It is a nutritious vegetable made with domestic vegetable skin and root It is a versatile granule that can be used for every dish.Boil the five kinds of domestically produced...

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It is a nutritious vegetable made with domestic vegetable skin and root

It is a versatile granule that can be used for every dish.Boil the five kinds of domestically produced vegetables thoroughly to give "whole" nutrition and taste of vegetables. Chemical seasoning, protein hydrolyzate, yeast extract not used, animal food ingredient zero,I made it with only the taste of vegetables. We offer two types of 30 g and 80 g.

What is Väjibros?

Véjibros stands for vegetable + broth. In other words, it is about making soup with vegetables. What you use for Vegibros is the part you threw away so far, such as vegetable skin, seeds and pigs.A lot of "Phytochemical" which is a functional ingredient is contained in the cut end of this vegetable. Phytochemical is a natural chemical substance contained in plants and has strong antioxidant ingredients and immunity strengthening effect.It has been clarified medically by this fight chemical that content further increases by boiling vegetables. Vézibros taste the whole vegetables where phytochemicals are condensed,It is a vegetable soup which leads to the concept of macrobiotics and hall foods. ※ Hall food is a word born from "whole food" which eats whole leaf and root as well.

A nice place of Bejbros

● It is a granule that can be used just by melting quickly!● You can use it instead of salt! (We are using salt from Okinawa.)● Easy to add vegetable nutrition by adding it as usual ● Chemical seasoning not used!● No protein hydrolyzate or yeast extract used for food processing is used.● We do not use animal ingredients, so also recommended for vegetarians! Vegetable skin and roots contain abundant antioxidant phytochemicals.Bejibros using whole life of vegetables. Just add miso soup to curry, pancake, etc as usual dishes, you can easily add vegetable nutrition.From baby food to seniors, everyone in the family can use it with confidence.(※ Approximate Usage: 1 teaspoon per 150 ml) ■ Nutritional information indication (per 100 g) Calorie: 204 kcal Protein: 8.8 g Lipid: 0.4 g Carbohydrate: 41.3 g Salt equivalent: 17.1 g

Estimated usage

For 150 cc of hot water, it becomes delicious consommé soup with 1 tsp (4 g) Vézibros.Also, instead of Sio, cooking will increase the depth of the taste.You can use it widely without choosing the genre of dishes.

Easy recipes using Vegi Bloss


Instant soup

Together with familiar seasonings and ingredients at home,You can make your favorite instant soup easily! «Estimated Usage»1 teaspoon (4 g) for hot water 120 - 150 ml «Example»① "Chinese style soup" Ginger ginger + sesame oil + salt ② "Asian soup" Nampula + Sesame oil + Pakuti ③ "Italian soup" Powdered cheese + Tomato ketchup ④ "Japanese breathing" Umeboshi + Nori ⑤ "Miso soup quick" Miso + Seaweed

Bezbros rice cooked

When cooking rice, just by cooking with pozzy braze instead of water,Completion of vegetable rice cooked with vegetable extracts! If you put seasonal vegetables together, it will be easy cooked rice. «Estimated Usage»1 teaspoon 2 (8 g)

Product Details

raw materials Oligosaccharide, Salt (Salt of Okinawa), Vegetable Extract (Carrots, Onion, Chinese cabbage, Celery, Maitake)
Internal capacity 80 g
Preservation method Avoid direct sunlight, heat and humidity, please store at room temperature.
Country of origin Japan
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