Higashiya Pyeongchuo's late bird mud gallery × × × × × × × ×  What is HigashiyaFounded in 1997, Toya has been making dishes that are closely related to people's...

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Higashiya Pyeongchuo's late bird mud gallery


What is Higashiya

Founded in 1997, Toya has been making dishes that are closely related to people's lives.Designs and shapes considered to be patronized foreverTo simple things that never get tired forever. Somewhere simple and warm dishes are made by each craftsmanYou can feel the feeling you cherish carefully. A little bit more colorful than usual everyday tablePlease enjoy the dishes of Higashiya.

Higashiya Heikuzu late bird birds

Higashiya's flat teapot isMr. Osamu Saruyama who handles the design of dishes and porcelain etc was born. Smooth streamlined porcelain teapotElegant, beautiful appearance just as much fun as you are watching. It is made by pondering the position of the hand · the angle of the spoutIt is designed to be familiar to hands and to prevent tea from overflowing from the lid. It is a teapot with a love affair enough to wear out.

"Osamu Sariyama Design" Not only product designDesigners who also work on space and graphics. Collaboration with Higashiya produces many dishesNot only beautiful but also features and strength are designed firmly.


"Takasuku pottery" Pottery of Tokoname-shi, Aichi Prefecture, which has a history as the source of teapot. The teapot produced by proprietary technology and experienceIt is finished in a work of originality that is unique and unique. This high-capital garden also developed a tea strainer of the same material as the main body.


"Organic Three Years Tea" Organic three-year maturation chaeba is made by Kyoto Uji tea garden "Harimaen garden tea"We will present the highest grade 3 year old tea cultivated with no pesticide, no chemical fertilizer. It is perfect for when you want to relax with a refreshing and mild taste. Because caffeine is rarely included in the third year tea cup and there is no chilling of the bodyYou can enjoy pregnant and small children safely.→ Organic Three Years Tea is here 


Higashiya is developing a wide range of products

Apart from the items we introduced here, we have a number of Toya related products.Come, please have a look.

Toya's product list is →Here 
【size】W126 D77 H60 mm [dose]115 ml

【Handling of Higashiya Hiraito's Successful Bird Mud Arrangements】

· When using, please wash with water and dry inside, keep it clean. · Tea strainer part is very delicate. If you are concerned about dirt, please rub gently with a soft brush etc.
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