[Wholesale 70pc] Organic Genmaicha, Green Tea with Roasted Brown Rice, Loose Leaf 360g - JAS Organic, Radiation Free, Made in Japan

[Wholesale 70pc] Organic Genmaicha, Green Tea with Roasted Brown Rice, Loose Leaf 360g - JAS Organic, Radiation Free, Made in Japan

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Wholesale Organic Organic Genmaicha Green Tea

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Premium Organic Genmaicha Tea Loose Leaf

Genmaicha Tea Loose Leaf

KAWASHIMAYA Organic Genmaicha Tea Loose Leaf is a premium grade tea that combines roasted brown rice grains and organic tea leaves from Uji, Kyoto. It has acquired organic JAS Certification so you can be sure that this tea is cultivated without pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

By growing the tea domestically in Japan, we can assure the quality and taste of this tea. It is an authentic Japanese tea made from carefully picked high-quality leaves. Genmaicha is very unique in taste as the already aromatic green tea leaves are combined with roasted brown rice. You can taste the pleasant subtle bitterness of green tea and a hint of savory taste from the brown rice.

Quality Green Tea Checked by Japanese Tea Specialist


Every tea product by Kawashimaya is controlled by an authorized Nihoncha Specialist (Japanese Tea Specialist). It is an official professional qualification in Japan to master tea's manufacturing process, classify the quality tea leaves, and be particular about brewing delicious tea.

We monitor the tea's quality and quantity to ensure you can fully enjoy the genuine Japanese Green Tea.

100% cultivated and packed in Japan.

A Story From Our Tea Manufacturer

Tea Farmer
A Story From Our Tea Manufacturer "We started earnestly working on organic farming in the year 1975"

Organic farming takes a lot of time and effort. Our tea manufacturer in Uji, Kyoto, has been working hard to keep the tea quality for more than 20 years and has been working on organic farming ever since 1975. They are very proud of the agriculture. .

One Day In The Summer Of 1972, The Current Head Of The Tea Farm Collapsed In The Tea Plantation When He Was Spraying The Pesticide. The Doctor Said That If He Keeps Spraying The Pesticide In Hot Weather With Light Clothes, Eventually, He Could Damage his liver.

With health in mind, our tea farmer decided to make organic, pesticide-free tea cultivation and doesn't use any chemical fertilizer. They have been putting effort and successfully cultivating their tea organically ever since through trial and error.

Product Details
Ingredients Green Tea
Nett Quantity 360g x 70pc
Place of Origin Uji, Kyoto, Japan
Storing Guide Store in a cool and dry place before and after opening. Avoid direct sunlight, heat, and moisture. Freshness is important in tea. Please consume after opening as soon as possible.
Product Weight In Total 27.22kg
*Delivery with EMS and surface mail has a maximum limit of 30kg. If your total order exceeds 30kg, we recommend separate shipments.
Organic Genmaicha Tea Leaf

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