Bento box lunch box made of natural Akita cedar "Kurikyu (Kurikyu)" founded in Meiji 7 in Odate City, Akita PrefectureHigh-quality traditional crafts.It is a popular bento box lunch box. This...

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Bento box lunch box made of natural Akita cedar

"Kurikyu (Kurikyu)" founded in Meiji 7 in Odate City, Akita PrefectureHigh-quality traditional crafts.It is a popular bento box lunch box. This is a kids size. (W 166 × D 97 × H 50 mm)Apart from side dishes, it is also the perfect size to put only rice. Bending Wafer is a traditional craftwork of Akita which has been made since a long time.As soon as you touch it, you can see the quality of its quality. The material uses natural Akita cedar and is amazingly light.The surface is urethane painted, durable and slippery touching touch.The grain of Akita Cedar, produced by nature is also beautiful, and you can also enjoy the scent of cedars in a faint manner. Every day for lunch boxing and lunch time, I feel like I'm feeling better.Why not try casually introducing high-quality traditional crafts to what you use everyday. Of course it is a gem that is also pleased with gifts.

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Akita Sugi Bento box lunch boxes are breathable, rice is difficult to steak, easy to keep tasty· The contents are not easily damaged by the sterilization effect of the cedar· Heavy duty very light and easy to use· As I use it, the taste comes out and I love attachment· There are merits such as a good smell of cedar.
 Mr. Kurihisan's elliptical type bending sheepskin has good urethane paint on the outside and feels good,Because the inside remains unpainted, it will fully demonstrate the effect of Akita Cedar. Although it becomes strong against dirt and molds when painting it all,The breathability disappears, and the original effect of bending is reduced by half. Although I care a little about how to keep and wash it, if I manage it firmly, I can keep using it for many years,It is a lunch box that taste comes out enough to use. Because the partition inside can be removed, various usage can be done.

Kurihisa's bend Wait attention point

· Because it is a handmade item made by a craftsman using natural materials,The color, pattern, size, etc. of each point are somewhat different.We appreciate it if you can enjoy the taste of handmade after acknowledging it. · Although some people are interested in the scent of cedar trees at the beginning of use,While using and washing with water will gradually become faint. · Please do not use microwave oven.

How to use Kuriku's bending waves, points of storage method

 ● Before useWhen using for the first time, the tree is dry, making it easier to have rice inside.At the beginning of use, it will be difficult to add rice when you wipe the inside with water and wipe the rice.As I use it, I am familiar, and it gradually stops attaching. ● OilsBecause the inside is unpainted, it is easy to add oil stains.When putting things with a lot of oil, if you wrap it with sheets, laps, etc., it will be less dirty.Even if it can be slightly stained, it gradually becomes familiar and becomes a taste. ● How to wash well1. Add hot water and sprinkle slightly. 2. Rub it with a soft sponge.※ Do not use detergent, please do not use scrub etc because it will scratch. 3. Rinse after getting lost. 4. Pour hot hot water and heat it for 2-3 minutes to warm the tree. 5. Immediately wipe it with a cloth and turn it upward to blow off water vapor. (Hot water cut)Please note burns ※. When drying, please do stand upwards or diagonally because it is bad ventilation when you face downward.Hanging it is also good.Since wet condition is not the best for bending Wafer, as soon as it is washed dry,Please try to dry thoroughly.

A samurai was also making, bending papa

A bending pup that is made of beautiful natural cedars, old lumber bends the cedar trees and sews them with cherry leatherIt is supposed to be the beginning of a hand crafted lunch box that has been devised. In the Keicho 400 years ago from the present time, Odate's bending wagwa, the lord of Akita lord Satake Yoshii,Those that encouraged as samurai's in-house workers when the territory was extremely poor due to cold water harm developedIt is a traditional craft with an old history that it is handed down to the present.

"Kurihisa" sixth generation Shunji Kurihimori

"Kurikyu (Kurikyu)" located in Odate City, Akita Prefecture, founded in 1879. Mr. Kurihisa has inherited from the previous generation,I value the commitment to manufacturing making people think about people who use it.
 "Kuriku" sixth generation Shunji Kurihiro Born in Showa 23rd Showa· Designated traditional craftsmen· Modern masterpieces· Odate bending Wakotoba Traditional Craftsman· Member of Akita Prefecture Craft Association

Product Details

size W 166 × D 97 × H 50 (mm)
Material Natural Akita cedar (urethane hand coat), cherry tree skin
capacity 350 (ml)
Producing area Japan (Odate city, Akita prefecture)
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