Apple Production Amount Gems born in the world's best city It is a plate leaving the skin of the apple tree intact. Amount of apples produced World's best, Hirosaki city,...

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Apple Production Amount Gems born in the world's best city

It is a plate leaving the skin of the apple tree intact. Amount of apples produced World's best, Hirosaki city, Aomori PrefectureIt is made of "Kimura Wood Products Manufactory". Smoked cheese and ham, such as putting food,You can use it as a decorative table.
 Because processing is very troublesome,It is hard to see products using apple trees. The color of the wood, which is unique and slightly pinkish, which can only be used for apple wood,It has a warm and simple yet elegant atmosphere. It is pleasantly smooth, moist and moist, smooth touch, hard,It is difficult to stick food even when it is served.It has the same finish as wooden dishes. There is weight, so there is a little weight, it is stable. I want to decorate it as a display, too much in beautyI think that it is also one way of using it.
 From the grandfather 's greatest grandfather' s current president 's family.Originally applied technology of joineryIt began with the development of a ladder for apple cultivation of Aomori Hiba. Apple trees are very low compared to trees used for general wood such as cedar and cypress,Since the trunk is also winding, it takes a lot of time to process and there are not many parts that can be used. Even so, many apple trees finished their roles in Apple farmers every year.Even if it is used for firewood, about 50% is not suitable for timber, so it will be discarded. At the Kimura Wood Products Manufactory, it is a woodworking shop that has received the benefits of apples,Under the idea that not only to eat fruit but also to use the trunk carefully to the very endWe accumulated ingenuity and experience as to how we can manage it somehow,It is not found in other wood, products of color and taste peculiar to apple tree are produced.

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Hirosaki apple tree

Hirosaki City is the world 's best city of apple production.There are apple trees that end their duties every year for various reasons. Others that are treated as firewood are disposed of.In order to use it as wood, a large and long member can not be harvested,It is very time-consuming to process. Even so, we are going to plant ourselves from the plantation,A long time ago the grandfather developed the ladder for apple cultivation of Aomori Hiba which applied the fitting technology,Being a woodworking shop that has received the benefits of apples so far,And making things of wood making the best use of our equipment and technology without going against the flow of the timesIt is because I thought that it was worth doing from among consistently doing it. The only thing we can use is 50% of what we get,In addition to eating fruits, we also regard the trunk as a zero emissions activity to use as much as possible to the very end,We use it as regional resource.

Apple Tree Product Notes

● It is a commodity handmade by a craftmen using natural materials, so the color, pattern and size of each point are slightly different. Also, there may be indentations in the eyes of the tree. We appreciate it if you can enjoy the taste of handmade after acknowledging it. ● When washing, please wash with lukewarm water or neutral detergent. Please do not use hard scourer etc. because it will be scratched. ● Wood is easier to mold if breathability is bad. Since wet condition is not the best, wipe immediately after washing, dry it, please let it completely dry. ● Because there is a possibility of deforming and discoloration, please avoid placing it long in the water or using a bleach / dishwasher. ● Please stop using it as soon as it gets scratched or damaged.

About Kimura Wood Products Manufacturing Co.

 "Through our manufacturing of full ordersProvide dreams and moisture to people's lives, pursue both happiness of mind. "It is a woodworking shop from the generation of the great grandfather at Hirosaki castle town in the north.From the development of apple ladder of Aomori Hiba to fitting furniture, furniture, store fixtures and timeless flow,We have corresponded. I am coming to an era where I can not survive without evolving again."Straw Hello" toy playground equipment started ten years ago, began to circulate in earnest for about 5 years agoInterior goods of apple tree "CHITOSE" as its own brandIt has become our axis. I believe there are still more fields that can make use of our technology.Medical welfare-related, restoration of cultural properties, renovation of condominiums using Aomori prefecture-produced materialsEtc. are areas we would like to focus on in the future.I will do my utmost to make people around the world know about the manufacturing of our trees. Pinch is opportunity, idea is infinite, want to be a town factory shining glittering at leastI am thinking. "I think to manufacturing""Leaving it in the future, making things that remain in memory"We are a small town factory in Aomori Hirosaki City.I believe there is something that can be done because it is small.I believe we can compete in the world even if it is small.Fully ordered items brought close to customers, craftsmen with skilled skills,Quick response to customers.The former made an apple ladder, the feeling has not changed since that time.From now on, we will keep closer to our customers "Leaving in the future, manufacturing memorable things" continuedI would like to be such a factory.

Product Details

size About W220 × D150 × H20 mm
weight Approximately 500 g
Material Apple map (Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture)
Country of origin made in Japan
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