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Tsukiji Hitachiya Sumibon colander and is Is to cherish the culture of sticking to Japan of tools to the "domestic-hand", "Tsukiji Hitachiya" is the original corner Bon colander. Use bamboo of...

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Tsukiji Hitachiya Sumibon colander and is

Is to cherish the culture of sticking to Japan of tools to the "domestic-hand", "Tsukiji Hitachiya" is the original corner Bon colander.
 Use bamboo of Kyushu, it has been made of handmade one by one by craftsmen.


Bamboo sieve that is made of bamboo with antibacterial action was the cookware indispensable in Japan of the kitchen from the old days.
 Since also easy to handle drainage we've also been used to Serve, such as ingredients of draining and buckwheat.
 You can also create a simply by dried vegetables hang out side by side, cut vegetables.


Size you can choose according to two types Yes applications.
 Tsukiji Hitachiya Dried basket (3-stage · S)Since the perfect enter size, you can receive your together.

Point recommendations of Tsukiji angle Bon colander


In dried vegetables

Nutrition taste is condensed value and storage stability of dried vegetables to be up.
 Cut the vegetables you can easily create just keep side-by-side as it is.
 Also,Tsukiji Hitachiya Dried basket (3-stage · S)It is as it is the perfect size to enter.
 Can protect the color food, such as insects and birds by putting in Dried car, you can also prevent the dried basket of dirt.


The draining of washing vegetables

Drainage well, softness of bamboo and dry gently ingredients.
 So flat you can, such as leafy vegetables also spread off the water.
 Since the car itself is likely to dry with less water stain and slime, the bamboo is sanitary because some antibacterial action.


To Serve the pot of vegetables

Pot as it is to the dining table off the ingredients of water washing at the time of.
 Table will also be gorgeous if Moritsukere in bamboo basket with atmosphere.
 Because the flat is also convenient to have every single vegetables easily taken.


The one-plate dishes

Or Ready-To-Eat the food, to the one-plate dish topped with rice balls and side dishes.
 Not suitable to put as it is a lot of Shiruki, but it can also be combined with If flat Sumibon colander small bowl.
 It is always on the menu and a little standing greens will rank up in stylish cuisine.


Size variation

Caring for Tsukiji angle Bon colander


Dirty sink when it was worrisome in the water, please let firmly dry.
 And leave them while wet can cause mold.
 It is also recommended to the sterilization time to time over the boiling water.
 Your use of the detergent, please as much as possible refrain because bamboo will suck the smell of detergent.
 Dirt, such as oil is to use the detergent only if anxious, please rinse immediately.
 Dishwasher can not be used.

Product Details

size Width: 230mm
 Vertical: 270mm
Raw materials Body: Bamboo
 Winding whip part: vinyl
 We passed through a wire to the back in order to maintain the strength ※.

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