Thin Suzugami|Bend it like folding the paper “Thin suzugami” is thin like a paper, and is a tin container that can be freely bent by hand. In the area of...

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Thin Suzugami|Bend it like folding the paper

“Thin suzugami” is thin like a paper, and is a tin container that can be freely bent by hand. In the area of Toyama Prefecture · Takaoka is famous for making castings of traditional crafts. A craftworker who uses the technique of the forgery beat it carefully with a hammer and made it one by one.


Thin and light”tin paper/ Suzugami.” Even though it is a metal, as if folding origami, you can easily bend without putting strength.


As the thickness is about 0.4 mm, it is thinner than the normal tin plating, It is a tin soul that can be folded like origami. You can cut it easily with scissors and shape it after slender. Fold it like an origami and make it an object, or cut it in any form to make an accessory. Depending on the idea, it is the completion of your original original work.


Here, it is 7.5 cm × 7.5 cm in size, the pattern is called “Arare.”

About “Suzugami”
“Thin Suzugami”is made by metal, but extremely soft and thin than other products. Please caution when your using.


What “syouryu” is

“Syouryu”has made the specific tools “Rin” (which is called in Japanese as a Bianqing) for temples from their open in Meiji 42 years. It is a own brand made by Shimatani Syouryu Studio. The location of Shimatani Syouryo, Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture is famous of their forging skills. The “Takaokadouki”made by Takaoka City is designated as one of the traditional crafts in Japan.


There is the studio where Shimatani Syouryu made the “Rin” which is used by Janpanese temples. There are few than 10 craftsmen still making it. There are 3 craftsmen here and making the “Rin” from hammering the metal plates, bending the shape and adjust the sounds.

Production scenery of “Rin”

This is how”Suzugami”was born newly from this “kicking with gold.”

The birth of “Suzugami”

As a start from the craftsmen's techniques, they want to cultivate a new project which is “Takaoka-style, forging-liked and able to be uses in everyday life.” That idea is the source of “Suzugami.”


The product named "Suzugami", as its name suggests, can be bent freely as thin as paper. It is a new proposal of a new tin product. By tapping rolled, tin plate left only 0.7 mm by repeatedly beating with gold. Not only be able to attach various patterns, the tin paper has the strength to withstand repeated bending as well. It can only be made by skilled craftsmen.


The tin plate rhythmically beaten by a skilled craftsman is able to have fibrous metal layers overlapping in multiple layers, The degree of metal fatigue by folding is decreasing. “Suzugami” is made by the technique of “tapping with gold.”The pleasure of using themselves by bending freely is the main idea of “Suzugami.” Please enjoy the fun of bend freely as a new experience, even though it is a metal.

Bend, stretch and bend again


Fold by hands like a paper to any shape you want.



The folded tin paper can be restored by special wood made roll to the beginning.


“Bend again”

It is durable to bend and stretch several times.


Although it is a metal, it is a mysterious “Suzugami” that can bend only with a light power. After bending and folding and using it in the form of your preference, you can restore it if you extend it with a special wood-made “roll.” Then challenge again to make another form. It is attractive that you can use it while changing it as many times as you like.

Thinner such a "thin suzugami"


"Thin suzugami" is only about 0.4 mm thick. It is thinner than usual tin papers ​​so it really can feld like an origami. You can also cut easily with scissors. After slender cutting, make it in your favorite form like accessories or chopstick rest.


Depending on the idea, "thin suzugami" can be changed into various things. How about trying to make your own original work?

Also as a gift


“Thin suzugami” is perfect for gifts. Not only for gifts such as birthdays and anniversaries, it is also recommended for new home, celebrations for moving or wedding gifts. For the customers who consider that”It's boring for common things…”I want to give something more special…”, “Suzugami”is very popular.

Suzugami | Product series

“Suzugami”includes five sizes in all, and three patterns. Please refer to the following photos.


Size/ Information

Size Length:7.5cm Width:7.5cm 
Information Material:Tin Place of Manufacture(Stretch) :Japan(Shimatani Syouryu Studio)

※“Suzugami” is made by metal, but still soft and thin. Please caution when your using.

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