High concentration black turmeric powder Black turmeric is called "black ginger", "black ginger", "Kurachai dam" and so on,It is characterized by the purple rhizome cross section. It is abundantly contained in...

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High concentration black turmeric powder

 Black turmeric is called "black ginger", "black ginger", "Kurachai dam" and so on,It is characterized by the purple rhizome cross section. It is abundantly contained in components represented by amino acids, the nourishing tonic effect is high,I am attracting attention regardless of male female. Black turmeric is familiar as a secret to living long in the country of origin Thailand for a long time,It is said to be "visionary ingredients" because of the small amount of harvest and abundance of nutrients. High concentration black turmeric powder used 100% black turmeric origin from Thai origin, finished in powder in Okinawa.of course,I do not use any mixtureBecause,I think that you can realize the original strength of the material of black turmeric.


High concentration black turmeric powder Customer's voice

Mr. Asami Taki (40s · female)Also commercially available additives are included, and is it really black turmeric being heard? And it was doubtful.This black turmeric is black turmeric only so I can feel the effect firmly.
Manami Otake (30s · female)Nutrition is also a perfect score, and if you drink in the morning you can sit well and be active one day.

Characteristics of high concentration black turmeric

高濃度黒ウコン粉末 アレルギン含有量
 ● Arginine content is at least 2.4 times greater than MacaArginine is an essential amino acid when you want vitality.In order to activate the body, attention is gaining attention as a healthy element.
高濃度 黒ウコン BCAA
 ● Essential amino acids of energy source (BCAA)What is BCAA ... It means essential amino acids, valine, loin, isoleucine.Sports supplements for maintaining vitality during exercise are included, etc. It is important as an energy source during exercise.
高濃度 黒ウコン 栄養素
 ● It also contains a variety of other nutrients · Polyphenols are about 3.8 times as much as blueberriesAs a typical component of black turmeric, polyphenols can be mentioned.Since polyphenol has an antioxidant action,Anti-aging effects such as lifestyle diseases and activation of skin cells can be expected.It is said that the ingredients of polyphenols contain about 3.8 times as much as blueberries. · Anthocyanin with high vision recovery effectBecause anthocyanins work to help resynthesize pigment on the retinal surface of the eye,We can expect improvement in astigmatism and vision loss. · Curcumin with strengthening effect of the liverIn black turmeric, ingredients called "curcumin" are included,It has an attractive effect of improving the workings of the liver and preventing and improving liver disease.Black turmeric has an effect of enhancing the detoxification function of the liver,Alcohol can also be used to prevent people who drink a lot of hangover.If you intend to strengthen the liver, you can realize a higher effect by continuing taking in the long term. · Adiponectin which prevents arteriosclerosisAdiponectin is a kind of adipocytokine which is a physiologically active substance specifically secreted by fat cells,It is drawing attention in recent years as a good substance to prevent arteriosclerosis. - Component IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor-1) that maintains a healthy bodySubstances present in almost all human tissues and liquids including human breast milk and saliva.IGF-1, in addition to promoting the growth of bone, making muscle,There is also the function of keeping the cell healthy and blocking the progression of cell aging.


Comparison between high concentration black turmeric and other turmeric

黒ウコン 比較

How to enjoy high concentration black turmeric

 Estimated intake per day is 0.25 g to 2 g.In order to eat well Turmeric powder has a bitter taste, and many people find it difficult to dissolve and dissolve in white water.In such a case, we recommend you to drink with oblate. Olato is one who is not good at taste of medicine, those who have difficulty in drinking with throatIt is for use to make medicine wrapped and easy to drinkIt can be easily purchased with pharmacies or Amazon (it is about 300-400 yen in 200 sheets). Wrapping the turmeric powder in oblate and putting it in its mouth,The oblate sticks in the mouth, and it is also difficult to drink.I think that you can drink smoothly in such a way in the following way.


High concentration black turmeric ingredients

 High concentration black turmeric powder is safe and safe because it processes it domestically.

High concentration black turmeric powder Pay attention

 · Product name: Kurachai Dam powder· Origin: Thailand· Processing location: Okinawa· Contents: 50 g· Expiration date: stated in the product· Preservation method: Avoid heat and humidity, please save in cool dark place.
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