Matsumoto soy sauce shop Menzutsu 2 times enrichment It is Matsumoto soy sauce special sauce made from two-fold concentrated soy sauce based on lightweight soy sauce. You can use it...

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Matsumoto soy sauce shop Menzutsu 2 times enrichment

It is Matsumoto soy sauce special sauce made from two-fold concentrated soy sauce based on lightweight soy sauce. You can use it as a sauce or for soup stock.

Soy sauce in Kawagoe-shi, Saitama

Matsumoto soy sauce shop which is a brewery lasting about 250 years in Kawagoe. In the store built in the first year of Tenpo, 40 cedar trees continued to be used since the Edo period,We still continue manufacturing by traditional methods. Among historical warehouses,Various fungi such as Aspergillus, yeast, and lactic acid bacteria are inhabited,The soy sauce of Matsumoto soy sauce shop is born by the action of these fungi.

Making koji

The most important point in making soy sauce is "making koji." We use wheat from Saitama prefecture and soybean from Kawagoe, and make koji for about 3 days. Even though it is controlled by the machine now, in order to check whether temperature and humidity are kept accurately,Even in the middle of the night people will enter the Koji room and see the state.

Fermentation · Aging

Once you have koji you will transfer it to a big cedar. At this time "salt soy sauce" to make the salt water mixed,To make 'recharged soy sauce' put raw soy sauce. I will mature "Moromi" made with this over about one year. At the stage of mash, the koji molds and yeast fungi that have arrived in the warehouse,Mature is recommended by various bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria. The effect of these fungi makes different soy sauce. "Paddle paddle" stirring the moromi inside the cedar is to stimulate the action of fungus. Just do not mix it. Moromi is caused by Aspergillus oryzae at an early stage,After that, it is decomposed by yeast and lactic acid bacteria to advance maturation. Moromi should be mixed so that the top and bottom are turned upside down,There is a possibility that the main fermentation proceeds due to the action of yeast bacteria and the mash may overflow from the tub. We do padding while checking the mash.


We spread the moromi mat after finishing to the cloth little by little,I will lay it down in many layers and squeeze it carefully for 3 days. What you can do is "raw soy sauce"Yeast is still alive at this stage, it has sediment (impurities), and its fragrance is weak. Working to add heat as "burning" increases the aroma and also sterilizes at the same time. Since it affects the scent and taste by temperature setting and heating time, you can gradually lower the temperature once raised,Leave it as it is and adjust it by natural cooling.

Craftsman's intuition

While a skilled craftman checks the state of fermentation with taste and aroma,Komio Matsumoto, president, has conducted scientific analysis. Surprisingly the sense of craftsman and the scientific analysis fits perfectly. The feeling of a human being who senses a subtle fermentation change is wonderful. Even if it is said to be a one-year brewing, warehouses are normal temperature, sometimes squeezing in 400 days depending on the temperature at that time. There is something that veteran craftsmen can not tolerate at that timing.
 【Product Details】Ingredients: soy sauce, fermented seasoning, sugar, flavor ingredients (tobacco, kelp)Specific Ingredients: Wheat, soyPrecautions: After opening please eat as soon as possible after refrigerating.Contents amount: 500 mlShelf life: 6 months from the date of manufacture
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