What is Okinawa Autumn Turmeric Grain?It is a grain type of autumn turmeric using turmeric from Okinawa cultivated without chemicals / chemical fertilizer.It is easier to drink than raw turmeric...

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What is Okinawa Autumn Turmeric Grain?

It is a grain type of autumn turmeric using turmeric from Okinawa cultivated without chemicals / chemical fertilizer.It is easier to drink than raw turmeric and powder type, and you can easily take high quality turmeric extract. In autumn turmeric, the curcumin content is the most in turmeric,Recommended for those who drink alcohol well. All raw turmeric is grown in contract farmers in Okinawa Prefecture.No pesticides such as herbicides or chemical fertilizers are used.In addition, among the turmeric in the fall of Okinawa, we use only the one of the highest rank.
Turmeric from Okinawa is characterized by a fluffy sweet aroma that is unlikely to be an existing ginger family plant. Please enjoy with water about 10 tablets at a time.(Ingestion up to about 3 times a day is a standard)

Voice of customers who purchased

Domestic non-pesticide turmeric, I drink every day I was looking for domestic organic free turmeric. After purchase, opening a turmeric strong scent spread, it feels like it works very well. It has a strong taste peculiar to turmeric and I am very satisfied. I think that I will take a drink every day for health maintenance.

Kota Sato (50s · Male)


I feel the body lightly About 3 weeks after purchase I am drinking every day, but I can feel that my body has become lighter. It was tough to get up in the morning, it took a while to get the engine to work, though .... We will continue to purchase. Thank you very much.

Sayuri Usami (50s · female)


Turmeric characteristic scent. It tastes good when you get used to it. I am taking a couple for my health. The scent peculiar to turmeric is strong, but it makes me feel very tasty when I get used to it.

Ms. Naga Kakuda (40s · female)

Because it is a tablet, it is easy to drink Because it is a tablet, it is easy to drink, it is carried in a case and carried around.

Kou Abe (30s · female)



Autumn turmeric grain cultivation farmer

Okinawa turmeric turmeric powder is a mineral rich soil in the northern part of Okinawa PrefectureWe are using only high-quality turmeric, bred by sticking to organic pesticide-free chemical fertilizer cultivation.
In the northern part of Okinawa Prefecture, everyone of the contract farmers who can trust make it with plenty of affectionTurmeric of good quality preference.
The powder of turmeric from Okinawa is characterized by a sweet scent that is fluffy enough to not be considered a plant of the existing ginger family.
Please use it on a healthy everyday basis.


Efficacy of turmeric in the autumn

It is called turmeric from falling flowers from July to August. The official name is "turmeric (depression)".Rhizome appearance is almost the same as spring turmeric,The interior (real) has a dark orange color and bitterness is rare.
Curcumin is rich in turmeric in the autumn. The content of curcumin is about 10 times that of spring turmeric. For autumn turmer is recommended for those who drink alcohol because of the abundance of curcumin.Curcumin is a kind of polyphenol (yellow pigment), and it is a nice ingredient for those who enjoy a lot of liquor.
Okinawa turmeric turmeric grains are among the rare turmeric turmeric cultivated rare non-pesticide / scientific fertilizerI use 100% only of fine turmeric.


Spring turmeric, autumn turmeric, purple turmeric difference

 Spring turmeric (Kyouou / Jiang Huang) and autumn turmeric (depression, turmeric),All of purple turmeric (Zajutsu) have been eaten for health maintenance since ancient times. It is the same turmeric, but there are differences in ingredients and indications, respectively.

Spring turmeric

Spring turmeric is called spring turmeric because it makes pink flowers bloom in spring.
It is the part of the yellow rhizoma that is used for spring turmeric grains.Spring turmeric has less curcumin compared to turmeric in the autumn,There are abundantly more than 100 essential oil components such as Turmeron, Cineole, Azulen, Camphor etc,In addition, there are abundant minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. Recent turmeric that is cultivated in Okinawa many more than spring turmeral in autumn turmeric. Recommended turmeric for maintaining the health of the whole body.

Fall turmeric

The autumn turmeric (depression / English name turmeric) is brightly yellowingThe section is a bright orange color.
It is characterized by being rich in curcumin.The content of curcumin is about 10 times more than that of spring turmeric. For those who drink alcohol well, "Fall Turmeric" is recommended because this curcumin is abundant. Also, it has been used as a yellow dye for clothing for a long time, and also has the role of insect repelling.It is also often used as a coloring agent for food,It is used as a yellow pigment of Takuan and curry powder.

Purple turkmon

Purple turmeric (Zajutsu / 莪朮) is purple in its real section, from purple flowers in summerIt is called purple turmeric.
It is characterized by a strong scent. It contains a lot of cineol. It is said to be effective for dieting.


Okinawa-made autumn turmeric attention point

Ingredients: turmeric powder (autumn turmeric cultivated in Okinawa Prefecture, organic turmeric), maltose, cellulose, sucrose ester [Turmeric powder: 1 tablet about 0.1 g]Storage method: Avoid high temperature and humidity, please save in cool dark place.Expiration date: described in the item 【Various contents of turmeric turtle】Fall turmeric powder: 90%Maltose: 5%Cellulose: 4%Sucrose ester: 1% It is a grain type which can easily be ingested by fine turmeric extract.
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