My cafe pot isShiga・Shigaraki ware of Zi pottery one by one, carefully handmade, with a coarse grind of coffee easy delicious brew to the coffee pot. The paper filter using...

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My cafe pot is

Shiga・Shigaraki ware of Zi pottery one by one, carefully handmade, with a coarse grind of coffee easy delicious brew to the coffee pot. The paper filter using drip formula, coffee oil and impurities as it can be so coffee beans of flavor and the most impaired as we. At this point, the outer lid and inner lid to manually fine hole open, two-stage strainer, the coffee powder to leave the straining cut. In it, the miniature comes with the flavor and aroma to the filter without being absorbed, it can direct the extract is used. Authentic coffee at home also taste good out of this. of the coffee pot. ※ This item is M size(capacity 350ml)can. *Orders production products. Order more if the shipping period is required. In that case the shipping of the guide will teach you. Apply the theme to transform your background screen, icon and launcher widget!:*


By any name, brewed, filtered coffee is by a variety

By any name, brewed, filtered coffee is wide variety in the way to brew by the taste different things. In General, the paper drip formula and siphon formula the most popular, but the coffee press and expression,Turkish coffee, such as expression of a more authentic way to brew again.

Paper drip formula

Coffee powder to the water by contacting the ingredients in the extract, paper filters, such as filtered in. Impurities and nothing from the strainer and all, but coffee oil or coffee flavor, flavor,coffee aroma in the paper are absorbed by our. Also, reverse the paper to the smell of coffee moved that also. Therefore, the delicious brew, which need technology, and the quality coffee beans have also, the technology is called the coffee losing flavor, too. Also, paper filters need to be set,making the work cumbersome paper filters, etc, etc.

Coffee press formula

Of coffee powder to the pot, put the supernatant in a Cup transfer method. These supernatant using that is,coffee beans of flavor and will direct to extracted. Paper drip formula and the taste is different and good. However, coffee grounds(I)to be mixed by the Cup to brew difficult to clean, and the coffee powder in your mouth, and from feeling like this.

Paper filters required! Bunk strainer one

Various way to brew your coffee, the coffee press method close to the way to brew is the beans of the taste of the food direct to you can taste, the coffee dregs left from the filter of my cafe pot.

Bunk strainer in the slag leaving it to brew to

My cafe pot, the body and outer lid,inner lid(strainer)of the 3. it consists of. Outer lid of the spout side and a strainer on one side, and by hand carefully opened the fine hole is filled.
This hole is, beans from the ground coffee fine powder, but cannot be stopped.
Coffee is first, the strainer hole of the first powder from the sheet, after the outer lid of the half on strainer hole the strainer is manufactured from fine powder to prevent from the strained off,poured into the Cup and mechanism. Twice over the tightly manufactured to cut through the paper without the filter and the powder of dregs (from), leaving a coffee can.

Of coffee flavor and aroma, yet not cut

The paper filter is fine, no need to smell the coffee and the flavor of the ingredients in the strainer back in. However, this my cafe pot, then there is no need to worry about. Paper more coarse holes twice over through the grounds, leaving on the other hand, coffee oil, flavor, and aroma, such as it is extracted. Therefore, in the coffee miniature come of the flavor and the aroma stronger direct features-add as many zombies to your hoard as you can. Quality coffee beans are those who use a paper drip method and the difference between and feel only may.


My cafe pot how to use


Hot coffee how to brew

① Outer lid,strainer, remove my cafe pot to the coffee powder to it. (1 person min, about 7 to 10 grams) the amount of coffee desired taste. Powder coarse grind is recommended. ② 90~98℃hot water to coffee powder to the whole immersed in a little amount, put 20 to 30 seconds steaming time. Of coffee powder to the steaming, the hot water dosage(per serving/approx 170cc)pour. ③ Appropriate amount of hot water poured finished,immediately spoon the entire mix.
④ The strainer and outer lid to it,20 to 30 seconds the coffee powder settles to wait. ⑤ Pot lid, Press in slowly, Cup please pour in. * All times are desired taste. The waiting time increases, the coffee is still dark. ※ 90~98℃hot water about...... Boiling water and a small amount of addition of water, please adjust.

Cold Brew Coffee How to brew

① Outer lid,strainer, remove my cafe pot to the coffee powder to it. (1 person-minute guide/14g) the amount of coffee desired taste. ② Pour the water. The amount of water and it. ③ Spoon of coffee powder to the water in such a way that the ingredients ④ In the refrigerator for approximately 5 hours to 8 hours cool to see. Time and it. ⑤ The pot lid to hold the slowly pot by tilting it. (cover the lid)for another.

Careful craftsmen work and hand made in Shigaraki

"My cafe pot"as,Zi pottery of Shigaraki tradition, air craft mechanic by the delivery of most reliable, courteous handwork, one piece at a time, enjoy them. Here is its manual processes to introduce.

Zi pottery of Shigaraki"my cafe pot"can be

At the workshop, where, using the shape from the body and the molding. Then, the sharpener do the work. Strainer body to adjust, and also by cutting the larger body will suit.
The handle to the body only after the holes in the work. Fine hole by hand, carefully open the can. Open holes after the molding operation is complete.
The molding of the kiln, put in the 750℃, and unglazed will do. Then, in a variety of colors of glaze to paint,again 釜入 it. 1230℃high temperature baking finished.

Zi pottery tradition of energy Arts BA introduction of

Zi pottery Shiga Prefecture 設楽町 you,Shitara Ware Manufactory. Zi pottery of the pottery, the skill of the High traditional craftsman by one by one, carefully hand-made.

The traditional energy Arts BA (Shitara bake small items the traditional craftsman) ─ 小西啓 Shingo/head

In 1951,Shiga Tanuki's born. Of the six ancient kilns of Japan Earth, Shigaraki is the pottery most of the heavyweights(font・change・Brazier・pot)based on the degree of the land, the Edo of old by generations of knick-knacks, utensils hand carved ancestry, born in the early childhood family learning,a tea made of his receiving. In 1969, the late・Katayama 辰之助 Mr. under the 1994"Zi pottery"inheriting the family head and. In 1999, small the traditional craftsman certified.

Choose Color 8 colors

My cafe pot,rich in all 8 colors to choose from. The Cup is just your favorite color, please choose.

Size is also rich SML

Different capacity S/M/L 3 sizes offered. Use the number, etc. please choose. (This item is M size)
・S size bring > My cafe pot size S ・L size bring > My cafe pot L size


My cafe pot(size M)product specifications

<Details> ■Size: width of about 140mm×diameter of about 90mm×height of about 140mm ■capacity: about 350ml ■weight: about 540g ■material: ceramics・glaze・glass coating ■country of origin: made in Japan ※the size works by a little different. <Notes> ・On a product-by-product basis, and hand-made, the subtle flavor differences. ・Over an open flame, oven, such as heating of the Please avoid. ・Add boiling water to the pot with the body is very hot, so be careful. ・Coffee Cup 2 tablespoons divided if the once port to stop the flow of, and again when pouring some out there. ・After use, as soon as possible to the outer lid,inner lid(strainer) and rinse. Coffee dregs (I)is stiff, and the holes clog and the coffee output.
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