[Wholesale 100pc] KAWASHIMAYA Fermented Brown Rice 150g - Koso Genmai - Aged for 3 days at low temperature

[Wholesale 100pc] KAWASHIMAYA Fermented Brown Rice 150g - Koso Genmai - Aged for 3 days at low temperature

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Wholesale Fermented Brown Rice

This product is the wholesale bulk item containing 100pc of KAWASHIMAYA Fermented Brown Rice 150g. If you want to purchase the single item version, you can go to the product page by clicking here.

koso genmai ingredients introduction

Koso Genmai or Enzyme Brown Rice is a brown rice that has been cooked with red beans and salt and then kept warm to ferment for 2-3 days. The biggest feature of koso genmai is the texture. Brown rice, though hard in nature, can be quite chewy and soft when properly soaked and kept warm for a few days. Truly a great food to eat for all ages.

We would like a lot of people to enjoy this delicacy, especially those who are careful about the health of their family, want to take care of their skin, and many others. With this intention in mind, Kawashima The Japan Store has carefully packed koso genmai so it is ready to eat without hassle.

This product is loved in Japan, that we’ve already sold about more than 50,000 packs of koso genmai.

koso genmai (enzyme brown rice)
Plenty of nutrition and GABA

Koso genmai is aged at low temperature to improve the nutritional value of brown rice. Plenty of nutritions are packed in this food such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids, dietary fiber, and GABA.

We recommend koso genmai especially to those who want to improve their health even though they are busy and to those who want to improve their digestive system.

rice farm
Enzyme rice with pesticides-free rice

All of the components are combined from the best ingredients that are loved by Kawashima The Japan Store. For the main ingredient, we chose pesticide-free brown rice.

Single serving pouch of enzyme brown rice
Just the right size of one bowl

The koso genmai is packed in a single serving pouch, just the right amount for one bowl (150gr). A perfect portion that is easy to eat.

How to use enzyme brown rice
Koso genmai can be eaten at room temperature

Because it is packed for convenience and delicious even when eaten at room temperature, you can have it everywhere. Not only can you eat it at the dinner table, but you can also bring it with you as a lunch box or rice balls.

Usage of koso genmai

Since Koso Genmai can last up to 10 months at room temperature, you can stock it as emergency supply. Moreover, you can also keep it in the office pantry to eat as a nutritious ready to eat meal.

Eat enzyme brown rice deliciously
brown rice vs white rice

* The diagram represents the comparison between 100gr brown rice and 100gr white rice. The serving for Kawashima The Japan Store koso genmai or enzyme brown rice is 150gr
* Diagram Source: Nihon Shokuhin Hyoujun Seibunhyou 2015-nenban (Standard Diagrams of Japanese Food Composition 2015 7th edition)
* Book Source: Doku Dashi Koso Genmai Daietto (Brown Rice Detox Diet) by Okamoto Uka

Koso genmai (fermented enzyme brown rice) uses highly nutritious brown rice that is rich with healthy components. Plenty of important nutrients are contained such as vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and others.

Other than that, koso genmai has abundant essential enzymes for everyday life. Though the calorie count of brown rice is not that different when compared to the white counterpart, there is a big difference in the nutrition value.

If you don’t really like brown rice due to its originally hard and lumpy texture, feel free to try the delicious koso genmai.

Nutritious components in koso genmai enzyme brown rice

* Per 100g of koso genmai (enzyme brown rice). Analysis value of Japan Food Research Laboratories (JFRL)

Story of Kawashima The Japan Store's Koso Genmai
Making of koso genmai enzyme brown rice

Koso genmai or enzyme brown rice is made from specially cultivated brown rice directly sent from our contract farmer. After that, the rice is cooked pot by pot by skillful workers in a contract factory that works together with Kawashima The Japan Store, and then it is packed into convenient pouches.

Can be preserved for a long time

By packing it in pouches, we’re able to make this product last up to 10 months at room temperature without using any preservatives or additives.

The Making of Koso Genmai (Enzyme Brown Rice)

Made without preservatives or additives

We don’t use any preservatives or additives to make this product. The ingredients only consist of brown rice, red beans, black rice, and salt (To make the rice easy to take out from the packaging, we use a tiny bit of locally sourced rice oil. All ingredients are purchased from reliable producers that are trusted by Kawashima The Japan Store.

The Making of Koso Genmai (Enzyme Brown Rice)

Cost reduction ingenuity

We simplified the packaging because we want our customers to easily use a great quality product. To make the price cheap and encourage our customers to continue buying this, we decided to not use a label for the packaging. That way, we can focus more on putting high quality ingredients into compact pouches.

The Making of Koso Genmai (Enzyme Brown Rice)

Product Details
Name Fermented Brown Rice (Koso Genmai)
Ingredients Brown rice, black rice, red beans, salt
Nett Quantity 150gr x 100pc
Storing Guide Keep away from sunlight, keep in a cool dry place
Best Before 10 Months (in room temperature)
Product Weight In Total 12.2kg
*Delivery with EMS and surface mail has a maximum limit of 30kg. If your total order exceeds 30kg, we recommend separate shipments.
Wholesale Fermented Brown Rice

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