It was made with handicrafts in a deep historical kiln, jar In Kanamoto that lasts more than 400 years in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture,One by one carefully handcrafted, it is...

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It was made with handicrafts in a deep historical kiln, jar

In Kanamoto that lasts more than 400 years in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture,One by one carefully handcrafted, it is a preservation container made of Takata Yaki pottery. Pottery pot (turtle) which is firmly strong and excellent in durability and breathability is perfect for long-term storage containers.You can use it conveniently for preservation of Umeboshi or miso, or as a bran naka. This item is 1.5 mm size.

Pottery of Takada Yaki

This pot is made of "Yamazumi (ceramics) ceramics" which continues from Azuchi Momoyama period in Tajimi city, Gifu Prefecture. Currently the couple who is the 13th generation cherishes the point of view of the users and finishes them one by one by old-fashioned handmade. Takada Yaki is a type of Minohaki produced in the eastern part of the Mino region of Gifu Prefecture, one of the most famous Japanese pottery potteries.The soil of Takada is diatomaceous earth, it has excellent moisture conditioning effect that absorbs moisture and makes the contents of the container less likely to wet.

Pickle in colorfully

In addition, this soil contains titanium oxide excellent in deodorant, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, and it is said that it has a function to purify and taste the water put in the pot. For that reason, the pot of Takada yaki is reputed as "Pickles are hard to sour" and "Umeboshi is picked up vividly in color."It has been useful as preserved food for a long time.
The pot is painted and baked as a glaze "soil ash glaze" made from the ash of the tree.By painting this glaze, the pottery itself seems to be able to breathe. Organic white color.Due to the color of the natural material, it is not pure white, it is somewhat close to beige.(There are cases where the color of the photograph and the real thing seems to be different depending on the adjustment of the light at the time of shooting and the monitor you use) There are black spots somewhere, but this is because "mica" is mixed in the soil of the raw material is.
The mouth of the jar has a large depth, making it easy to mix what you pickled in. Actual capacity of the jar is about 20% larger than the capacity of the display.Depending on what you save, fermentation proceeds and the bulk may increase,For example, even if one square container is filled with food for one square (2.7 liters), the opening of the jar is nearly as tight as possible,There is moderate clearness.

Product Details

size Diameter 200 mm × height 210 mm
(Height 165 mm with the lid removed)
volume 1.5 sq. (2.7 L) contents are good enough
Material Pottery
Country of origin Japan (Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture)

Getting Started

Before use, please use after immersing in hot water and disinfecting. Furthermore, it is better to boil it with hot water filled with rice bran or rice gruel of rice.Tighten the baking of the equipment tightly, and dirt will be difficult to stain. Even if you pickle something newly after use, it will prevent you from being affected by the previous bacteria by boiling and disinfecting beforehand. 【When the jar is large · disinfection method when there is no container to soak the jar】After washing the jar, fill the mouth with hot water and fill it.Wipe thoroughly with a dry cloth, etc., then squeeze and drain off the sun.

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