Ariake Seasoned Table Nori 48 Sheets - No Acid Treatment - Product of Kyushu

Ariake Seasoned Table Nori 48 Sheets - No Acid Treatment - Product of Kyushu


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Carefully Selected Grilled Nori From The Ariake Sea That’s Famous For Its High Quality

Kawashimaya Ariake Nori

Carefully selected seaweed from the Ariake Sea is carefully baked one by one.

Our original sauce has inherited the traditional taste that has not changed since its establishment.In order to preserve the original aroma of the seaweed, the base is a soup stock made by carefully cooking kelp and dried shrimp without using any soy sauce for seasoning.

* The raw material "Nori" is collected in areas where shrimp and crabs inhabit.


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Characteristics of Grilled Nori From The Ariake Sea

Kawashimaya Ariake Nori

The Ariake Sea is an inland sea that straddles Saga, Fukuoka, Nagasaki, and Kumamoto prefectures in the Kyushu region, and 40% of domestic Japanese seaweed is produced, making it an environment suitable for making nori.

Kawashimaya Ariake Nori

Utilizing the tidal range of up to 6m, which is unique in the world, the seaweed is immersed in seawater at high tide to absorb the nutrients of the sea, and at low tide it comes out of the sea surface and is exposed to sunlight to store the natural cycle. The aquaculture method that has been utilized has been practiced for a long time.

In addition, fresh water from rivers that flow into the Ariake Sea reduces the salt concentration of seawater, creating a unique mellow taste that melts in the mouth when the dried seaweed is eaten.

The Vegetable of The Sea, Nutrition-Rich Dried Nori

Kawashimaya Ariake Nori

Dietary Fiber

About one-third of nori is made up of dietary fiber, and unlike dietary fiber such as vegetables, the dietary fiber of seaweed is soft, so it has the characteristic in which it won’t easily damage the stomach wall and intestinal wall.

It is also said that this type of dietary fiber has a positive effect towards harmful amines and metals in the intestines.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, which is indispensable for those who aim to build a healthy body and have beautiful skin, is generally sensitive to heat, so nutrients are destroyed when cooked. However, vitamin C contained in nori is durable towards heat. It is strong and the nutrients are not destroyed even when cooked.

Vitamin B1 & B2

About 3 pieces of nori contain vitamins B1 and B2 that is equivalent to roasted pork shoulder (about 30g in 1 piece of sliced meat). It is an excellent ingredient that almost covers the daily required amount of vitamins B1 and B2, and because it is involved in the energy conversion of sugar, it is perfect to consume when you are tired and have no appetite.

Avoiding ‘Sea Pesticides’ Like Acid Treatment As Much As Possible

It is said that 95% of nori or dried seaweed in Japan has undergone an acid treatment process to remove pathogens that inhibit growth, but this puts a burden on the natural environment and reduces fish catches. Urashima Nori is working on making eco-friendly nori that does not undergo acid treatment as much as possible, except in emergencies such as the spread of illness.

Recommended Use of Table Nori

Enjoy with a Japanese breakfast or a regular set meal

Kawashimaya Ariake Nori

Delicious even when it's cold, use it for onigiri or bento

Kawashimaya Ariake Nori

Cut it into small pieces and use it as a topping for choregi salad or seaweed salad

Kawashimaya Ariake Nori

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Product Detail

Product Name Seasoned Table Nori 48 Sheets
Quantity 48 Sheets
Ingredients Ariake Dried Seaweed, sugar, salt, mirin, broth (shrimp, kelp), chili pepper, seasonings (amino acids, etc.)
Storage Guide Please keep away from direct sunlight and don’t put it in high temperature and humidity.
Product Origin Kyushu, Japan

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