What is HigashiyaFounded in 1997, Toya has been making dishes that are closely related to people's lives.Designs and shapes considered to be patronized foreverTo simple things that never get tired...

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What is Higashiya

Founded in 1997, Toya has been making dishes that are closely related to people's lives.Designs and shapes considered to be patronized foreverTo simple things that never get tired forever. Somewhere simple and warm dishes are made by each craftsmanYou can feel the feeling you cherish carefully. A little bit more colorful than usual everyday tablePlease enjoy the dishes of Higashiya.

Higashiya "TANKER 1" What is a wooden plate?

東屋 「TANKER1」 木製プレート
Width 60 centimeters, depth 36 centimeters, pretty large presence size.It is an Obon tray of a single plate that has been cut out luxuriously from domestically produced Mizunara. It is a simplicity that is quite simple as the product of Toya.There is no extra decoration, the goodness of the material, the beauty of making stand out.
 Edge is reasonably gentle height.Since coating and painting are not done, you can feel the feel and texture of wood directly. Because it is unpainted, it will become stain or scratch will become sticking when putting wet things.It is a plate that you can enjoy with your own taste that comes out by daily adoption.
東屋 「TANKER1」
 The size is also large to carry large dishes with cooking as an Obon and many cups,Although it can be said that it is not very suitable as it will be a good weight,Putting it on the table and putting together the seasonings made fun,It makes it a plate to keep a cup or dish often used,When sitting on the carpet and watching TV or movies and relaxing, put some snacks and coffee on the other side. Because it is a simple form, people use each one.It is a plate familiar in daily life, casually using scenes.
東屋 「TANKER1」
 Of course it is difficult to keep the first gloss and beauty forever,The aging change unique to handcrafted crafts is the fascination of this tray. By carefully using it carefully, it becomes only one tray in the world.It is a gem that can become an important item to linger long for living.

Attention point of Toya "TANKER 1"

About Individual Difference

Because natural wood is used and it is a product made by handicraft,Depending on things, individual differences occur in the pattern of wood grain.Please enjoy the taste of the products handmade by one craftmen.

When using

· This Bon Festival was only a result of hollowing out a single plate of domestically produced Nana. Repetitive swelling and contraction due to changes in humidity and temperature may cause warping or cracking.· Since the surface is not coated, moisture and pigment of drinks and foods remain as stains, but they will become familiar with the secular change of the woodland.· If you are concerned about dirt, do not wash it with water, please wipe it well with a cloth etc squeezed well. Please wipe off if moisture spills, please dry in a well-ventilated shade.· Avoid excessive humidification due to direct sunlight, excessive heating by air conditioner, drying, soaking in water. It may cause warping or cracking.· Do not use it in applications such as hot pot or putting kettle, etc. It may cause burning, warpage, fire.

About warping

Solid boards may be curved as a whole, depending on usage and storage environment.If warpage occurs, place the raised edge on the bottom (ground plane) and place it on a level surface.Please check the sag of warp while looking at the situation.The warping frequency decreases with the passing of years, and it becomes calmer.
東屋 「TANKER1」

Higashiya is developing a wide range of products

Apart from the items we introduced here, we have a number of Toya related products.Come, please have a look.

Toya's product list is →Here 

Product Details

Material A narrator
size Width 600 × depth 360 × height 24 mm
weight Approximately 1.2 kg
Manufacture Yuzawa Wood Crafts (Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture)
Production pavilion
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