Episode・Victor of balsamic vinegar and Italy's most famous balsamic vinegar to make the manufacturer one of the"Duell・Victor area"of balsamic vinegar is Modena in the region meet strict criteria for balsamic...

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Episode・Victor of balsamic vinegar and

Italy's most famous balsamic vinegar to make the manufacturer one of the"Duell・Victor area"of balsamic vinegar is Modena in the region meet strict criteria for balsamic is only certified to "check・in balsamic di Modena(ACETO BALSAMICO DI MODENA)"as a recognition process............ In harmony with nature to create products that involved, it is of high quality and safety in order to keep all processes are made in-house. In addition, the British retailers Association (British Retail Consortium)issued by the food safety standards comply with all quality guaranteed.

Episode・Victor area and is

Episode・Victor is the founder of daughters"Maria Vittoria・level system"operated by. Episode・Victor area and the viticulture traditions of her hometown, a product of passion for nature, in harmony with the Modena the land of gratitude from them. Product of attention to detail,the natural environment, emphasizing the cultivation method is appreciated. Episode・Victor of high quality products is in Italy, not only manufacturers around the world and cook to preferred,to a variety of dishes used.

Italy Modena production

Modena is in Italy's Emilia-Romagna to the city. Grape growing famous,balsamic vinegar and speaking Modena production is said to be from Japan's famous land.The 50-year~100-year aged balsamic vinegar is also preserved, and traditional production methods to Modern also heritage continues.

Rare organic・additive-free balsamic vinegar

That land of environmental importance to the process, with organically made from the grapes as raw material, made.Also, in recent years on the market balsamic vinegar is the color for food coloring such as used in the computer industry on a helpdesk team managing projects.Natural original taste to cherish Duell・Victor of balsamic vinegar these additives not used.

Balsamic vinegar production method

Episode・Victor is a product in a consistent order in our own factory in all products.Also, the wine or vinegar, etc to ripen for collection has been used to great effect.All products in-house manufacturing,product stability and high freshness can be obtained.

Rich flavor

Grape's flavor is alive and rich and mellow taste of the gem.Elegant aroma, soft acidity, to sweetness. The overall balance is more rich taste you can enjoy.

A variety of recipes to use.

I think it is our balsamic vinegar is actually various dishes with good to very good seasoning on. ・Green salad, seafood salad・Fish・Beef sautéed・Vanilla ice, especially in Western and it is a perfect match with.

The bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar to eat it.

This is a baked French bread and a bucket, and a simple olive oil and balsamic vinegar our nature: human beings like success but they hate to eat is recommended. Hey brackish to bread and delicious. And the sweet and sour pan of brackish exquisitely matched equipment with no better taste, balsamic flavor to fully taste it.

Balsamic vinegar health benefits

In recent years the health benefits the topic, and balsamic vinegar to the dish to get into the habit is General in the home is also widespread. But really what the health effects might be for those who do not know, but most will not it? This balsamic vinegar to life on the effect I want to introduce you

Health effects 1 Aging prevent beauty treatment

Grapes contain polyphenols"component"antioxidant work cells, to prevent aging of the work there.The cells are activated,and skin wrinkles and sagging such as the prevention can also. Also, the polyphenols of beauty care effect is 3~4 hours lasting said.Lifestyle will efficiently balsamic beauty components can be taken. Balsamic vinegar is a women's beauty for a very good and vinegar and say it.

Health effects 2 Blood effect

Balsamic vinegar contain phenol in the blood in circulation, and does not act. This is due to the effect of hypertension prevention and medical measures also. Also, the lipid metabolism improving effect can be expected, cerebral infarction such as myocardial infarction and prevent it and the effects can also be expected.

Health effects 3 Antiphlogistic effect

Balsamic vinegar in the past for medicinal purposes, as it can be seen there Flame action and will. The body irritations, acts,reduce inflammation and you. Chronic inflammation will also effect you do that.

Health effect 4 Cholesterol-lowering・diet effect

Balsamic vinegar contains polyphenols cholesterol and reduces. Cholesterol levels of anxious, irregular living habits are concerned, such as balsamic vinegar to consciously and cook it eat it all Or before exercise balsamic vinegar to eat the body's metabolism enhance the effect. More efficient diet to do too.

Health effects 5 Increased appetite effect

Balsamic aroma the appetite Center stimulates the potential appetite to improve the effect. Summer is energetic when,2 days sickness in the appetite is boiling like a balsamic vinegar use for cooking is recommended.

Balsamic vinegar using easy recipes

Balsamic vinegar, and 1 day 15ml~30ml just ingest sufficient health effect is obtained that it is. A little bit of vinegar in it to drink is very difficult, I think. Here are some balsamic vinegar to the delicious and easy recipes introduce.

Banana pancakes with balsamic sauce

Sweet and sour is an exquisite match for the balsamic sauce of the pancakes.
Cooking time30Minutes


・Balsamic vinegar
・Powdered sugar
A little


Heat your frying pan with the butter and honey in addition warm. Bananas and balsamic vinegar over high heat in a tangle for you.
Sink into the hot cake spice,sauce and bananas are added.
Powdered sugar shake is complete.

Roast beef balsamic sauce

And meat and works really well with the balsamic sauce how to make recipe.
Cooking time30Minutes


・Balsamic vinegar
3 tablespoons
・Soy sauce
1 tbsp
1 tbsp
1 tbsp
1 tbsp
1 tbsp
1 tbsp


Butter outside of all the material the frying pan and put over medium heat reduce the sauce. (7 minutes)
And of course the taste when the butter melted ready.

Product details

Raw materials Organic grape fruit juice
The contents of 125ml
Acidity 6.0%
Production Italy
How to save Direct sunlight・high temperature・high humidity avoid, please save them
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