What is a small soy milk factoryWhen you want to drink, you can make fresh soy milk freshly made at home just as much as you want to drink. Household...

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What is a small soy milk factory

When you want to drink, you can make fresh soy milk freshly made at home just as much as you want to drink. Household soymilk maker "Small soy milk factory"Easy to cook at home It is a soymilk maker that can make delicious Azusu soymilk for 1-2 cups in a short time.You can make a small amount of drinkable size in commercial soy milk maker.The finished volume is 400 - 600 ml (about two cups of cup). Easy to operate, it's easy to just select the menu and press the drive button.It is a very useful soy milk manufacturer to use it for 1 or 2 people.
 In addition to the normal mode, since it has speed soy milk mode which can use dry soybean (water washed one) as it is,You can drink immediately when you want to drink. (It is about 15 minutes to 30 minutes until finished) Because it is a compact size it will not get in the way even if put on the kitchen or table.Since the panel is simple design, it is easy to operate, and elderly people can easily use it.Since there is no filter, you can easily remove dirt and dirt by rinsing with water.
 I will put 500 g of "Toyomasari" non-agricultural soybean from Hokkaido now.※ Soybean 500 g makes soy milk for about 10 to 12 times. (Approximately 4.5 liters, converted to about 100 yen per liter)
 To those who purchased the "small soy milk factory"We have put [Tofu making set] which can make tofu from finished soy milk.In addition, we have also attached [easy recipe collection] using soy milk · okara made in soy milk factory.
 Please enjoy soy milk that you can everyday at home.


Small Soy Milk Factory Features

■ Switch ON makes it easy to drink fresh soy milk.

You can make very good soy milk at home easily.Just press soaked soybeans and water into the main body container and press the start button.After turning on the switch, it will be completed in about 30 minutes.

Besides soy milk

In addition to soy milk, things like jams, soups, and thin leeks can be made with easy operation.In addition to this idea you can make a rich menu.

■ It can be made from less amount without waste

We can make the quantity even for one person, so we will not make extra quantity.

Easy maintenance with simple structure ■

Since it does not use a filter, it is not clogged, etc., and it is simple structure so it can be easily cleaned.


How to use a small soy milk factory


【How to use soy milk function】

① soak soybeans in water① Please wash soybean (dried beans) 45 g (a full cup of measuring cup) and soak in plenty of water.【Estimated time to soak soybeans in water】 ◆ Winter place: about 10 ~ 16 hours ◆ summer place: about 6 ~ 10 hours② Put soybeansPut the softened soy beans into a soymilk tank.③ Put water in the soymilk tankPlease put water according to the level mark of the soymilk tank. (Transition upper limit: 600 c · Water level lower limit 400 cc)④ Set the head partPlease set the head part straight into soybean milk tank containing soy and water.⑤ Insert the power cord plugPlug the power cord plug into the power cord plug insertion slot and firmly insert the other side into the power supply side.⑥ Press the selection button to select "Soy Milk"When you press the select button, the "soy milk" lamp will light up.Next, when you press the Run / Stop button, the "soy milk" lamp lights up, and soy milk production begins.⑦ Completion"Soymilk" lamp blinks after approximately 30 minutes and "Alarm" keeps ringing for about 1 minute.

【How to use Speed ​​Soy Milk Function】

 ① Wash soybeans with waterPlease wash 2/3 cup ~ 1 cup of dried soybean of the attached measuring cup gently with water. ※ If the amount of soybean is too much, there is a danger of burning, so please protect the appropriate amount.② Place soybean and water 400 - 600 ml into soy milk tankFor 2/3 soybeans, 400 ml of water and 600 ml of water per cup are standard.As soybean usage increases, soy milk concentration increases, so please use the amount that matches your favorite taste.③ Set the head partAlign the power supply junction and set the head straight.④ Insert the power cord plugPlease insert the power cord firmly into the power cord plug socket and the other side into the power socket.All the lamps on the control panel will light up.⑤ Press the select button and select "Speed ​​soy milk"Please touch 【選 択】 on the control panel twice and blink 【Speed ​​Soy Milk】.⇒ Each time you touch ⇒ 【Soy Milk】 ⇒ 【Speed ​​Soy Milk】 ⇒ 【Okayama】⇒ [Jam] ⇒ 【Dark soup】 ⇒ 【Easy Wash】 to change in order. [Drive / Stop] when you touch the [Speed ​​Soy Milk] lamp will light, soy milk will start to make.⑦ CompletionAfter about 15 minutes, the lamp flashes after "Alarm" for about 1 minute and the alarm keeps ringing. Unplug the power cord plug.Please eat this soymilk as it is or with the attached monkey.(If you do this, the mouthfeel becomes more mellow.)


