. Compact storage of oil container and waste container

After the specifications can be stored compactly because it can be stacked and stacked.

5. Automatic stop function

It is safe to prevent burns etc. because the part to be squeezed is built in. Also, if the material runs out, the safety device will work and stop automatically in about 1 minute.


Name and accessories of parts of Oilpresso

オイルプレッソ 各部の名称及び付属品
オイルプレッソ 各部の名称及び付属品
 accessories Oil case ... 1 Cake storage case ... 1 Filter ... 1 Brush ... 1 Instructions ... 1 Mitten for cooking ... 1

How to use oil presso

オイルプレッソ 使用方法

1. Follow the power cord and remove the hopper cover.

オイルプレッソ 使用方法

2. Put the material to be squeezed into the inlet.

■ CAUTION ■ ● Please use only fresh and clean materials. ● Do not put any miscellaneous goods (stone, metal fragments) into this machine as it may cause breakdown. ● Materials larger than 5 mm should be crushed first before use. ● Materials can be pressed quickly when warmed (about 80 ℃) and used.
オイルプレッソ 使用方法

3. Close the lid closure, set the filter net in the oil case, and place the leavening case in front of it. * It will not work if the hopper and hopper cover are misaligned.

オイルプレッソ 使用方法

4. Switch on the power supply and press the start / pause button, the power light will blink in red.

 After preheating for 5.2 to 3 minutes, (Temperature indicator light turns on blue) The equipment will operate automatically. ※ After preheating is complete, it will not work unless you press the start / pause button. The lamp lights blue when operating. In this standby state, after 5 to 6 minutes, the power supply is automatically shut down and the power supply indication lamp goes off. 6. If the material in the hopper breaks for more than one minute, the protection function will be activated. The indicator light slowly flashes red. Press the start / pause button again. Please push the start / pause button and remove the material when too much material remains. 7. If the instrument stops due to too hard material or the like, long press the reverse rotation switch for 3 to 5 seconds (the lamp flashes blue), reverse rotation for about 5 to 10 seconds to remove the hard material, then start / Pressing the pause button It returns to the workable state. (When reverse rotation is stopped due to material clogging etc., please use for about a short time of about 5 to 10 seconds.)


Promotion of hand squeeze oil

 Commercially available oils (salad oil, edible processing oil, etc.) are "refined oil". Use chemical substances such as solvents in the manufacturing process, expose it to high temperature, extract deodorant and extract oil. The price is cheap, but its nutritional value is low, it is said to contain trans fatty acids and harmful substances. Oil pressed with Oilpresso does not use any additives or chemicals at all A genuine, fresh, fragrant oil is squeezed.

About oxidation

Oil will become yellowish, hard, or unpleasant odor by oxygen bonding when it becomes old. Oxygenated oil is the active oxygen itself. When entering the cells oxidize and destroy the fatty acids that make up the cell wall one after another, It is said to destroy the functions by destroying the structure of internal proteins and enzymes and scratching the genes. Since oxygen first sticks to the unsaturated part, it hardly oxidizes if it is saturated. Therefore, saturated fatty acids are more difficult to oxidize, and unsaturated fatty acids are easier to oxidize. Every oil oxidizes with time. Be sure to observe the expiration date. After opening, let's expire as soon as you keep the number of days written in the bottle. (Even unopened is deteriorated when it passes the expiration date.) A small amount of fresh oil can be squeezed, Oilpresso can be used at any time to take fresh oil.


Freshly squeezed oil with various materials


■ Materials that can be used

※ This figure is approximate. It may change depending on the origin and type of material.

Walnut (Walnut Oil): Walnut oil is characterized by containing many nutrients to counter aging. Vitamin E, α linolenic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, minerals and so on are plentifully contained. As rich useful ingredients care not only to the inside but also to the inside, as a massage oil for the purpose of maintaining beauty and health, As a seasoning, etc., it is loved by many people.


Almond (almond oil): Almond oil is oil extracted from almond seeds. A unique fragrance is strong in the oil, and it may not match depending on the kinds of ingredients and dishes, Almond oil is characterized by less taste and light taste. In addition, oleic acid which is one kind of unsaturated fatty acid is abundantly contained, it is popular as oil with high cosmetic effect.


Peanut (peanut oil / peanut oil): Peanut oil is mainly used as edible t. One of the reasons for this is that it is resistant to high temperatures. Many vegetable oils are weak to high temperatures, and if you heat them to above the critical temperature, toxic substances will be generated. Peanut oil has its limit temperature of 220 ℃, which is higher than other oils, so it is suitable for dishes using oil at high temperature. It is said that peanut oil acts on digestive organs, so it seems to be heavily used in greasy Chinese dishes. Besides, it is rich in vitamin A and vitamin E, it has a feature that it is effective also for treatment of burns and joint pain.


Eggo (germ oil): The characteristic of Egg oil is that it contains a lot of α (alpha) linolenic acid which is one kind of omega-3 fatty acid. Although this α-linolenic acid is also contained in other oils, There is only a few% oil in most oils and about 10% in most oils. On the other hand, sesame oil has overwhelmingly more α-linolenic acid than other oils because α-linolenic acid accounts for about 60% of the ingredients. As this component of α-linolenic acid gives high heat, it becomes easy for ingredients to break, so we recommend you to eat egg oil directly on cooking.


Sunflower seed (Sunflower oil / sunflower oil): About 70% of the fatty acids of sunflower oil are linoleic acid and about 30% are oleic acid. In nutritional ingredients it contains a lot of vitamin E which is an effective oxidizing ingredient, it is suitable not only for salad and so on, but also for stir-fry and fried food. Recently it is used as a cosmetic oil and hair care products painted on your skin and hair as well as camellia oil and olive oil. Because sunflower oil does not have a unique scent like camellia oil or olive oil, it is said to be one of the easy-to-use oils for various purposes.


Variety of pumpkin (sunflower oil / sunflower oil): Pumpkin Seed Oil is Omega 6 series oil, which has been traditionally used in Austria. The color is green close to black, there is somewhat habit in the taste, but it is distinctive fragrance and sweetness. Extracted oil is rich in protein, β-carotene, vitamin E, minerals and so on. It is effective also for general fatigue, prostatic hypertrophy, caries teeth etc. Because it is an oil that is relatively easy to oxidize, save it by avoiding heat and light.


家庭用電動オイル搾り器 オイルプレッソ
  ■ Size (approximately): 30 × 18 × 35 cm Weight ■: about 4.8 kg ■ Power cord: Length about 1 m ■ Rated voltage: AC 100 V (50/60 Hz) ■ Rated power: 425 W ■ Rated time: within 30 minutes ■ Heating method: electric heater ■ Molding method: screw pressurization