A Pot made by Deep Historical Pottery Handwork This is a work of pottery that has been continuing more than 400 years in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture. Every single piece...

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A Pot made by Deep Historical Pottery Handwork

This is a work of pottery that has been continuing more than 400 years in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture. Every single piece is carefully handmade, Takada-ware storage container pottery. This ceramic pot is firmly strong, excellent in durability and breathability, and suitable for preserving for long period. It is convenient to preserve Japanese pickled plums and miso, or to use it as the salted rice bran (for pickling). This item is 1.5 sho size (1 sho = approximately 1.8 L).

Takada-ware Ceramics

These pots are made in Yamajo Porcelain Manufacturing, continuing from the period of Azuchi Momoyama Era in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture. Recently, the spouses of 13th generation are finishing every single piece of the work by the traditional method, while also taking care of the consumer’s opinion. Takada-ware is one kind of Mino-ware that is manufactured in the eastern region of Mino Area, Gifu Prefecture, as one of Japan’s foremost historic potteries. The soil of Takada is diatomaceous soil, excellent in humidity control effect that absorbs moisture and prevents the inner side of container from getting wet (damp resistant).

Vividly Soaked

Furthermore, this pot contains titanium oxide that is excellent in its deodorizing and antibacterial effect and antioxidant function. It is also said that this pot has ability to purify the water you put inside and make it taste good. Therefore, pots from Takada-ware are famous for “keeping your tsukemono (Japanese pickled vegetables) away from getting sour” “pickling umeboshi (Japanese pickled plums) within maintain the color bright”. Since ancient times, it has been very convenient to preserve edible stuffs.
The pot is made by varnishing ash glaze which is made of ashes of a tree and burning it. By varnishing its glaze, the ceramic itself is able to breathe. The color is organic white. Since it is a natural raw material, it is not pure white, but somewhat near to beige. (Depends on the lighting or modification when photographed, or else the monitor you use, the color of products in reality and photo may seem different) Sometimes some black spots can be seen because some mica got mixed on the soil of the raw materials.
The mouth of this pot is big and deep, so you can easily mix your pickled stuffs inside. The actual capacity of the pot is two times larger than the capacity seen on display. The fermentation will progress depends on the foodstuffs you would save, and because there will be condition where the volume increases, for example even if you pack 1 sho (equals 2.7L) foodstuff into a 1 sho sized container, it will not be filled so full to the mouth and it is likely there will remain some spaces.

Details of Product

Size Diameter 200mm × Height 210mm
(height when lid is removed: 165mm)
Capacity Suitable for 1.5 sho (2.7 L) volumed contents
Raw material Ceramics
Country of origin Japan (Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture)

Getting Started to Use

Before using, please sterilize the product by soaking it in a hot water first. Moreover, it is also better to boil it with hot water filled with rice bran, or the left over water from washing rice. At the same time you fasten your container bowl tightly, it will become hard for any dirt to penetrate.After using, even if you would like to make new pickling, it may prevent the previous fungus you do sterilization by boiling it beforehand. (How to sterilize big size pot, or without soaking the container:) After washing the pot with water, you may just pour some boiling water full until reaching its mouth. After wiping with dry dish cloth, please dry it under the sun until it is free of moisture.

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