VedaVie(Vedic activity)Manuka honey andNature-rich New Zealand it's probably fair to say that most of us would in the region of1 year out of only 4 weeks in bloom from the"Manuka"collected...

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VedaVie(Vedic activity)Manuka honey and

Nature-rich New Zealand it's probably fair to say that most of us would in the region of1 year out of only 4 weeks in bloom from the"Manuka"collected from flowers of valuable sites.Vedic of Manuka honey, top class quality and taste expectations.

VedaVie(Vedic), and Manuka honey is recommended for those who like it.

・Day-to-day to continue health care for・Winter,early spring of health care is particularly worrisome・Beauty, youthfulness for・Delicious Manuka honey are looking for・High activity the power of Manuka honey are looking for・Pure, no additives,non-heated honey looking for a

Manuka flowers and is

Manuka is New Zealand's only native Myrtaceae belongs to evergreen shrubs.Diameter 1 ~ 2cm most of the white or pink flowers from spring to summer for 4 weeks only blooms. The Manuka tree is a variety of usefulness have been found,Of New Zealand's indigenous Maori since ancient times, from all-around the potential grass as prized as you can.From the leaves, the higher activity with the power oil is extracted.The Manuka flowers are only taken from the honey but Manuka honey is.

MGO(methyl green oil tools)about the value

Germany's Food Science Laboratory in the natural to produce methyl group list user(MGO)isManuka honey contains been found that.The normal one is less amount from not been discovered by MGO canNew Zealand Manuka honey is 70 times higher than the MGO is present as well.This product listed in MG mark is 1kg of Manuka honey in what mgMethyl glyoxal is included that indicates whether the standard has become.For example, MG100+Manuka honey is 100 mg/1 kg of food methyl glyoxal contains.This number is the higher the MGO content is high throughout the year.

MGO(methyl group list groups)of the effectiveness and efficacy and is

Methyl glyoxal(MGO)strong antibacterial activity effect and haveAll of the cells in carcinogenic blocking and so on.Abnormal cells and harmful fungi against aggression, showingNormal cells and useful fungi such as aggression and there is no and will be.The only region which is New Zealand Manuka honeyAs a folk remedy for a long period of From also been demonstrated.

Manuka honey effect・efficacy

Manuka honey is a very nutritious food,bacteria and virus resistance to have.The cold or if the immunity with the world.

Manuka honey, H. pylori, the effect is expected to

The body came into the H. pylori sterilization, and infection strategy.You have the gut to static, even if the Manuka honey continue to intake as.

Manuka honey for the sugar in the mouth and gentle on the sugars in.

Manuka honey sugar is fructose and glucose mostly.These sugars tooth decay in their nature.Also, in your mouth melt while eating itCanker sores and bad breath causing bacteria, and may also be effective.

Manuka honey is to a sore throat may also be effective

Manuka honey's bactericidal power is the throat of the bacteria to high effect.The honey characteristic of moisture damaged trachea care.Cold sometimes aggressive to it.

Manuka honey is a gastrointestinal ailment, and to improve the action there.

Manuka honey's bactericidal power is a stomach bacteria, and gut bacteria effect.Such as constipation and diarrhea, is a cause of that bad bacteria acts onAntidiarrheal effect is high and being.

Manuka honey is the amount of enzyme one and stage difference.

Manuka honey is non-heated products of living, the amount of enzyme is usually one of the 8 times again.In the body enzymes present in the nutrient absorption so that you can support digestion, andAbsorption of nutrients by the energy in the body work for that role.With age lost an enzyme that Manuka honey is ingested from.

Manuka honey and so on.

【Q1】Manuka honey is a early pregnancy from the pregnancy period to eat I?
Pregnant and postpartum lactation safe for you, there is no problem.Pregnancy・lactation it is especially recommended ones.During pregnancy the gastrointestinal tract such as straining often nutrient intake, for many pregnant people make use of it yet.Manuka honey is Minerals and iron・during pregnancy lost easy calcium also contains a lot of pregnancy, postpartum health and iPad.
【Q2】gastrointestinal tone of the of the drugs in the medication in, and Manuka honey combination to eat okay?
Manuka honey is a natural food, and in particular there is no problem with the,If you like several of the hospitals etc just in case, please contact us.Also, Manuka honey is the food of side effects, and calcium and minerals・iron ingestion canVitality maintenance and auxiliary can also be expected.
【Q3】after the opening of the store about the store in a refrigerator or is better?
Manuka honey and other honey away from direct sunlight,room temperature storage is fine.During this process, and to handle if chilled in the refrigerator, andThe hardness was back,cold and cold media like delicious.
【Q4】honey, as well as 1 years old of the following infant is better not to give at all?
Manuka honey is non-heated"raw honey"becauseResistance still have to infants under 1 year of age give to do not.
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