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KUVINGS | Hallow thrower / pro CS 520 SM


Little juice without adding heat, low speed juicer not breaking nutrients You can enjoy 100% natural cold press juice easily at home, It is a hole thrower of Cubins. This is...

Little juice without adding heat, low speed juicer not breaking nutrients

 You can enjoy 100% natural cold press juice easily at home, It is a hole thrower of Cubins. This is a business juicer you can use at restaurants, cafes, hotels etc. It is a durable high power motor, it can operate continuously for 24 hours, and it can mass extract. Approximately 300 apples can be squeezed 40 liters per hour. The material input port is 88 mm wide. Even large materials such as apples and oranges Since it can be thrown entirely without cutting it, we can save time and effort to prepare. Kubinsu's patented technique, squeezing the ingredients thoroughly with the "slow speed squeezing" method of stone milling method. Since it does not emit heat, it does not break important nutrients of vegetables and fruits, You can enjoy good delicious juice from the throat with fiber removed. Juice condensed with abundant nutrients such as phytochemicals · enzymes · vitamins · minerals, The absorption rate of nutrition about 3.8 times than eating as it is! Even at home, it is recommended for people who want to make plenty of juice at once, those who have many families.

Hallow thrower / proSevenFeatures


Operated for 24 hours, massive squeezing possible

Durable, 200W high power motor mounted. It can be operated continuously for 24 hours. With an additional 500 ml capacity drum, you can squeeze 40 liters (about 300 pieces) of apple per hour. It is ideal for use in business, for example in restaurants and cafes. It is recommended for those who want to make plenty of juice at home at the same time, those who are families and who consume a lot of daily consumption.

Input the whole material without cutting it

Materials can be input without cutting. There are two inlets in the front and back. The big entry hole in front is 88 mm and wide flap gate. Carrots, tomatoes, oranges, apples, etc. enter as they are, so you do not have to bother to cut in advance.
By not cutting, it saves labor and preparation time and reduces juice time. Furthermore, it minimizes oxidation of the material and breaks down nutrients directly as natural taste and fragrance. On the other hand, there is a small entry port behind, which can contain slim material such as celery and spinach leaf and other materials.

Do not break nutrients

Cubins' patented technology "low speed squeeze". Unlike conventional high-speed juicers, this is to squeeze and squeeze ingredients thoroughly. By squeezing without releasing fever at low speed, it is difficult to break the important nutrients of vegetables and fruits, and it is maintained. It becomes easy to ingest the nutrition of abundant materials such as phytochemical, vitamin, enzyme etc. with antioxidant activity as it is.

Quiet, low vibration design

There is a reduction gear that suppresses noise and vibration. While the motor is powerful, it is silent design and the sound is quiet. While squeezing thoroughly at low speed, do not worry about vibration. You can use it at any time in the morning and night.

Easy cleaning with rotating cleaning brush

To the strainer inside the drum, washing is a little troublesome as fibrous materials etc. adhere. Therefore, "Rinse cleaning brush" was attached for cleaning. Just plug the strainer into this rotating brush and spin it while applying water to rotate it. Cleaning brushes attached to the three inner places can remove the fibers and dirt adhering to the strainer and can clean thoroughly every corner.

Convenient Smart Cap

To prevent dripping, the tip of the drum has a "smart cap" attached. If you close this chrome caps, you can mix mixtures one by one to make mix juice. In addition, it is possible to clean it easily by rinsing water by placing the cap in the closed state after the juice.

Durable and stylish design

Stream line body of European style Life design. Flame retardant ABC resin was adopted, and it was upgraded to a slim and durable design. It is a stylish juicer who wants to put it in sight because it shines in space when using it at home, as well as at shops.
 Nutrition of vegetables and fruits as it is, good delicious juice over the throat Large capacity cold press juicer that can squeeze a lot at once. Please try it for your health and beauty every day.

Product Details

Model number CS520SM
size D 237 × W 178 × H 515 mm
weight 9.1 kg
capacity 500 ml
power consumption 200 W
Rated time (motor) 24hours
Rated voltage 100 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Power cord 1.3 m
Color Dark Silver
accessories Body, drum set, pusher bar, cleaning brush (rotary cleaning brush, cleaning brush, outlet cleaning brush), fibrous container, juice cup, instruction manual, original recipe book, warranty card
Country of origin Korea
※ Please read the instruction manual carefully before using.