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KUVINGS|ホールスロージューサー・プロ CS520SM


Without the addition of heat, a large amount of juice, nutrients not to break the Slow JuicerAt home easily 100% natural cold pressed juice to enjoy, View of the Hall...

Without the addition of heat, a large amount of juice, nutrients not to break the Slow Juicer

At home easily 100% natural cold pressed juice to enjoy, View of the Hall of in. Here, restaurants and cafes, hotels, etc., and commercial juicers. Durable high power motor, 24-hour continuous operation,a large amount of juice is possible. 1 hour apples to approximately 300 minutes, 40L milk can. The material input port is 88mm and wide. Apples and oranges, such as the size of the material in Cut one round per input can be from a few hours to several days for electricity to be restored to residential areas time and effort values. Video of patented,stone mill method of"slow squeeze"in the ingredients slowly squeezed it. Heat of fruits and vegetables of important nutrients without breaking, Fibers get rid of your throat and delicious juice can be enjoyed. The North・enzymes・vitamins・minerals rich nutrients condensed juice, If you eat more nutrient absorption rate of about 3. 8 times! At home,at a time with plenty of juice to make sure your family is often good for the.

Hall-of・process The 7Features

24-hour operation,a large amount of juice possible

Durable,200W high power motor. 24 hours will work. Furthermore 500ml large capacity of the drum employed in the Apple, 1 hour to 40L(approximately 300 minutes) juicing can be. Restaurants and cafes in commercial use in the city. At home at once with plenty of juice to make sure your family has a lot of the daily consumption gives you a good idea of how many people recommended.

Cut the material from the entire input

The material,without turning into can. The input port is before and after 2 one. In front of the large slot is 88mm and the wide flap gate. Carrots, tomatoes, oranges, apples, etc will step into, so pre-cut, you do not need.
Do not cut and precook to save time and juicing time. In addition, the material of The prevent oxidation,the natural taste and aroma intact nutrients break to a minimum. On the other hand, behind the small input port, the celery and spinach as leafy and slim material you can.

Nutrients do not break

View of the patented"slow squeeze". This is a traditional high-speed juicer, unlike millstone method ingredients slowly push the milk thing. At low speed the heat out of the milk of the fruits and vegetables of important nutrients, and maintenance. Antioxidant phytochemicals, vitamins, enzymes and a variety of ingredients, such as nutritional that intake easier.

Quiet, low vibration design

Noise and vibration to suppress the reduction gear is included. The motor is powerful,quiet design sound is quiet. At low speed slowly squeezed, and vibration so that it is not necessary to worry about. Morning and evening anytime without hesitation for.

Rotating wash brush for easy cleaning

In the drum strainer, the fibrous, such as adhering to the wash is a little cumbersome. So, for cleaning the"rotating cleaning brushes"that come with it. This rotating brush to the strainer, plugging water from that rotating just. Inside 3 places with the wash brush, the strainer attached to the fibre or dirt, and every corner is clean you can wash.

Convenient smart cap

Dripping, to prevent the drum at the tip of the"smart cap"with it. Made of Chrome this cap-if closed, one by one, materials are put from mix juice to produce. Further,in the juice after the cap is in the closed state of the water put you out of simple cleaning you can also.

Durable stylish design

Europe research design of a stream-line body. Flame-retardant ABC resin,slim and durable design to upgrade it. At home, of course, shops, etc. in use in the space to reflect,see where I want to put a stylish juicer.
Vegetables and fruits the nutrition intact,good throat delicious juice At the time a lot of milking to large-capacity cold press juicer. Daily for health and beauty,give it a try!

Product details

Model CS520SM
Size D237×W178×H515mm
Weight 9.1 kg
Capacity 500ml
Power consumption 200W
Time rating(motor) 24 hours
Rated voltage 100V / 50-60Hz
Power cord 1.3 m
Color Dark silver
Accessories Body,drum sets, push rods, cleaning brush(wash brush, cleaning brush, vent cleaning brush),fiber containers, juice Cup,instruction manual and original recipe book, warranty card
Country of origin South Korea
※The instruction manual read,please use it.