What is the natural sea salt of the sea studio "Riguru" Riguru concentrates the sea water only in the sun, and in the old wood kiln (firewood uses the driftwood!)It...

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What is the natural sea salt of the sea studio "Riguru"

Riguru concentrates the sea water only in the sun, and in the old wood kiln (firewood uses the driftwood!)It is salt that cooked thoroughly and cooked.If you make it this way, it will be finished in a salt of a mild aftertaste with a refreshing refreshing appearance. It is the best salt for use as a seasoning such as stew. Until "Riguru" can be made, it is truly trial and error,It seems that she could not make salt easily as she thought.Please salted the salted salt craftsman's commitment and passion, please please take a drink at home. ※ "Riguru" means Tosa dialect "sticking".

Natural sea salt of sea workshop "Riguru" is rich in minerals

Sea water contains more than 80 trace elements (minerals).Human body fluid is almost the same as seawater mineral ratioIt is said that the mineral ratio of amniotic fluid (body fluid that fills the maternal amniotic membrane) is also the sameThe ocean and the people can not be separated. Minerals are believed to activate the healing abilities that human beings have in their birth.By lacking the mineral or breaking the balanceScholars and researchers who think that it is a factor of various contemporary diseasesThe attention to minerals is rising.

What is Sea Studio

Even in local Kochi, "Okuna" known for its beautiful sandy beaches and clear ocean. It is Mecca who knows snorkeling who have high transparency of seawater. It is "sea workshop" that pumps up such beautiful seawater and produces delicious sun-dried natural sea salt.I want to deliver delicious salt, which is the most delicious, as a favorite meat of the oceanWith that kind of thought in mind, today I am working to create salt in a hot house.

All the sun and salt in the sea studio are handmade

In the sea laboratory, each staff has their own house and is making responsible salt with it.The inside of the house was easy to spend warmly, but it was in winter.It seems that a tremendous fight against the heat is waiting in the summer.Just imagining how hot it will be so hard. In summer the speed of salt can be quick,Trying to garbage from early morning before the temperature rises,We need a lot of thought and it is because of thatIt seems that commitment is deepened and more delicious salt can be made.

Sea Factory solar salt was published in Nikkei Health 'Seasoning Guide for the lifetime'

We ordered a number of experts' recommendation items who cooperated in the selection process,Examining manufacturing methods and materials carefully selected, five more editing staff actually tasted and scored finelyWith confidence, "It's delicious without complaints!"Selected items that can be introduced were selected and posted.
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From pumping up seawater to evaporation and concentration of sea water

To create a higher concentration of solar salt in the sea workshopI concentrate the pumped up sea water with the power of nature.

1.Pick up seawater (50 liters per minute) at high tide on the beach without a king.


2.We will sprinkle seawater from about 8 m above the ground with a canwater facility.


3.Evaporate moisture with wind and solar energy while traveling through the net.


Four.Circulate the seawater stored in the tank and concentrate it up to about 6 times the seawater.


Weather and natural sea salt until "Riguru" is made

The solar salt solar cell "Riguru" at the sea workshop is carefully handmade produced by skilled craftsmen.The salt cooked with the old wood kettleIt is the best salt for use as a seasoning such as stew.

1.First, from the wood split used for fuel.


2.I slowly cook with firewood. Cook up to a certain concentration, take only the tops and cook again.


3.From morning till night. Stirring frequently to prevent burning.


Four.It is a finished salt.


Five.Sieve to remove large grains.


6.I will remove the garbage from salt.


7.Lightweight and bagged and completed.

[Ingredients] (Surveyed by Kochi Prefecture Industrial Technology Center)Na: 35.9%K: 0.16%Mg: 0.40%Ca: 0.28%Cl -: 56.4%SO 4 / 2-: 1.09%Moisture: 5.7% 【Product name】Salt (firewood salt) 【Raw materials】Seawater 100% (Kuroshio Town, Hata-gun, Kochi Prefecture) 【Contents】230 g 【Preservation method】Avoid direct sunlight high temperature and humidity, store at room temperature
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