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Chopsticks in east shop Ebony Gallery


What is Higashiya

Founded in 1997, Higashiya has been making dishes that are closely related to people's lives.Designs and shapes considered to be patronized foreverTo simple things that never get tired forever. Somewhere simple and warm dishes are made by each craftsmanYou can feel the feeling you cherish carefully. A little bit more colorful than usual everyday tablePlease enjoy the dishes of Higashiya.

Eastern tree wood chopsticks ebony

Eastern wood chopsticks Ebony shaved and polished the natural wood to give a glossIt is unpainted chopsticks. Since the surface is not paintedTexture of the tree original texture, texture comes out. Simple, well compatible with any dishes and dishesYou can enjoy traditional rustic atmosphere.

"Wajima Yotsuzawa Wood Craft" This chopsticks were made in cooperation with the highly-acclaimed Yotsuzawa wood craft (Aioiwa) in woodworking technology.Chopsticks made carefully, taking a number of steps.It is no exaggeration to say that it is exactly a work of art.


"Iron Sword Tree" Material is iron sword tree (Dan Taya).It was hard, durable, heavy and hard wood was named iron sword tree as if it were like an iron sword.I think whether you can use it for a long time.


Higashiya is developing a wide range of products

Apart from the items we introduced here, we have a number of Toya related products.Come, please have a look.

Toya's product list is →Here 
【size】235 mm 【Precautions on use】· When exposed to water several times from the beginning of use, lye may come out and color may be attached to cloth etc.Although it is not a harmful one, if you are concerned, you can wipe with a cloth through water before use and repeat several times to make it fade away. · After use, rinse with water or lukewarm water and wipe off moisture with cloth.
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