What is black turmeric in OkinawaIt is a grain type of black turmeric, using turmeric from Okinawa cultivated without pesticide / chemical fertilizer.It is easier to drink than raw turmeric...

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What is black turmeric in Okinawa

It is a grain type of black turmeric, using turmeric from Okinawa cultivated without pesticide / chemical fertilizer.It is easier to drink than raw turmeric and powder type, and you can easily take high quality turmeric extract. Black turmeric is also called black ginger, while in Thailand it is called Krachai Dam (Krachai Dam)It is widely drunk as a supplement.Abundant anthocyanins, also methoxyflavone, selenium, amino acids,It contains curcumin. Black turmeric is recommended for the following people.

· Those who want to be healthy even when they become old· Those who want to spend the day full of stamina· Those who want to be more beautiful· Those who want to review irregular eating habits

All raw black turmeric are grown in contract farmers in Okinawa Prefecture.No pesticides such as herbicides or chemical fertilizers are used.In addition, among the turmeric in the fall of Okinawa, we use only the one of the highest rank.
Please drink with water or hot water with 5 tablets at a time as a guide.(Indication up to about 3 times a day is a standard.) Turmeric grain type is attractive to drink easily.
 On this occasion, please once try Okinawa black turmeric.

Voice of customers who purchased

Domestic black turmeric only. Good for security I think that it is safe to be able to relate only to domestic black turmeric. I feel that the lightness of the body when I wake up in the morning is different. I will continue to drink in the future.

Mr. Kotaro Exit (40s · Male)


Black turmeric fits best The body became tired easily after 40, especially the day after drinking sake the body became heavy and became more and more troubled. I listened to a friend of black turmeric, I tried drinking and tried to see it but it was feeling very well and I have been drinking since then. It seems that turmeric is also good for sake, but as a result of trying variously, black turmeric seems to be comfortable for me.

Mr. Teppei Ohashi (40s · Male)


I am spending active every day. I want to be young forever, I am drinking with a couple. I am spending active every day without taking big ills.

Mr. Sawamura Natsuki (50s · female)



The charm and cultivation farmer of black turmeric from Okinawa

The charm of black turmeric from Okinawa

 Okinawa is a longevity island, also known as a treasure trove of our country's traditional Chinese medicine.With only subtropical climate in Japan, it is the best land for the production of turmeric that warm sunlight all year round. Also, since the island itself is made of uplift of coral reefs, its soil contains abundant minerals.The history of turmeric in Okinawa is old, it has been widely used as a medicinal herb that has a wide range of effects since the Ryukyu Dynasty era,It was about the same as the monopoly of the dynasty. Today it is called "Utsubin", familiar to the islanders, popular nationwide as a special product of Okinawa.There is a long history, rooted in the life culture of the islanders, so many turmeric from Okinawa are of good quality in the country. This black turmeric from Okinawa Prefecture is cheerfully cultivated in mineral-rich soil,Every one share is large, and its color is distinctive and vivid.

Okinawan black turmeric growing farmer

Okinawa black turmeric grains are mineral-rich soils in the northern part of Okinawa PrefectureWe are using only high-quality turmeric, bred by sticking to organic pesticide-free chemical fertilizer cultivation. Particular emphasis is put on soil making, only for delicate crops where the quality of soil is greatly affected by quality of soil,We do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers at all, and cultivate it with a time and effort spare time.
In the northern part of Okinawa Prefecture, everyone of the contract farmers who can trust make it with plenty of affectionTurmeric of good quality preference.
Turmeric being cultivated is cultivated in a deep soil with good drainage and rich organic matter.It is cultivating in places most suitable for turmeric, sunny and ventilated and slightly damp.
Please use it on a healthy everyday basis.


The efficacy of black turmeric

Black turmeric is also called black ginger.Unlike turmeric turmeric and spring turmeric, the cut surface of the root is deep purple.
Black turmeric contains abundant anthocyanins.In addition, it contains methoxyflavone, selenium, amino acids and curcumin.

Main ingredients contained in black turmeric



Analysis example per 100 g of dried black turmeric Anthocyanin 280 mgPolyphenol 1410 mgApigenin 2.2 mgChrysin 1.7 mg Food Analysis Center Japan Federation No. 11030302003-01 April 27, 2011

 Okinawan black turmeric grains are among the rare turmeric in black turmeric from Okinawa cultivated rare non-pesticide / scientific fertilizerI use 100% only of fine turmeric.


Black turmeric from Okinawa Points to note

Ingredients: Black turmeric from Okinawa Prefecture * No pesticide / chemical fertilizer cultivationStorage method: Avoid high temperature and humidity, please save in cool dark place.Expiration date: described in the item 【Various contents of Black turmeric pill】Black turmeric powder: 74%Maltose: 20%Cellulose: 5%Sucrose ester: 1% It is a grain type which can easily be ingested by fine turmeric extract. 【This item will be shipped by Kuroneko Mail facilities】 · We will deliver it in a simple packaging to an envelope.· Products will be posted to your home post.(Even if theft or damage of goods occurs after post posting, refund or exchange can not be done, so please be patient.)· Delivery days are about 1 to 5 days. Depending on the area, it may take about one week.· Delivery by wearing date and time zone designation is not possible.· Payment by cash on delivery is not possible.
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