And Yamahisa beans Commerce 500ml is The genuine soy sauce made with old-fashioned recipe in the Seto Inland Sea - Shodo Island blessed with a temperate climate was used instead of...

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And Yamahisa beans Commerce 500ml is

 The genuine soy sauce made with old-fashioned recipe in the Seto Inland Sea - Shodo Island blessed with a temperate climate was used instead of salt water, added to the koji made from domestic soybeans and domestic wheat, further, in large barrels of cedar It is re-charged soy sauce obtained by fermentation and aging (twice charged soy sauce).Such as the cold tofu, sashimi, steak, boiled. Please use multiplied by the soy sauce.Even in the Seto Inland Sea, known for Tashimabi, especially Shodoshima famous scenic spots. The Shodoshima is about 400 years so soy sauce manufacturing is carried out in Utsumi-cho, we Yamahisa've been pursuing a real taste "commitment process" from its own stance consistently.Under the management Umanen that "is a consumer before a producer", can not be is to be made in any way at the National Studio of mass production history and tradition that has continued to seek a "good completion of the select few" I is the pride of us.More than anything, whole soybeans and wheat are different as a raw material. Commitment to domestic raw materials, now became Kazusukunaku, pesticide chemical fertilizer Department also and those that do not use at all, even buying those of organic JAS certification, to use based on the painstaking process, measures stains on healthy taste development It is pouring with no effort. This is also the same for salt, you are using only raw salt by solar salt production method. Whole soybeans, including the oil is strongly brings original salt red to the color of soy sauce is that issues a subtle sweetness said to commodity features of our Yamahisa.And, of over how the labor required to process the difference is also cited. In a normal soy sauce making most of which have nothing to apply 6 months from four months, but it is not uncommon that or over two years to 醸酵 in our Yamahisa. For such a process is, this road 50-odd years of technical adviser of (former factory director), the experience and intuition is exhibited regrettable without, just of craftsmanship dominated. The polished carefully the skill and heart, I am looking forward to be as it is for is being passed on to the young brewers.To Pomp and Circumstance of elephants has gone through a long period of time, smell stand mash scent of it depresses one step. There there, nostalgic warm, is the original scenery of making traditional soy sauce. In the world that everything is replace with the new one, we are now once going back to the law of nature, what should Yuku fostered to the next generation we believe that if Ne Yuka firmly anticipation of something.
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