The balsamic vinegar of Due-Vittorie Making the most famous balsamic vinegar in Italy Balsamic vinegar of one "Due-Vittorie" of manufacturers, only balsamic that meet the strict standards in the Modena...

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The balsamic vinegar of Due-Vittorie

Making the most famous balsamic vinegar in Italy Balsamic vinegar of one "Due-Vittorie" of manufacturers, only balsamic that meet the strict standards in the Modena region is certified "Acheto Balsamic di Modena (ACETO BALSAMICO DI MODENA ) it has been recognized as ". I stick to that make products that are in harmony with nature, we are all of the steps in-house in order to maintain the high quality and safety. It also has been guaranteed all of the quality because it is compliance with the British Retail Federation (British Retail Consortium) is standard for food safety that issue.

Due-Vittorie The

Due-Vittorie is run by the daughter of the founder of "Maria Vittoria, Maretti". Named Due-Vittorie has attached tradition of viticulture, passion for the product of his hometown, from the thought of gratitude to Modena of land in harmony with nature. Pay attention to detail of the product, have been highly evaluated cultivation methods with an emphasis on the natural environment. The high-quality products of Douai-Vittorie not only in Italy, favored by manufacturers and cooks around the world, it has been used in a variety of dishes.

Italy Modena production

Modena is a city in Italy of Emilia-Romagna. Is also famous for its production of grapes, it is a famous land in Japan much is said to Modena Speaking of balsamic vinegar.Balsamic vinegar aged 50 years to 100 years are stored, it has continued to inherit even in modern traditional production methods.

Rare additive-free balsamic vinegar

Due-Vittorie has stuck to the traditional production method.Balsamic vinegar in recent years on the market is there often such as coloring agents are used to add color.These additives in balsamic vinegar of Douai-Vittorie to cherish the natural original taste is not used at all.

Preparation of balsamic vinegar

Due-Vittorie manufactures all of the products in our factory in order to have a consistent product.It also has built for aging the wine and vinegar.By manufacturing all products in-house, you can get the stability and high freshness of the product.

Rich flavor

Grapes is a gem of the original mellow mellow taste flavor was alive.Elegant fragrance, soft acidity, sweetness with a full-bodied. The entire balance is you can enjoy a good rich flavor.

You can use a variety of recipes

It is hard and think are prone balsamic vinegar to use, but I'm very easy-to-use seasoning actually be compatible with a variety of dishes. Green salad, seafood salad·fish dishes· Beef sauteed- such as vanilla ice, especially compatibility with the Western is perfect.

Through will eat the bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Such as the golden brown baked French bread and a bucket, simple to eat dripping with olive oil and balsamic vinegar is recommended. Still delicious that's a little bread with salty. Sour and the bread of salty There are also firmly taste without ingredients have exquisitely match, you can enjoy the fully the taste of balsamic.

Health effects of balsamic vinegar

In recent years become the high health effects topic, habit to incorporate the balsamic vinegar to the cooking has spread to ordinary households. But actually what kind of health or effect is to, I think in most cases those who do not know more details? Here, I would like to introduce the effect obtained by the incorporation of balsamic vinegar to the daily life.

Health effect 1Effective beauty prevent aging phenomenon

Anti-oxidation action by the polyphenol "proanthocyanidins" contained in the grapes is work, there is work to prevent the aging of cells.Cell is activated, also to be able to prevent well as wrinkles and age spots, sagging skin. In addition, it is said that cosmetic effect of polyphenols lasts three to four hours.You can ingest efficiently cosmetic ingredients of balsamic by incorporating lifestyle. You can say a very good vinegar balsamic vinegar for women of beauty is.

Health effect 2Effect to smooth the blood

The Pol phenol that is included in the balsamic vinegar has the effect of easy to be circulated to smooth the blood. This effect by the high blood pressure prevention, but also to adult diseases measures. In addition, can be expected to improve the lipid metabolism, the effect can be expected, such as will prevent such as cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction.

Health effects 3Anti-inflammatory effect

Balsamic vinegar has been found that may have been used as a medicinal in the past there is an anti-inflammatory action. Acts on the point that there is inflammation in the body, there is work to be suppress inflammation. For those who suffer from chronic inflammation it has been said that the effect can be expected.

Health effect 4Cholesterol-lowering diet effect

Polyphenols contained in the balsamic vinegar has the effect of suppressing the cholesterol. Those concerned about cholesterol levels, etc. who irregular lifestyle is a concern, why not try to eat incorporated into consciously dishes balsamic vinegar? It may also It increases the metabolism of the body by taking the balsamic vinegar before exercise effect. It is also recommended for those who want to do more efficiently diet.

Health Benefits 5Appetite enhancing effect

Scent of balsamic vinegar has the effect of promoting the potential appetite by stimulating the appetite center. When there is no vitality in the summer heat, in such as when the appetite is not boil in two days sickness, are you cooking is recommended using the balsamic vinegar.

Easy Recipes with balsamic vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is so sufficient health effects can be obtained if ingested about 15ml ~ 30ml per day. Because the vinegar a little bit of habit, I think the middle s difficult to drink as it is. Here we introduce a simple recipe that can delicious such balsamic vinegar.

Served with banana pancakes balsamic source

Sweet and sour taste is exquisite matched pancakes served with balsamic source was.
Material fee1Of persons
Cooking time30Minute

Material fee

Balsamic vinegar
- powdered sugar
a little
Proper quantity
·Fresh cream

How to make

Warm the addition of butter and honey in a pan of hot it was. Entwined banana and balsamic vinegar over high heat.
Serving a hot cake in the bowl, add the source and bananas.
It is completed by shaking the powdered sugar.

Roast beef balsamic source

Preeminent of how to make the recipe of balsamic source compatibility with meat dishes.
Material fee1Of persons
Cooking time30Minute

Material fee

Balsamic vinegar
3 tablespoons
·Soy sauce
1 tablespoon
1 tablespoon
·sweet sake
1 tablespoon
1 tablespoon
1 tablespoon
1 tablespoon

How to make

All materials other than butter and boiled down over medium heat and put in the frying pan. (About 7 minutes)
If you come across Toro taste it is ready Once melted by the addition of butter.

Product Details

raw materials Grape juice
Internal capacity 250ml
acidity 6.0%
Producing area Italy
Preservation method Please save to avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, high humidity
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