What is the iron bottle of southern ironware Produced by Nanbu Ironworks which has 400 years of history in the production of living craftsIt is a steel iron bottle. There...

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What is the iron bottle of southern ironware

Produced by Nanbu Ironworks which has 400 years of history in the production of living craftsIt is a steel iron bottle. There are more than 64 delicate processes that craftsmen perform manuallyIt is necessary for at least 15 years to master traditional techniques. As texture increases enough to wear and taste changes according to userIt is also the attraction of the southern Ironworker that reflects the personality of the person using it.

Iron kettle Iron bottle born from Ichinodo

Iron kettle Iron Bottle Cast Iron Kettle of the brand Ichinodendo that the southern ironware produced.It is designed to make it easier to incorporate the southern steel bottle, which is also a traditional craft item, to modern life. Mr. Yoshitaka Nakamura, a designer of cast iron companyWe are designing daily necessities such as teapot.It is adopted at the cafe of the New York Museum of Modern Art etc.I have many achievements in the cast iron craft industry. The iron bottle produced by the fusion of the history of traditional craft and modern artIt is highly appreciated in JapanWe also received GOOD DESIGN AWARD for 2012.

What is Southern Ironware

The southern steelworker, which has received the designation of "country traditional crafts" No. 1,In the mid 17th century, the southern lord invited Kashima from Kyoto to Morioka,It was the beginning of making a tea ceremony kettle. Since then, Morioka has been blessed with good quality raw materials,We have made progress as a clan tried to nurture protection and have chastisers / kami masters from all over the country. Rock casting was founded in 1898.Over 110 years as a leading manufacturer of southern steel in Morioka,From tea ceremony to everyday items to a wide range, to domestic as well as to the world including Europe, America and Asia,We continue to deliver the appeal of Southern Ironworks.

How to start using Nanbu Ironware and care

1. Getting Started
At the beginning boil water a few degrees and throw it away.
In addition, for at least 15 days at the beginning of use, please throw away the hot water while it is hot, please drain it after the inside of the iron bottle has dried up with the remaining heat.
2. Internal red spots
Gradually red rusty spots are attached, followed by hot water scrapes.
This will increase the unique sweetness of the hot water and make the tea tasty, so please do not remove red spots or scales.
3. When cleaning
Let's not touch your hand inside when cleaning.
Please wipe lightly with a tough cloth while the water is boiling on the outside.
4. Storage method
Please do it completely inside and outside the iron bottle.

Notes on using iron bottle

· Please move the hot water left in the iron bottle to the pot etc and leave it to the sky. (It may cause rust)· If the iron bottle is hot in the hot water, open the hot water near the moist, please wipe with a dry cloth if the iron bottle is cold.· Spout and lid are particularly prone to rust, so wipe off moisture thoroughly with a dry cloth.· If you get rusted and the hot water becomes muddy, lightly rinse water for 8 minutes and then wrap all tea of ​​tea 1 teaspoon in cloth etc and boil it for 30 minutes while paying attention to the sky firing .(It is a method of stopping the gold using the chemical reaction of tannin and iron contained in tea)

I will put up a pot spreading 1 point

For those who purchase the southern Ironwork Iron Cast Iron KettleWe will give you 1 original pot spread (Tribet) 1 point.This is also the design and manufacture by the southern Ironworks brand KIYODO.Please choose from two types of pot liner.

Pot layering: Drops
Size / W 13 × D 12 × H 2 (cm)
Color / Black
Weight / 0.25 kg
It is a pot design with a simple design with legs in three directions.
There is also a sense of stability, there is no worry that the iron bottle will collapse.


Pot layering: Rokka
Size / W15 × D 13.5 × H 2.5 (cm)
Color / Black
Weight / 0.35 kg
It is a pan spread with motifs of six petals.
Good appearance when putting iron bottle, well finished in lovely atmosphere.


Until the Southern Ironware is formed

 南部鉄器ができるまで 1. Design decision
First we will write design ideas into sketchbooks and so on. Freehand's curve creates unique warmth and presence that is difficult to express on computers.
 南部鉄器ができるまで 2. Prototyping
Based on the design drawing, we will manufacture the prototype model of the product with plaster. Considering the nature of the material and various restrictions on the manufacturing, we finish it by hand. The quality of this prototype model can greatly affect the finish of subsequent products. One designer is doing design and prototype production at Ichinodo.
 南部鉄器ができるまで 3. Make a mold
Once the mold produced based on the prototype model is completed, it becomes possible to mass-produce the mold. The photograph is where a craftsman is molding a sand mold which becomes a female mold by applying pressure with sand (quartz sand) with a mold.
 南部鉄器ができるまで 4. Pour iron
It is work to pour iron dissolved in about 1500 ° C into the mold. As the iron flows evenly throughout the mold, we will adjust the speed and quantity to pour in while adjusting it.
 南部鉄器ができるまで 5. Sand dropping
Drop the mold sand adhering to the iron bottle taken out from the mold by the method called shot blasting. Ironware before coloring is like this in this way. (The picture is after sand dropping)
 南部鉄器ができるまで 6. Rough finish
Before the painting process carefully scrape off the protrusions and edges etc on the mold part line etc with a grinder.
 南部鉄器ができるまで 7. Finishing
I will paint on the outer surface and finish it through the process of wiping extra color → wiping clean.
 南部鉄器ができるまで 8. Completion
Check carefully one by one, finished by attaching a tea strainer and a handle.

Nanbu Ironwork Iron Cast Iron Kettle Q&A

【Q1】 Does the iron bottle correspond to both gas stove and IH heater?
It corresponds to both. Not only gas range but also charcoal fire is fine.IH case IH heater may not respond if the bottom of the iron bottle is 14 cm or less.If you are concerned please contact your IH heater manufacturer. * When using with a 200 VIH cooker, please use "low heat → medium heat" in order to raise the temperature in order.Ironware has a possibility of bending, deformation, cracking due to rapid temperature rise.
 【Q2】 I left the hot water in the iron bottle and I had rust.
Let's simmer with rice tea after dropping rust with toothbrush etc.Stuff the tea stuff in the soup picking pack and boil down until the interior becomes black.After that boil water a few times until hot water is clean, throw it away Please use repeatedly.
 【Q3】 Is it a specification that the hand does not move?
It is designed not to move in order to prevent the hands from falling over the body and getting hot while iron bottles are on fire.It is also a function to prevent scratching when the handle hits the main body.
 【Q4】 Is the enamel (enamel) inside?
This product is not subjected to enameling inside.We are making rust by making oxide coating by kettle burning.Iron is contained in boiling water.
 【Ichirodo Nanbu Iron Bottle Iron Cast Iron Kettle (Black) 1.2 L for IH】Model number: 51130 BKJAN Code: 4571339011303Manufacturer: KiyodendoSize: Width 200 mm × depth 165 mm × height 170 mmWeight: 2000 gSpout size: about 7.5 cmBottom diameter: about 13 cmCapacity: Approximately 1.2 LWeight: 2 kgMaterial: Iron castingProducing country: Japan

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