Tofu can be handmade using a small soy milk factory

【How to make tofu】

① rub the soy milk with monkeyIn order to remove the foam of soy milk that has been completed, remove the head part,Please pour the soy milk (about 400cc ~ 600cc) into the container with filtering and filtering.Please transfer it to a container with a wide mouth such as a bowl.② Cool soy milk to about 65 ℃ ~ 70 ℃The completion temperature of soymilk is about 80 ℃.Please leave for about 5 minutes to cool down the temperature as much as 65 ℃ ~ 70 ℃.③ Mix jelly into soymilk※ Norigi is sold separately· Nigari 1.Please dissolve @ 4 ml (about 30 suitable level) with about 10 cc of warm water.· Mix soy milk with chopsticks etc., turn it in a spiral shape, and melt gently while moltenPlease pour in slowly evenly mixed.· After mixing, remove chopsticks and place it for about 30 minutes without moving, coagulation starts from the surface. (It will not solidify well when moved in the middle.)To make tofu, it is recommended to have a bitterness of the Kawashima shop
Ideal for making tofu. Natural mineral It is abundant bittern.It is a bitterness made by the manufacturing process of traditional sea salt "Sea noodles".A valuable bittern which is widely used in famous tofu shop, real mellow tofu with richnessYou can make it at home.小さな豆乳工場
Recommended for making tofu"Beauty of the sea"The page of here is here.④ Transfer to a mold box for tofu (mold box is an accessory)· After about 30 minutes, if the inside looks like a melting egg it is OK.· Please put a cloth in the attached tofu mold box.· Scoop up soy milk (as hardened as possible) like a melting egg with a ball etc,Slowly, please put it in a tofu-like box filled with a cloth.· When the mold box for tofu becomes full, wrap it with a cloth cloth, put a drop lid and put the weight (300g ~ 400g) on ​​it.※ If the amount of moisture comes out and the amount decreases, take the dropping lid, open the cloth and add the remaining solid soy milk.⑤ Completion· Once you have finished transferring the soy milk solidified to a mold like tofu, it will be completed in about 15 to 20 minutes.- Gently gently rub the cloth in the water, please enjoy exposing it to water for about 15 to 20 minutes.


Cooking recipe that can be easily made with a small soy milk factory


Millet gruel

【Material】Dry beans: 1/2 cupsMillet: 1/3 cupWolfberry fruit: 10 piecesSugar or ice sugar: appropriate amount【How to make】After soaking the soybeans thoroughly with water, millet, put it in soy milk tank together with the amount of water you like and water. Please let me blink the soy milk.


Jujube porridge

【Material】2/3 rice of riceDry jujube: 5 pieces (take out the seeds)【How to make】Wash rice and jujube thoroughly and warm up with water, then put the amount of water of your choice together in the soy milk tank. Please let me blink [yu][yu].



【Material】Apple: 2 piecesKiwi: 2 piecesLemon juice: 1 cupWater: 1 cupLemon skin: a little【How to make】Cut the apple and kiwi to the skin and cut all the ingredients into the soymilk tank. Please let [jam] flash.



About small soy milk factory care

[Easy cleaning] Please use the function. 
Food scum will solidify over time and it will be hard to wash. Please clean immediately after use.Rinse off the food ingredients remaining in the head and soy milk tank with water. In this case, please do not soak the product in water. * Immediately after use, please do not touch the hand when the head part or soy milk tank inside is hot. There is a fear of burns. ※ As water may touch the control panel, power supply junction or plug insertion port, it may cause malfunction,Please be sure not to get water. Put 400-600 ml of water in a soymilk tank, hang down 2 drops of commercial dishwasher, and set the head part. Insert the power cord plug. Touch [Selection] on the control panel and light [Easy cleaning]. Touch [Drive / Stop]. After about a minute, "lamp" flashes after "Alarm" keeps ringing about 1 minute. Unplug the power cord plug. Please throw away the water, please cut it tightly and keep it.
 Please be assured we are described in detail in the instructions included in this product, explanation of the maintenance method and various functions.


Small Soy Milk Factory Q & A

【Q1】 Can you eat okara made by filtering the finished soymilk with the attached monkey? 
of course. It seems that it has a reputation that "it is very fine okara with very fine texture, it is very delicious."Please use it for dishes without discarding.Also, it is also recommended to mix dog food with those who keep dogs.If you divide the dog food in half and then add this half with this egg and mix well and eat it,I am very glad to eat it. It is good for dog's health, so please try it.
 【Q2】 When making soymilk, it is 400 ~ 600ml, but how much is the amount of soy milk produced? 
The amount of finished product will also change depending on the state of soybeans (soaked in water, time to soak in water, dry).When using dried soybeans, Okara contains much moisture, and when soaks well soak in water, fewer okara,The amount of soymilk will be increased.Also, if you make the water less, you can also make 200-300 ml soy milk.400 ml - 600 ml is only a guide, so increase or decrease the amount of water, the amount of soybeans,You can drink with the concentration of your choice.
 【Q3】 Foam overflows 
· Please check if the overflow sensor electrode is dirty.· Is not soak soybeans for a long time?· Do you use old soybeans?
 【Q4】 I feel that the taste of soymilk is thin 
The standard amount of soybean is 45 g, but it can be used up to 50 g.The concentration of soymilk increases as the amount of soybean consumption increases, so please adjust according to your preference.
 【Q5】 It becomes a taste (smell) like soy milk burned 
· Is not using mineral water? Depending on the components of mineral water,It may cause burning. Please avoid using mineral water.· Is the amount of soybeans too much? If it is too dark it may burn.· Water enters the head part and soy milk tank bottom part, there is a possibility that the microcomputer is broken.Please contact your place of purchase.


Small Soy Milk Factory Product Information

[Set contents]: Wash brush, lightweight cup, sponge, transfer container, mold box for soymilk, sticky cloth, coconut shell
Part No. DJ06P-DS901SGRated voltage AC 100 V (50/60 Hz)Rated power consumption 620 WSoy milk capacity 400 to 600 ccSoy capacity standard 45 g (adjustable)Body size (width × height) 13.5 cm × 26 cmBody weight 1.8 kgBody outer ABS resinBody inner stainless steelAccessories Cleaning brush, lightweight cup, sponge, transfer container, mold box for soymilk, sticky cloth, palm shellCompletion time Speed ​​course: about 20 minutes (using dry soybeans)
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